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Anyone got a decent pic of me with the short hair? I need an electronic copy of same and all of my photographs are in a box. In my brother's shed. In Australia.

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Talking with Benway last night, we got the news that Elena Zavotto had passed away in February 2012. It was suddenly, at home - reading the comments, it appears to have been connected to fainting spells she'd been having.

I thought I'd let people know. We'd lost contact over the past year or so, but I remember always enjoying our talks at Dexcon, and the exchanging of karate nerdiness as we both trained in the same style.

RIP, Elena.


Aug. 16th, 2010 10:02 am
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Another Dexcon has come and gone. Now to make it through the rest of the day at work.

And for the love of god, someone remind me to call my parents tonight? I've been a very neglectful and forgetful daughter. So if you see me online, poke me!
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So, the 12th [Bad username or site: @] is over, leaving with it the usual wreckage of sleep deprivation, excessive alcohol consumption and financial destruction, as well as the satisfaction of four days spent with a number of people who, I've realised recently, have known me longer than anyone outside of my family these days. I'd post a Con Report, but my brain is squishy and it's pretty much "saw people, talked a lot, wrote a bit, Johnny was awesome and I drank waaaay too much." Also, the new Harry Potter movie is intriguing - I've decided that in my universe, Harry Potter exists solely as the the movies and that way I'm happy. ;)

Something that probably is already doing the rounds is that this year is the last Dex-run Dexcon. [Bad username or site: @] has been running these things for 12 years now and this year he announced his 'retirement'. This doesn't necessarily mean the end of the Con if someone(s) else want(s) to pick it up, but it does mean the end of Dex doing it.

I've got mixed feelings. My first Dexcon was Dexcon 3, back in 1998. Since then, I've been to every one, barring one year where I was moving to Canada any way and needed to save my money. In that time, I've met and made many friends, laughed, cried, laughed until I cried, wrote and just enjoyed being able to relax with like-minded folks. But I have noticed in these last few years an increasing feeling of dislocation, of being on the edges of things where once I was in the centre. Times change and people change with it and we are no exception, I guess, but it does make it harder to summon the enthusiasm I used to have. Seeing the numbers dwindle down also hasn't helped either, with that accentuating the sense that we were at the end of things.

Dex has, in my opinion, made a good choice. To let the con free to sink or swim under new management. To pass the torch, so to speak, and to see if people really want or need it enough to take up the challenge of running it. Sometimes you have to potentially lose something to know how important it is, and time will certainly tell if Dexcon has indeed run its course.

By the way, for those who might have wondered, Dex never called the con "Dexcon". That name was coined by the late [Bad username or site: @] following the second actual gathering, as a joke, and the name's stuck ever since. Even if it has made Dex uncomfortable on many occasions. ;)
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So, last night I intended to leave work on time, borrow Lauren's vacuum cleaner and clean the couch.

What actually happened was I worked on that damn library (we're removing all the books that belong to Government Services and weren't taken when we split) until 6 p.m., staggered home and got iini at 7:00, fell asleep on the couch (it was too hot in my room so I napped under the aircon) and got woken by the roomie at 9:30 p.m. to find something resembling food since all I'd eaten by that point yesterday was a soup and a chicken salad sandwich. Then I stared blinding at the computer for a while until about 11:00 when I went to bed.

Apparently I'm couch cleaning today when I get home. *wry*

I'm so tired. This whole library project, coupled with my ordinary work plus what I do for the game in terms of modstuff and organising, is literally wearing me out. At least one good thing is Sonia's started asking me to let her know how much I'm working over, which could mean actual paid overtime for me for a change. But yeah, I'm pretty much exhausted atm. I may very well say hi to our guests tonight and disappear for a nap and a shower, but we'll see. I've managed to grab breakfast (coffee and an egg salad sandwich) and I have lunch (mac and cheese plus and a Coke), so hopefully the input of actual food into my system might help.

Not the most auspicious start to the Con, no...
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Yesterday: Got home close to 7 p.m. after working late. Bathed and shampooed both cats, trimmed their claws (easier after bathing - you swaddle them in the towel and they're too wet and miserable to struggle), brushed out the excess fur since they're shedding like a mofo right now, dusted, washed my bedding, washed the bathmat and the towels in the bathroom, washed my clothes.

Today: Got home at 6:30 p.m. after working late. Scooped kitty litter (cleaned the box and put in new litter on Sunday), swept all the floors but the roomie's room, since he's napping, mopped all the floors sans roomie's, emptied trash, cleaned garbage can since it reeked.

Tomorrow: Hopefully get home on time since Alvin's working from home. Borrow vacum (sp?) cleaner from the pretty girl upstairs and clean the couches. Poke the roomie to clean the bathroom and get turkey for dinner on Thursday. Then possibly die.

My back is killing me. But the place is much cleaner than it was, which always makes me happy. I hate mess.


Jul. 24th, 2009 12:13 pm
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Never before has an acronym meant so much...

Work has been insane lately. I've worked overtime pretty much every day this week, whether it's working through lunch, or working after hours, or both. I normally have time during the work day to do other stuff as well, but not this week. Hell, I've barely had time to get my lunch break. And it's all combined to make me one cranky Rossi. Apologies for anyone who's had to bear the brunt of that, btw. I was in a bit better mood this morning after Angel decided to come curl up with me for the last half hour of sleep, at least.

Johnny's birthday party tonight, which will be good, and then the weekend. I'll be spending some of it cleaning the apartment - with Dexcon coming up, there's some major cat hair removal needed, for a start - but hopefully that shouldn't take too long. I'm also trying to brush the cats more since they're shedding like nothing else, but with Spike it's an uphill battle. *wry*

Now to plow through my email and hopefully get up to date on everything. Ai-yi-yi...
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For those going, you have a post to reply to here.

And yes, there is a nice long newsy post from me soon, once I have the energy to write it all up. :)
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Last call for alcohol!

Update on the con to be found here. If you're intending to go at all, register asap.
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It's that time again! Dexcon Registration is now open. The Con itself will run July 31 to August 3, and registration fees will be dependant on how many people we get signed up. Come one, come all!
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As per this post, this year's Dexcon is looking at being July 31-Aug 3. Venue, activities and price are all dependent on attendance numbers, so if there's something changed about your schedule and you can now go (or can't), be sure to let Dex know.
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Potential Dexconners, there's a a poll regarding the future of the event. Go forth and vote.
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I've posted my/our workshop fic - where is yours? ;)


Aug. 1st, 2008 12:58 pm
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Just the news I was waiting for - we're out of here at 2 p.m.

See you Dexconners at Fiddler's Green. ;)
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Yep, it's that time again. And given that work's cutting down on the 'Net time, I'm going to be particularly absent over the next few days, as our apartment fills with people and I spend my weekend being social. Parentals, I got your call but I'll have to return it weekend after next - things are going to be a bit crazy. ;)

At least I got the cleaning done - thanks to the loan of [Bad username or site: @]'s vacuum cleaner, the couch is actually back to dark green with the removal of another cat's worth of hair. *wry* Said moggies are also ready, as I trimmed their claws last night, much to their displeasure. Angel got his revenge this morning by throwing up in the hallway, just as I was heading out the door to go to work, the brat.

Ah, Dexcon. The time that reminds me just how much I love you crazy people out there. :) Which is especially needed some times more than others. *wry*

Now if I can only sort out what the hell I'm wearing to the formal. I kinda forgot to do that part...

Edit: And as is traditional, I ran out of minutes on my phone a day or two before I needed it. *wry* Fixed now.
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If you haven't let Dex know your travel plans, reply to this post please?

Many thanks. See you next weekend!
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New post to the [Bad username or site: @] site. Check it out.
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People on my friendslist may or may not be aware that [Bad username or site: @] registration has opened. The problem this year is, we're struggling to get the minimum number we need to actually book venues and cover insurance and pay for the band. So far we have 16 registrations. The bare minimum we need is 20, but 25 would be better and cheaper for those who have signed on.

A lot of people are saying "oh, I can't make it this year, I'll come next year." But the thing is, if we can't run Dexcon this year, there won't be a next year. A con lasts only as long as there are numbers to justify it and if we don't have those numbers, if we have to struggle and cajole and blackmail people into coming each year, then it's not really worth putting the work in. The problem is, I think, that we're not getting the new blood through to replace those that have dropped out over the years. But it's not like we haven't got new friends around that might be interested, who will miss out on this chance if they don't take advantage of it now.

There's about two more weeks before we absolutely have to book things or miss out. If you've ever thought of coming to Dexcon, this is the year you should. Register at the Dexcon site - you'll need to create a new sign in, if you're an old hand, since it's a new server - and enjoy three days of good, clean, geeky fun. Meet people you've only ever talked to online and discover it's like you've known each other all your lives. Rock out to Johnny and the Demons. Dress up for the formal dinner and enjoy being able to relax and say whatever comes to mind. Support Dexcon, because as Joni Mitchell said "you don't know what you've got 'til it's gone".
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Important notice for you all. Registrations can be made on the Dexcon site.
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Registration has started. The more we get, the cheaper the fees are, so go forth and register!

Also, it's a new site, so you'll have to re-register your sign in.

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