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This'll make you laugh.

Dream last night - the DVD player got stuck playing "Take Me Out To The Ballgame", over and over, and no matter what I did, it wouldn't stop. I took out the DVD, turned it off, unplugged it from the power socket... all to no avail. It. Just. Kept. On. Playing.

I blame [Bad username or site: @] for her haunted scale story and my roomie.

In other news, I have located a pool, just near work actually, at the Y. I have my bathing suit etc and I'll be going after work. Hopefully it'll loosen things up - the referred pain from my hip up my back after sitting at my desk all day is kind of irritating.
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Extremely confused and convoluted dreams last night, spanning from me apparently being involved in some kind of cross-country skiing marathon (for the interest of those reading, yes, I cross country ski. And downhill ski. Comes of living at the "gateway of the Victorian Alps" during my highschool years. My knees hate downhill these days, but cross country still seems to be good.) to being held up somewhere because there was a warrant out for us and when I used my debit card, it signalled someone to our presence, to, yep, the old stand by, ZOMBIES! This time my brother and I were trying to escape, only he'd been dealing with things longer than me and had all the weapons, and was telling me I needed to hoard my own. Eventually, I managed to get a hammer. And a ute.

Yeah, I can't explain it at all either. My brain is full of weirdness.

I'm trying to log, but I'm finding writing very slow and uninspired. Too much stress, I'm guessing, since there's no other real reason for it, but yeah, apologies to those I'm logging with. I'm basically pushing myself with "one bit of work stuff, then one pose", every half hour. It does mean I'm a little faster than I was on the weekend, where Dollhouse was there and being distracting. I mainlined season 1 over the weekend and really enjoyed how it progressed, although the last episode (the one never shown on TV) was a bit jarring, as "this could be the future" episodes can tend to be.

Things are less insane than I'd thought today - the trial Alvin needed prepping was very small, only one witness and 4 exhibits, so it only took 20 minutes, tops. I still need to do his briefs for this other matter, tho'. Blah.

To the photocopier, away!
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When I was a kid, I had a series of recurring nightmares. Three or so different ones, that would pop up regularly over the years. One (about the person chasing me and beating me up) stopped when I got my green belt in karate and turned around in the dream and beat him up. One (the weird one about stretching really thin to cross a gorge that's basically your essential pain-filled dream) I haven't had for a while.

The third made a reappearance last night. *brrs* It's the cannibalistic psychotic murderers one, where I'm safe but everyone around me is killed/tortured/eaten while I cower in a floor space/tunnel under a trap door and hope they don't find me. And unlike most dreams, when I wake up from it and go back to sleep, I always go right back to where I was. Stupid thing intrudes on regular dreams, too - I was having a rather pleasant Firefly-inspired dream before my psycho cannibal friends showed up.

I'm glad it was sunny this morning - nothing like daylight to dispell stupid childhood fears.
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Another one of my epic zombie war aftermath dreams last night. They're not frightening per se, just disturbing. And long. Very long. If I ever write these down, I'd have a zombie novel on my hands.
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Or in the case of this morning, nightmare within a nightmare. The first was being trapped in a sewer with a bunch of people, with those classic rusted gates you see in movies and video games hemming us in from each side and water up to our necks. On one side there was the end of the tunnel and freedom. On the other side was a giant bloody alligator and a hole in the bars about the size of a person. And for some reason I could hear the alligator's thoughts, which went along the lines of "Damn, should have been quicker, now I'm stuck here all day waiting for someone to get tired and let their guard down so I can drag them off into a death roll."

The second was brought on by the 'death roll' thought. Again I was in water, but this time in the middle of the sea, with no land or boat in sight. And I knew, I just knew, that somewhere in that water was a crocodile, a big one, ready to grab me and death roll me. It didn't matter than crocodiles of that size don't live in the sea (there are salt-water crocs, but they don't tend to be the big man-eating size), all I knew was I was alone, there was no possibility of help, and I was going to die painfully and slowly.

I kept flashing in between both dreams, so one minute I was trying to break the bars of the gate, the next I was treading water and wondering where the croc would attack from. I basically forced myself awake after about the third visit to the second dream. *shudders* Ugh. I hate my oh-so-obvious subconscious sometimes.
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Made it into work today. Luckily, the backlog isn't too bad - this week is possibly the best week I could have picked to miss work. Still feel like death, although slightly less death-y than yesterday, hence the being at work. Slept horribly - either woke myself up coughing, was too damn hot and sweating most of the time, was too damn cold and shivering, or was having strange dreams where I was got married to some guy I'd only just met and whose last name I had trouble remembering. There might have been a flying car as well. I love it when my brain makes me feel like a loser. :P

I think I'll order these certified copies and then I'll go downstairs for tea and something that isn't turkey-related to eat. Mmm, breakfast.
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Payday finally arrived. Yay! I am now solvent and able to buy groceries and pay my Dexcon fee. And not a moment too soon, since food was a bit on the skimpy side yesterday.

Also, as much as I love my meds for the stablising effect they have on my brainmeats, I'm not fond of the dreams. Last night's effort about being a runaway teenager taken in by a sociopathic serial killer in the mode of Dexter, as a test for his two young serial-killers-in-training was a little more epic than is good for extended rest. *wry*
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So tired this morning. Due in part to Mischief and Trouble, otherwise known as the kits, in part to my subconscious taking a mallet to my dreams.

Somehow Spike got shut up in Dex's room when he went to bed, which meant Angel had a freakout at me at some ungodly hour once he noticed his brother was missing - came to me, yowling his head off, nudged me continuously until I got up... Fortunately, Dex had enough hassles with Spike doing panicked laps of his room and also got up at the same time to let him out, whereby the fuzzbutts left me mostly alone for the rest of the night.

Dream-wise... blargh. I was somewhere, probably a party of some kind. Everyone around me was with someone, being all couple-y, and I would up snogging some guy who a) tasted really awful and b) couldn't kiss at all, because I was feeling so blah. Yes, subconscious, we're aware of Bad Kissing Choices made when feeling unattractive and alone - we've been there and done that, remember? No need to hammer the point home, I get it.

Support staff Christmas breakfast this morning, which I'd completely forgotten about and thus was late, since I stopped at the post office to mail my brother and Eva's Christmas presents. Yes, late, I know. I had to wait for payday to actually buy gifts this year. But yeah, got a free brekkie, which I actually could eat thanks to a Zantac taken hurriedly as I got in - Fred's been playing up again, to the point I'm getting pretty major nausea of a morning again. Time to go back to the doctor, since actually retching on the way to work? Not fun. I'm just hoping it's not my new vitamin cocktail aggravating things. I probably won't be able to get an appointment until after the holidays, unfortunately, so I'll lay in the Zantac and start taking it of a morning before the nausea hits.
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Okay, this is from the night before last, but it still weirds me out.

I was getting married. I don't know to who, but I was in a small function room of some type, not too different to the upstairs of the Yellow Griffin. I was wearing a loose silk dress, which was either black or dark green (it changed colours halfway through) and these little ankle boots, and my hair was pinned up. I was very excited, but just before things were due to start, we realised that we'd left the organising to people who couldn't organise, and the room had to be rearranged before anything could happen...

Things got a bit jumbled after that - there was one scene where I was walking down a number of roads, looking for something or someone, still in my wedding dress.

It was a very pretty dress?

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