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...LJ is not blocking posts with gay content. The person who first complained is a well-known anti-LJ and anti-Russia troll type with a grudge. Please spread the word, since no doubt the panic mongers are already gathering...

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HAHA, it took less than six hours for LJ to find that last post I made and make a statement. Thumbs up on their ability to quash bad PR, given when I was hacked it took 24 hours just to get a response from them.

You can read their comment here for more info, but essentially the report is bunk, at least according to LJ. I stand behind the other 99% of my post, which was less about how awful LJ is and more about how to keep your head, back up your data, and if desired move to a site where we don't automatically, because of their past behaviour, jump to the conclusion that they're evil. :D

Thanks to everyone who commented with info, too. More knowledge is always better than less, except when it leads to nuclear arms races and five different Hulks.

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