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So, I'm extremely late to the bandwagon, but I finally have an AO3 account. You can find me under Rossi, which I was pleased to find still available. There's only one fic there atm, but eventually I'll have all of my stuff up, safely stored in one place*.

*at least until this archive disappears like many before them.
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I have to share this one - it was just awesome. :)

Ankh-Morpork, Avenged by [Bad username or site: @]
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Originally posted by [ profile] sevenall at The Common People (TCP) Warehouse
Some time ago, I found out that The Common People Warehouse, previously hosted at was down. I thought that was a pity and wrote Chris to ask if he would mind if I uploaded it on He agreed to let me do this. But I also want to ask the permission of the authors.

Please let me know if you are one of the authors there and do NOT want your work there, if so I will remove it. I will not be adding new stories to the archive.

Apologies for the cross-posting, btw.

ETA: added link for reference.

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I found this on my friends list today: No Reservations: Narnia by Edonohana. It's a foodie fic, wirtten by a foodie. And it's brilliant.
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I haven't done this for a while because I haven't been reading much, but I had to share this gem, which I found on the [Bad username or site: @] comm. Beautifully written, with all of the characters ringing perfectly true.
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Harry Potter meets Black Books.

And it works. I just wish there had been more of it.
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Thanks to [Bad username or site: @] for pointing this out:

I've been recced on [Bad username or site: @]
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Been a while since I've done one of these, but I came across this fic on my travels today. NEXTWAVE is a fun concept on its own, but someone's actually managed to link Tabitha's past with her NEXTWAVE beginnings in a rather clever way.
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In the course of talking to one of the XPers in chat today, I was prompted to dig up my old Collective Mutants series. Ah, happy fanfic times...
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A Boy's Book of Practical Magic to Mystify, Baffle and Entertain by [Bad username or site: @].

Brilliant stuff.
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Yesterday I found myself offline and went through my 'unfinished fic' folder in search of something to do. Here's what I found (and finished the first chapter of).

[Neverwhere/Books of Magic] Through The Angel Door. (1/?)

Rating: PG for language

Disclaimer: Not mine, they're Neil Gaiman's and Vertigo's. No profit, only homage.

Chapter One: Openers. )
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Disclaimer: Subreality is a concept created by [Bad username or site: @]. So is the Writer’s Café. Pinocchio and the other staff (except Mary Shiva) belong to their respective copy-writers, and I’m not making any profit out of their use. Mary Shiva belongs to [Bad username or site: @].

If none of this makes any sense, get thee to Yasmin’s Writer’s Café page. The Writers don’t belong to me either. Some names have been changed to protect the er, innocent.

Rating: G, for general consumption.

AA: Meeting. )
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Dedication: This was a birthday fic for [Bad username or site: @], back in the old #subcafe days. Obie, wherever you are, this one's still for you.

Disclaimer: The mutant concept is Marvel's, although they don't half use it as well as they could. The Common People Project is the joint brain-child of Phil Foster and Kielle. No profit made, just a warm fuzzy feeling. ;) The rest is mine, except Stephen Niles, who is Oberon's creation and was borrowed without permission.

Rating: G - some disturbing themes, but nothing heavy.

Wings of Desire )
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Another Gen X, this time a 'preview' look at Jono before he joined Gen X. The style - and the title - are borrowed from Australian YA author John Marsden. The document was created September 2001.

Genre: Generation X
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Marvel's, not mine. No profit, only homage.

Letters From The Inside )
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Not my first Gen X fic, but the others need a bit too much formatting and I want to get to bed early tonight. Everett, Jubilee, a shopping mall at Christmas time. Your basic fluff.

PS: Happy Belated Birthday, [Bad username or site: @]!

Rating: G
Genre: Generation X
Disclaimer: Marvel's, not mine. No profit, only homage.

Scenes From A Mall. )
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Notes: The first ever fanfic I wrote and posted. The Common People project was formalised by [Bad username or site: @], expanding on a concept from a fic written by [Bad username or site: @]. Essentially, it's the 'ordinary mutants', those in the Marvel mutantverse who aren't heroes in spandex. Those who know my NPCs will recognise my love of the ordinary in the extraordinary.

This one's a shameless self-insert, but there are no unicorns, I promise.

Rating: G
Genre: TCP - Marvelverse
Disclaimer: The universe isn't mine, the rest is. No profit, only homage.

Road Rage. )
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For various reasons, I've decided to repost most (if not all) of my various fic onto my LJ. Mostly so I have a record outside of the laptop with everything in one place, partly because I'm hoping to kick off the old creativity and see if I can't start writing non-RPG stuff again. And tonight, because I've had a No-Good, Very Bad Day, as has everyone else around me, apparently, and I'm trying to be constructive instead of sinking into the funk of 'everyone hates me, no-one wants to talk to me'.

Of course, I could just talk to them first, but hah, that'd be logical

Any way. Spam incoming. I'll try and stick to no more than two a day, depending on length.
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Grabbed from [Bad username or site: @], a drabble meme. Slightly reworded.

Go here and write me a drabble/make an icon, based on whatever fortune you get, and I will love you forever.
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[Bad username or site: @] has need of some advice regarding one of her stories and an unauthorised translation. See here for details.
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So, it's been established the site I pimped yesterday is run by a crazy person who seems to think pairing lists are more important than actual history. Now, given the response to both the pimping of the site and the disappointment of discovering said crazy, Frito, Dex and I have been bouncing around some ideas.

Yes, you know where this is going. I apparently have too much spare time in my life. *wry*

Dex will be purchasing webspace sometime soon in order to host the Dexcon website. It's possible, if there's sufficient interest and need, that we can set up our own comic fandom wiki - Frito, Dex and I have already created and maintained one for X-Project, so we know how things operate, and given the fact wikis can be edited by anyone with user permissions, it'd be a good way of maintaining a CFAN-like list of archives, journal communities and mailing lists, given the most common complaint about comics fandom these days is that people don't know where the active sites are any more.

The thing is, I certainly don't want to end up writing large chunks of this thing, especially since I'm one of the 'third generation' of ficcers and there's whole reams of history I'm not up on. So we'd need the support and effort of a good chunk of the comics communitiy - writing, pimping, researching, producing images, etc. We already have a basic framework (we were hoping to institute it in CrazyGirl's site, but alas, no), that would cover hopefully the full gamut of comics fic, but there's a lot of work involved there. And it'd be preferable that we don't start this and see it dribble off into inactivity within a month or two.

So, who's interested?

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