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It's odd, going through the replies on this one and seeing what people consider "weird" in the area of food. There's alligator and organ meat and various types of sushi - someone cited tomago sushi, which is the one with the egg on it, which is pretty damn common if you're into sushi - and of course the chocolate-coated insects and meal worm husks (which are weird). A lot of the 'weird' stuff is food I've not only eaten, but enjoyed and had on several occasions.

Apparently my palate and experience with food is a lot wider than you'd think.

So, my list.

The weirdest (i.e. most disgusting) thing I've ever eaten was a dead huntsman spider when I was a baby. By all accounts, I thought it was delicious, since I cried when they took the remains off me.

As for weird food, I've eaten the following: raw beef, lamb brains, liver, kidneys, ox tongue, tripe (absolutely revolting, no matter how you cook it, sorry!), pickled octopus, crocodile, kangaroo, emu (in pate form), alligator, frog's legs (tasty!), fermented soy beans (ugh), crab roe (along with the crab), cow tail, squid in various forms, eel, rabbit, shark, scallops and Moreton Bay bugs. I also chew on chicken bones for the marrow (and actually eat some of the ground-up bone, don't ask), and love Vegemite.

For the most part, except where noted, I've enjoyed it at the time, although I'm a bit iffy on offal these days. Then again, if it was in an awesome restaurant and prepared well, I'd probably try it again.
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Thanks to [Bad username or site: @], I have found the best cooking show EVER.


She really is adorable. :)
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Okay, this is going to look bad, but bear in mind I've had a stomach upset for a day or so now and my appetite is kind of shot.

Day 04 – What you ate today

Breakfast - egg salad sandwich and a coffee, after my French class.

Lunch - pork cutlet and pasta with rose sauce.

Dinner - small popcorn and regular sized fountain coke.

I'm not ruling out eating anything else, but the popcorn made me full. I've got a glass of juice now to get some liquid into my system after the salt.

and the rest )

The movie was fun. Yes, I know the popular opinion is it's bad, but I enjoyed it a lot. More tomorrow once it's settled in my head more. ;)
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So, Mindy's butter chicken last night. Fantastic. Here's what you missed:

Unfortunately, deliciousness came with a price - I've had heartburn up to the eyeballs since last night. Three Zantac later and it's down to a dull roar but it's still there. Ow.

It was still worth it. I just have to be careful about how much I eat of the goodness next time.
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It's really quiet today, so you get Writer's Block answers.

My favourite holiday food has to be the roomie's family's wild rice and sausage stuffing. It's amazing and I'm so glad I can eat it now I've turned back to the Dark Side of meat eating. I'm getting hungry just thinking about it.

Least favourite holiday food has to be Christmas cake. Or anything with marzipan on it. I really dislike the bitter almond taste (I like almonds, just not the fake essence stuff) and the fondant is just way too sweet for me to handle. The cake underneath can be good, especially if it's my mum's.
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My lunchbox today contains the following:

A grilled portobello mushroom stuffed with cream cheese and chorizo sausage.

A portion of New York strip steak, grilled rare-medium rare, just the way I like it, with a mushroom cream sauce on top.

Balsamic marinated grilled asparagus spears.

Take that, soggy sandwich lunch!

In other news, the G20 is creating unsurpassed levels of annoyance and insanity. And it hasn't even started yet.
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Now that the juice has just hit my blood sugar, the mega post of updatey-ness I've promised a few people. Mostly because my goodness I've had a lot going on lately!

First and most importantly... I finally signed my contract/paperwork for work last Monday. I am now officially "Classified", which means that I'm a permanent full time employee, who gets health benefits, pension, union membership and best of all, 15 days paid vacation a year. I'm on probation for six months 'cause that's the standard thing, and I can't take the leave until that's over (December 29, 2009, btw), but the good thing is the 7-ish days I earn between now and then that I can't take this year will roll over into next year and I get an extra week and a bit of vacation time next year.

So yes. Security and benefits and all that good stuff. :) Big sigh of relief.

Next... Saturday I spent about three hours before the Jays vs. Red Sox game shaking my can for the Food Bank. Okay, I was shaking a can, but yes, I collected money from game-goers to contribute to charity as part of the Lady Jays Food Bank drive. The Lady Jays being the wives and girlfriends of the Jays; I bought a hat signed by Roy Halladay for Dex off Brandi Halladay, who is rather sweet, and met Brandon League's girlfriend who is amazingly attractive and made me stammer a bit. ;) It was rather fulfilling and I was rather proud of my efforts, given at a guess I'd say I made about $300 in that time. Certainly it's something I'd consider doing again. I also got a ticket to the game, down behind left field in the 100s (the seats closest to the ground) and got to watch my boys win 6-2, plus I managed to acquire a tan for the first time in a while so I look Australian again. ;) The only thing that would have made things perfect is if I'd been doing it Sunday - Roy pitched a full game and got eight strikeouts, finishing the game 3-1 in something like less than three hours. O.o

Summerlicious... I've been to three different restaurants over the past two weeks, all of them amazing. Last Tuesday was Vibo with the roomie's folks. I got the steak and avocado salad, then the roasted pork belly, and finished (sort of, since I was full!) with local berries. Everything was delicious and it's certainly somewhere I'd consider going to again. The final restaurant was Bloom, where the roomie and I treated Johnny and Mindy for Johnny's upcoming 40th birthday (July 23, for those interested. ;)). We had planned to go to the Old Mill, but it was booked out. A fortunate thing for us, since Bloom turned out to be the best place so far. I had the celeriac and horseradish soup, then a massive piece of stellhead trout with grapefruit garnish (I've never liked grapefruit, but it was brilliant on that fish!) and then the banana fritters for dessert (apparently not eating anything before we went was the key to actually finishing the meal for a change. Also, not ordering the bison short rib, even tho' it looked fantastic).

Speaking of short ribs, we've been spoiled rotten by Greg upstairs, who has become a barbeque devotee and has been perfecting his rib recipes, with us as willing test subjects. Saturday night was rib night again, and the pomengranate BBQ sauce was glorious. Not much of that one left over afterwards, that's for sure!

This week's planning to be a quieter one, mostly because [Bad username or site: @] is coming up, where I drink too much, don't sleep enough and lose my voice from talking far more than I ever do. It's going to be a smaller one this year - "exclusive" is the term, I think *grins* - but there's a good mix of folks coming so it should be a lot of fun. Johnny's 40th birthday bash is this coming Saturday, so that'll be the big event of next weekend. Hard to believe Johnny Devil is turning 40!

Tonight's plans are to relax on the couch, eat the souped-up mac and cheese that the roomie is making for dinner and go to bed early so I'm bright eyed and bushy tailed for Jane tomorrow. And that's what I've been up to. How about you?
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So, Summerlicious has started in Toronto, where 150 restaurants of various types, from up-market to modest, put on special menus and let you try their wares for around $35 for a three course dinner. And tonight being the first full pay day for [Bad username or site: @], he treated Lauren and I to dinner at Bistro 990, a rather nice French restaurant that's just a few doors down from work.

For starters I had the crab and shrimp spring rolls. Not bad, real crab, not the fake stuff, but nothing that would knock your socks off. The entree/main for me was pork tenderloin, and here there was sock explosions. Basically it was so tender I barely needed to chew, wonderfully coated with a black pepper crust that was just lovely. The mashed potato made with goat cheese was also gorgeous, if pound-inducing. Dessert (yes, I had dessert, it was part of the meal!) for me was rhubarb and strawberry compote with rosemary vanilla ice cream. The compote was lovely, although a tinge sweet for my tooth - a little less strawberry, a little more rhubarb would have been good, but then again, I like tart flavours. The ice cream... oh my. I've never had the 'herbal' type ice cream before, so to taste just a hint of rosemary amongst the sweetness of the ice cream was a surprise. A very pleasant one - it left a light, fragrant aftertaste in your mouth without being cloying.

Of course, now I think I'm going to explode. Some quality 'dead on the couch' time while I digest.

And yes, more Summerliciousness to come. :) I've come quite a way from my "food is fuel" college days!
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It is possible to eat too much sushi, even for me. Ow. Oh Baldwin Street All You Can Eat sushi place, how I love you and how much you hurt me...

Also, I can has tea. Lots of tea, as [Bad username or site: @] and [Bad username or site: @]'s box came today. :) [Bad username or site: @] there are books on loan for you in there too. :) Thanks, guys, I was just out of my nifty tea flowers. :)
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[Bad username or site: @]. It's a nifty little comm for people to share their photos of food - stuff they've made or stuff they've enjoyed elsewhere. It makes me want to dig out the photo of mum's fruit salad from Quebec now...
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Ginger pork makes everything better.
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For lunch today, care of the leftovers my roomie packed up for me:

Chicken roulade - chicken breast stuffed with goat cheese, sundried tomato and herbs, wrapped with prosciutto.

Broccoli and asparagus, pan fried with garlic and ginger.

Tuscan white beans mashed together with artichoke hearts.

The Coke I'm drinking with it probably isn't as fitting as the wine we had last night, but hey, needs must and I need caffiene.

Very simple to make - pester [Bad username or site: @] to post the recipe on [Bad username or site: @]. ;)

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