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Easier this time, I promise. :) I need holiday music in iPod playable format. I've asked my coworkers, but they're all terribly slow at things, so I'm extending the request. I have a bunch of stuff from [Bad username or site: @] from Straight No Chaser, but we have about 4 hours to cover here. I also want to avoid actually buying anything, since, you know, work party.

Help me Internet, you're my only hope!

It's also really cold out there today. Minus 11 walking into work from the subway.
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My dad sent me the following email and it's possibly one of the best versions of "Stand By Me" I've ever heard. Something to kick off a Labour Day Monday for those of us in the Northern 'Sphere, or to end a Tuesday for those who aren't.

Below is a link to one of the best pieces of sound engineering. This is a video of street singers from around the world being recorded, overlayed and mixed with one another while singing the song "Stand By Me". It is a marvel to listen to and watch. They all deserve to be heard. The finished product is tremendous!

Stand By Me
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From an email conversation with Mindy:

R: Next weekend is fine for me as far as I know right now. *grins* But yeah, count me in with helping - it's personal between me and those damn thistles now!

M: Alright so next sunday we will launch a counter attack on the thistles of doom!

R: This time It's Personal!

M: We're gonna need a soundtrack...

So, randomly on a Friday where I really don't want to work, by all accounts... what song do you consider Indispensible on the Crowning Moment of Awesome Sountrack?

(YouTube links will have to wait until I get home, since they're blocked here. *pouts*)
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So, I'm currently sitting in a bar called Gabby's on Roncesvalles St, waiting for it to be time for my meeting with a potential counsellor, and the music is... entertaining, to say the least.

Initially, it was Christmas songs. John Denver, Neil Diamond, you get the picture. Then it was 80s New Romantics classics, A-Ha's Take On Me, and, mind bogglingly, Icehouse's No Promises, which I've never heard outside of Australia. Then Pour Some Sugar On Me by... um, can't remember who does that one, then back to 80s with Madness' Our House and now Simple Minds' Sanctify Yourself. I swear, someone's messing with me.
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Every so often you hear a song that just resonates, you know? Here's one [Bad username or site: @] found for me, and well, yeah.

The Tower by Vienna Teng.
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Thanks to [Bad username or site: @], I can indulge in Aussie comedy nostalgia tonight. :)

The best of the Late Show

If you're in need of a laugh (and Aussie accents), indulge, please. Laughing is good for you.

And now I slog over to the Investigator's office to deliver a file that got missed yesterday. Bah.
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Mindy's birthday party tonight, with a reunion of Johnny's band, "Urban Legend" as the gift. Amazing night, great music, fun atmosphere and the appearance of several old faces I haven't seen for a while. Voice is wrecked (stupid cold), ears are ringing slightly and I'm for bed very soon, but well worth it all.

Tomorrow we're having Thanksgiving dinner (it's actually on Monday, but we're doing the dinner while we still have people up) so I'll be offline again for another day and then I have Monday to sleep. Yay.
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Yesterday there was a parcel for me in our mailbox from my Dad. The tell-tale CD size sort of parcel, which I gleefully tore into as I climbed the stairs. With a squee, I revealed the new best of the Whitlams CD "Truth, Beauty and a Picture of You."

Dad's note (which I'm too lazy to get up and go look at) read along the lines of "These guys are fantastic, even a music purist like you should love them."

*giggles* It amuses the hell out of me that Dad and I have the same taste in music, even when we don't realise it.

Thank you, Daddy dearest. I do love them. :)
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I love the Bare Naked Ladies. Apparently they did a series of recordings in the bathroom, because that was where the best acoustics were. Thanks to [Bad username or site: @] for sharing the link:

Pinch Me
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So, last night, as my karmic reward for the helping of Mindy and Greg move, I went and saw The Police play at the Air Canada Centre, which is normally the Toronto Maple Leafs hockey venue, so as you can imagine, it was a big concert. Greg, Johnny and Rob, a muso friend of Johnny's who is being gradually assimilated into the collective, and I had a fantastic time -the boys are certainly older, but for all that they still put on a kick arse show.

Playing support was Fiction Plane, the band fronted by Sting's son, Joe Sumner. Adorable little rockers - okay, possibly the fact we were sitting pretty high up and they were only six inches tall influencing my choice of adjectives, but they enjoyed themselves so much and had such a great time, it was infectious. I have a song to look for too - "Hate". Johnny wants a copy to pay homage to. ;)
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So everyone's getting it. John Safran, genius or just plain scary, depending on who you talk to, does a spoof involving Eminem and Dr Suess.

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Okay, so in an effort to expand my music tastes (and to get something else appearing in my 'last three comments' screen when I log in), and to use up the $14 I have left on my birthday iTunes voucher, I am turning to my friends list. What I want people to do is to rec a band/musician and a song you think I ought to purchase. At 99 cents a song, that's 14 songs, but if there's more response than that, I'll tide those recs over to when I get myself the next iTunes voucher. Or a Canadian credit card. *grins*

There's only a few 'don'ts' in terms of stuff I won't listen to. I'm not a huge fan of heavy metal, I loathe most country music (the twangier it is, the worse it is, but I don't mind the more rock-y stuff) and I don't like gangsta rap of the 'all the bitches and the hos' variety.

So, have at it. Name a song (with the artist, preferably, so I can find it).

Edit: If I don't comment, it means I don't have it and will be looking for it, be it on the roomie's computer or the iTunes store. I'll probably be posting a big ol' music squee later. Thanks to everyone so far. I'm looking forward to this.
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Been a while since I did a music post, so here's five bands I've been introduced to in the recent-ish period time. Not all Australian, but it counts as an Aussie Music Pusher Post since I'm the Aussie and I'm pushing music. ;)

Cowboy Mouth: Voodoo Shop. Introduced to me by [Bad username or site: @] on my recent visit, these guys are a lot of fun. Sort of like Great Big Sea, if they came from Louisiana (This song's the unofficial song for the XF part of Voodoo Child...).

King Nancy: Chances Are. Not a new intro - I first heard these guys back at Johnny's 35th birthday party, where they played support to the Demons. However, I do now have the album on my iPod, and I'm really impressed by the range these guys have. Those of you with the Beaver music CD will have "Someone Like Yourself", which is one of my favourite songs at the moment.

Hilltop Hoods: The Nosebleed Section. Introduced to me by [Bad username or site: @], when I was plundering their shared network. I don't normally like rap, but there's something so quintessentially Australian about these guys. It's rap without the gangsta crap that tends to turn me off. Like Twitch, these guys make rap fun.

VNV Nation: Beloved. Introduced by [Bad username or site: @]. Electronica is something I've gotten into late - mostly through hanging around with [Bad username or site: @], although I dabbled back when I was with the doofus. Red's been feeding me lyrics from these guys for years - over New Year's, I finally got a good chunk of their music. This is my all-time favourite - it's a great song to walk to, especially on a windy day with a long flappy coat. ;)

Katie Melua: Lilac Wine". Introduced by [Bad username or site: @], who left the CD on the coffee table with instructions to listen to it sometime. I played it whilst I was in the bath, then promptly stuck it in the laptop and ripped it. Dad, you'd appreciate the jazz/blues sound. :)

Bonus recommendation from me:

Dom Italiano: There Is A Light. I adore this song. Dom is one of the St Kilda boys, who I discovered on my last visit home, at the Sunday Sessions at the Elephant and Wheelbarrow. I was extremely broke, but I still managed to get his two albums. Best $15 I've spent in a long time - acoustic songwriting at its finest.
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...That make me laugh out loud when I'm listening to my iPod. General warning for language, bad taste, etc. ;)

Baby Got Back - Jonothan Coulton.

Scotland Depraved - Tartan Terrors

The Reefer Song - Mindless Drug Hoovers

He'll Never Be An Old Man River - TISM

Mommy Dearest - Doug Anthony Allstars

London Underground - Adam Kay & Suman Biswas.


Ice skating was a lot of fun. [Bad username or site: @] and I went down to Nathan Phillips Square downtown, where one of the fountains is converted into an ice skating rink in winter. Neither of us were by no means graceful, but we didn't fall over once, so go us. :) And we're thinking of going again next weekend - exercise is good.
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Can't Find Love - My Friend The Chocolate Cake.

Something more cheerful for you - involving ice skating and the five songs that make me laugh out loud on my iPod - tomorrow. Right now I'm going to bed.
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Here are two links to a song called "I Was Only 19 (A Walk In The Light Green)", a Vietnam song by an Aussie folk band called Redgum. The cover is by an Aussie rap band called The Herd, passed onto me by [Bad username or site: @]. It's quite possible Dad will either love or hate the second version, but I'm curious to see what people think.

Redgum version

The Herd version

And to help people out... lyrics, with notes.

And now with added clips! Redgum version only.
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Some of these have been posted once, but hey, Jessi's new...

Jessi London:

Matt Bradshaw:

Dom Italiano:

And what the hey, I'll add a couple of songs to round it out to five:

Matt Banks: All Around The World

Ben Smith: All Falls Down

Call it the St Kilda Sample...
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Been a while since I did one of these.

Today's theme is "music which is much better than Nick Cave to listen to when you've had a bad day."

"Brain Damage" by The Waifs - I really want Johnny to learn this one, which means I need to give it to him. *wry*

"Dive" by Christine Anu - new version of the David Bridie song I got from [Bad username or site: @] when I was visiting. A new one to the list, but I really like this version.

"100 Hundred Flowers In Bloom" by David Bridie - speaking of Mr. Bridie... I find it impossible to stay grumpy listening to this.

"Mr. Valentine" Johnny Devil and the Screaming Demons - and speaking of Mr. Devil... A Kevin Quaid song, but I prefer Johnny's version.

"Paloma" by Carbon Leaf - this one's very appropriate for me lately, and it's got a good beat to it too.

I also played Tara for the first time since I left. She always makes me feel better. :)
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Part of the weekend's events included a trip to the Sunday Sessions, a local gig at the Elephant and Wheelbarrow in St. Kilda. I found out about it via Matt Bradshaw's webpage and mailing list and there are links to various MySpace accounts as well:

Enjoy. :)
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I promised a Gratuitous Music Post a little while ago, and here I am, finally. The theme to this one? "Aussie music to dance around the house in your socks by". *grins*

First up we have Mr. Ben Lee. Not usually the dancing sort - he leans towards more the Sunday afternoon music with the meaningful lyrics. But this is a catchy song with a bit of a groove and it's always best to start off slow. Wouldn't want to pull anything now, would we?

Into the Dark, Ben Lee.

Okay, now to kick it up a notch. Slow starting, but if you're patient, you'll see why I picked this one.

Lighthouse by The Waifs.

Now an oldie, but a goodie. When I grow up, I want to be Deborah Conway...

Today I Am A Dasiy, Deborah Conway.

Having fun yet? Here's the Cat Empire to add a little Latin fusion to your day.

How Can I Explain, The Cat Empire.

And to wrap... the Dili Allstars, Melbourne boys from St Kilda. I dare you to sing along to it. *grins*

Nothing Tastes Better Than The Neighbour's Chicken, the Dili Allstars.

Comment if you grab anything, since I'm always curious to see what people think of these posts... Enjoy!

And I really need an Aussie Music Pusher icon... But Calvin and Hobbes also does well for this one. :)

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