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Got back from work at 6:30 this morning and went to bed.

Woke up at 5:30 this afternoon.


Okay, apparently I needed sleep, but bloody hell. An entire day wasted. And I've gone and slept funny on my neck again so I've got another of those tension headaches, the ones that feel like someone's stabbing me in the forehead with an icepick.
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Three hours to go, and man have I earned my pay check this week. It hasn't been frantic, but it's been constant, to the point I had to put away the finding I was trying to write because a) it needs concentration to untangle the medical history and conficting dates given by family and b) every time I settled down to it, the bloody pager would go off and I'd have to interrupt myself and attend to that.

People of Victoria, I'm finding some of you very sucky right now. Enough with the domestic violence already. Especially sons against their mums - that's been a bit of a theme tonight.

Now to finish the huge pile of mail I've been stuffing into envelopes, before starting on data entry for the four new reports of death we've had this evening. Four's not too bad, really - the undertakers are a bit happier today. Of course, in these last three hours anything could happen.

So looking forward to my bed when I get home. I'm getting dizzy I'm so tired...
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At work, and it looks like it could be quiet, if for the sole reason our phone switchboard has blown up.


Usually what happens is when the day reception staff leave at 5, they switch over the phones to our side of things in the back office - every call comes through our phones. Only, tonight they didn't, and when the handy "I do everything" guy Kenny was there trying to fix it, everything just went down totally. They're trying to fix it now.

This could be a real problem, given people still need to report deaths to us, and the only number they have is the main one that goes through the switch. Still, I'm not a technician, and this is so not my problem, although I'll be dealing with the rather annoyed people when they do manage to get through...

Hmm, might call the Alfred and give them a direct number - I'm waiting on a call for the undertakers in two matters.

Edit: Phones fixed now, yay. Means less stress in the long run...


Sep. 21st, 2005 01:35 am
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Fear me and my Grim Reaper Inna Bag. But only if you're the government undertakers.


Sep. 21st, 2005 12:36 am
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Dear defacto population of Victoria,

Please stop beating your partners up when you get home from the pub. I know it makes you feel all manly and powerful, but besides being a shitty cowardly thing to do, you're making huge amounts of work for me and breaking my concentration by making the pager go off every twenty minutes. It's very annoying.

No love,

"Jodie on-call registar".

(It's actually Jo, the on-call registrar, but I've given up correcting the cops.)
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So, I walked into work at 4:50pm (I started at 5pm) and straight into Bedlam. Phones ringing, coroner issuing demands with a messy application, the pager going off repeatedly once it was turned on... Things haven't really stopped until now, and I've taken another pager call and a new report of death in the time it's taken to write this much.

And actually, it's now 9pm, and I've done four more releases, and two intakes, and two domestic violence orders. actually, make that 9:14pm.

So yeah, been a busy night. And I haven't eaten dinner yet. *pouts*

However, here all night, and once things calm down, I'm sure I'll be whinging for distraction. ;)
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So, back at work again - I've been conscious for three hours. Meh.

But, tonight's It. The last night shift, unless I've miscounted the time I'm in the front office for. And, in order to maintain the tradition, I'm going to ask the roleplaying people (and hell, anyone else who wants to watch my language skills gradually deteriorate over thirteen hours), to email me. Think of it guys, Rossi in real time during your day at work.

The 5pm madness is slowly abating, thank goodness. Now to catch up the paperwork the afternoon shift couldn't get at.

Also, have uploaded various more icons, some old, some shiny and new from various sources. I was trawling for pictures last night, but the work comp has no graphics programs and I wasn't capable of the brain function for icon making today. Tomorrow, I think.
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On the very last stretch, and looking forward so very much to my bed. It's been a long one.
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Bit of a busy run there for a while, but I think we're finally caught up. Just one more report to put on the system, and luckily it's a nice short one. And as soon as Sarah leaves for the night, I'm changing into my tracksuit pants and ecofleece jacket, switching the contacts for glasses and basically getting comfortable. Since if I'm going to be here for thirteen hours, I want to be comfy. Neener.

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