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I have to get this out before I explode, so it's back to ye olde Live Journal. Duck and cover, folks.

As part of my paralegal course and required qualifications, I need to do 120 hours of internship (unpaid) in the area. Back in March 2013, when I started school, I spoke to my manager here at work about the possibility of doing it in the office. I also spoke to my careers person at the school and gave them each other's contact number so they could start sorting things out. I knew, since I work for the government, there'd be red tape.

Today, after weeks of being on tenterhooks, I find out that the only way I was ever going to be able to intern at a government ministry was if HR approached the school and arranged a program. No established program, no internship.

Now, perhaps I'm being a bit unreasonable, but isn't that something my manager should have checked before all of this? If there was never a possibility of me doing it here, then I could have used that information months ago and worked things out! But no. Because my manager didn't do her due diligence (or give me the information to be able to do it myself, like a contact at HR), I'm looking at finding an internship at the last minute. And to top it off, I'll have to take all of my three weeks of vacation, plus a week unpaid, to be able to go and do the internship if I can't find one that'll let me do it weekends/after business hours.

Son of a bitch. I am so pissed off right now, I can't even begin to describe it. I've been royally screwed over by both work and the school, and I'm going to find people to complain to, you can guarantee it.


Just got an email from the guy I'm supposed to be meeting. CC-ing completely the wrong Herzing email, to some guy called James Howard. And careers guy has no idea of any of the previous stuff. So much for information being passed on. Here's the last paragraph of my response:

Finally, I am very unhappy with how the internship arrangements have been handled. I met with M and provided her with my manager's contact details as far back as May, 2013, explaining the situation and what I hoped to do and Margaret said she would be in touch. Apparently, my manager did not receive any type of communication directly from M, and it wasn't until November 2013 that I received the standard email regarding the PD 150 course (that's the careers module) and my resume from her, with no recollection of our previous meeting. My manager, because she had no information, did not approach HR until November (I'm not happy with her either!) and now, despite my best efforts, everything is a last minute scramble which is causing me a lot of stress.

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