Feb. 12th, 2008 09:02 pm
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About time.

Thanks to [Bad username or site: @] for sharing the link.
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...shouldn't be as cold as it is. Seriously, it's -10 C at least out there.

Any way, here's wishing my fellow Aussies a happy Invasion Day, and a not-too-hungover awakening tomorrow. ;)

Me, I'm going to go see Pan Labyrinth this evening.
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Since people were worried in my second last entry...

The fire's still going, but Wodonga is about three-quarters of an hour's drive away, so mum and dad are fine at this point. At this stage it's restricted to the Victorian Alps, so basically burning all of the national park and the ski resorts I grew up going to - I went to school at the foot of Mount Buffalo. Fire fronts are joining up, which is not a good thing, and the hot weather isn't helping.

There's also a second bushfire in Victoria, one in Tasmania that's destroyed a lot of holiday homes, and another on the outskirts of Perth.

Beds are burning, indeed. :(
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Got this from Esther at work, but I had heard about this guy before...

Australian singer/songwriter, Sarah Reeve, was telling friends about her watching Oprah where she saw an Australian man named Juan Mann who gives out 'FREE HUGS'. He came close to being banned by the council, but managed to get enough signatures on a petition to continue:

Thought it might brighten up your day.
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The pop-up video version of Men At Work's "Downunder", as shared by [Bad username or site: @]. [Bad username or site: @] showed this to me ages ago - it's a real hoot, and the trivia is hysterical. :)

Bugger me.

Sep. 4th, 2006 10:39 am
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So, I got up this morning to the news that Steve Irwin was killed. By a stingray.

It's weird, I remember the man irritating the hell out of me during Walkabout because he was such a huge thing in the States and every American I met expected every Australian to be like him. You know, a walking stereotype. But then I saw these interviews on Andrew Denton's Enough Rope and I found myself respecting the man's passion and enthusiasm and dedication to wildlife. Yes, he was boisterous and loud and a bit of a Howard-sympathising git when it came to politics, but there are few people who lived their lives as large as Steve did his.

Something to consider, perhaps.
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Man, I'm doing this one hard tonight. Had a really busy spurt around 9:30-10 where I got four pages in the course of fifteen minutes, and since then it's been... not busy, but I've been getting either a page or a call every hour, which means no naptime for Rossi. *pouts* I managed to write one finding for Geoff's asbestos matters, and I've got a police report and identification from Kyabram to put on (an object lesson in why Seat Belts Are Good - car rolled over and killed the driver). I've also got Rage (1) on in the tea room, since the radio was being unco-operative, and it's giving me scary Eighties flashbacks, worse than the vests this afternoon. ;)

*yawns* Three and a half hours to go. I hope everyone's having fun at Dexcon, since I've been abandoned and all. *dramatic sigh*


(1) For those not Australian, Rage is an all-night music video program on the national broadcaster. They tend to be pretty eclectic in their music choices. And hey, I get to hear the lot!

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