Mar. 27th, 2008 11:19 am
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Well, this is one of the more disgusting flus I've had for a while. I won't traumatise people with the details, but ew.

Sick as a dog this morning, but still dragged myself in since a) I don't have sick leave and can't afford the day off/I need to accrue some actual leave time for May and b) Alvin's expenses need doing. Fortunately, I've inputted everything for the last financial year, now I just have to coax him through the onerous task of copying a spreadsheet, pasting it into the input box of IFIS, and then clicking the submit button. It'd be funny if there wasn't the example of last year, where he managed to screw it up every single time.

This financial year? Monthly fucking expense claims. No more of this 'lets spend three days collating the expense claims for the entire year' bullshit.

Five positives, to counter the blah of recent posts:

1) I had my session with the personal trainer yesterday at the gym and I a) completed the course despite being sick and b) am not crippled with pain today. Nice to know I'm not as hopelessly unfit as I had thought, although I'm reconsidering tonight in the face of mucus and the coughing up thereof.

2) I've got Alvin's expense spreadsheets all ready for him - four months' worth processed in an hour and a half. I rock.

3) I have home made tuna casserole for lunch.

4) My hair, despite being a bit long, has been very well behaved lately, giving me some very Attractive Hair Days.

5) I practiced guitar on Monday. :)
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The roomie was right with his estimate - 11:00 a.m. and the insomnia of last night caught up with me. Coffee for the win.

I don't normally have trouble getting to sleep - staying asleep, yes, since there's some nights I swear I could hear feathers landing on the floor, just about - but every so often insomnia strikes and last night was one of those. Didn't help it was already 1:45 a.m. when I got to bed, although I don't regret the time spent watching season 2 of Dead Like Me with the roomie and [Bad username or site: @ livejournal.com] and being on the receiving end of a kitty pile at one point. But yeah, got to bed and discovered that sleep, she was eluding me. Mostly due to the low-level simmering anger I'd had all night - yay public criticism triggering buttons on an already-cranky day.

Just a general note to folks? If you want to point out something you feel I've done wrong, or could do better? Freaking well email me directly, at least at the moment. You'll get a much less neurotic response, and constructive things will be achieved, as I did with Sil yesterday, as opposed to the gigantic bundle of "OhMyGodISuck" I wound up yesterday. I'm working on the central issue, but given the number of issues I am working on atm, that one has to take a number and sit in the waiting room.

But yeah, insomnia last night. I wound up going to go sleep on the couch, since a) my computer was there and I could play music, which sometimes helps take my mind off racing thoughts, and b) sometimes a change of scene can trigger the sleepy reaction. It mostly worked, although the cats managed to wake me several times with knocking stuff over. Little bastards are working their way to being a pair of fur-lined boots, I swear. I think I've had... four hours? of sleep? Something like that. Await the crash in the afternoon, that's all I can say. At least I'm not hungover to go with it.

Good things, since I'm working on that positive reinforcement...

1) I didn't lose my temper online yesterday, and managed to tamp down a potentially list-wide blah situation;

2) People pinged me to check I was okay;

3) I practiced guitar last night, and did pretty well. Lesson tonight.

4) I look pretty today, even with the coldsores from the flu. The little swishy skirt and my red cardigan are always a good combination.

5) I got a bunch of work done yesterday, including various outstanding things from last week's absence. My decks are now almost clear - I just need to write a motion for January 28.
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Last Saturday I went to Johnny's place for my guitar lesson. Johnny, for those who don't know, has a personal recording studio in his basement. So, not only did I get to play electric guitar for the first time ever (I got to play Siggy and loved it!), but we kindasortarecordedmeplayingsomething.

Actually, we did "If Venice Is Sinking" chord by chord, and then Johnny mixed it all together, added drums and bass, and burned it onto a CD so I know what I'm working towards. We ran out of time for vocals, unfortunately. :P I'm not quite there yet - I leave gaps for chord changes - but I'm getting there.

So, leap of faith here. If Venice Is Sinking, by Jo/Rossi and Johnny Devil. No, I'm not the fancy guitar, I'm the other one.
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Hmm, the indications seem to show the stomach/abdominal thing is an ulcer. The meds are helping, stress does not - woke up this morning feeling crappier than I have in a while. Had a carton of skim milk and a tub of low fat yoghurt for breakfast, plus my meds, which seems to be helping. Bland food for lunch today, tho'.

Apart from other-life related stress yesterday, I had a good long weekend. Went to a party at Johnny's place on Sunday, had me some great food, good beer and interesting company, given a lot of the people were John's muso friends. The best part was after the small children left and the guitars came out - four acoustics, including a 12 string, which Jeff, the owner thereof, let me get my amatuerish hands on. 12 strings are played the same as 6, you just hold down two strings per finger, not one. So much love, although my fingertips still are sore from it. I learned a bit, and generally had an evening of music geekery. Even sang a bit, and had one of those nights where most of the time I was actually happy with the way I sounded.

This would be progress. The ex always used to say I couldn't sing, but Johnny's been encouraging me to try more often, and I'm getting better. Being able to hear perfect pitch both helps and hinders - I can tell when I'm off, but if I can't fix it, I get annoyed. Works for the guitar too.

I meant to practice yesterday, but got caught up in Blah. It was needed Blah, but Blah all the same. And [Bad username or site: @ livejournal.com], I'm so sorry, I meant to come visit and then Blah happened and my brain went away. First season Doctor Who might have also had something to do with it. *wry* Hope you're feeling better today, mate. *hugs*

I need to call [Bad username or site: @ livejournal.com] and ask for assistance in kitty obtaining. Having kitties will be a good distraction, and I wants my birthday present, precious.

You can always tell when I'm avoiding filing - I babble. ;)
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So, I woke up this morning to at least two or three inches of snow on the patio outside my window (which now has a blind on it, hazzah for Lee! No more flashing the neighbours!), with more still coming down. Walked from the subway through about six inches, and looking out there now, it's still coming down. (Note to the family - I will get pictures, just when my camera batteries aren't flat. Bah.) And whilst I'm aware this may get me shivved by [Bad username or site: @ livejournal.com], it's actually kind of nifty. Certainly it's less cold than it was yesterday, where it was all icy winds and aching extremities, even with the full rugging up thing I was doing.

*grins* I just like snow. I'm sorry, I'm weird that way. And my new boots are perfect for stomping through it.

Skipped band night last night. After my hellday at work and the whole intermittent eating thing I've been doing lately, I just didn't have the energy. Plus I'm a bit peopled out from the weekend of gaming etc, and this weekend I'm going to London with Mindy and Johnny. So I turned off the computer around 10:00 pm, practiced guitar for half an hour, and then went to sleep. I have to admit, I do feel much better for it.

And finally, thank you to everyone who sent me Valentine's notes, either through the valentiner thing, or directly via email. *snugs the [Bad username or site: @ livejournal.com]* I am indeed feeling the love. Even if I broke my organising bone and didn't arrange anything for tonight. *wry* However, it's not such a bad thing - it's been a long couple of weeks and quiet is good.

Happy Valentine's Day to anyone I missed. If you're thinking I can't possibly mean you, you're probably wrong. ;)
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Guitar lesson tonight, for the first time in months: Johnny's been insanely busy and distracted and the rest of it. However, tonight we played for a good couple of hours - not quite to finger bleeding stage, thank you Bryan Adams - and he gave me a capo, which is one of those gizmos you use to change the key you're playing in. It's all very exciting. :)

And I'm not as out of practice as I thought I might be, given the last time I played was New Year's, and drunkenly at that.

Johnny was also telling me about his List. There are 502 songs he knows how to play, off the top of his head or with a minimum of prepping. Isn't he a clever clogs?

Oh, and today my shoes exploded. So I have to go shoe shopping. Bleah.
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So, yesterday turned into a sick day, given I was having dizzy spells while I was sleeping. So not impressed. But I basically spent the day either sleeping or on the couch, and feel much better. Especially since I skipped band night (again - I'm a very bad groupie) and got to bed at 10:30, with only a brief interruption when the others got home and for some reason there was a slamming door.

I also had my follow-up appointment today with the ear specialist. My test results are all within the normal range, although they did register some nystygmas with some of the tests (that'd be that funky eye movement I mentioned before), so basically I've got the benign paroxymal biploar vertigo, although in a somewhat atypical fashion since I have it in both ears and there's no head injuries in my history. The doctor says it should clear up eventually, as long as I keep up the exercises. Which I did this morning for the first time in about three weeks given I've been sharing my bed most of that time. Go me.

The good news is there's no sign it's anything neurological or serious. So no brain tumor. I'm kind of glad to hear that.

[profile] philf left yesterday and I was sad. :( However, we did have a good night at the Griffin (which probably contributed to the vertigo the next day since lack of sleep is the huge trigger), especially when I went and got Tara and John played for a while. And so did I. *cough* Incentive for practice, that's for sure, but I think I did okay. :)

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And my master is pleased with me. :)

In non-geek terms... I had a guitar lesson tonight. Which went rather well. And as a reward Johnny showed me how to tune my guitar so I can use the slide, which means all sorts of nifty jangly blues noises. *hees* It's the simple things that make you happy.
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I love it. Seriously. It's the closest to what I used to do than I've done for a long time, I'm not copping all the garbage work 'cause I'm the temp and people are already appreciating what I can do. And everyone's honestly friendly and helpful.

There's a possibility once they move offices that several permanent positions of the same kind will be advertised. You can bet your bottom dollar I'll be applying.

In other news... the Madison is booked for Dexcon (that would be the $1000 charge on my credit card, Dad, when the statement turns up) and we now have 32 people signed up as attending. Looks like this one'll be one of the more widely-attended Dexcons, for all I'll be the only Aussie there. *pouts* People will start turning up in the next couple of weeks, too. They can admire our patio. :)

What else... guitar's coming along again, which is good. I hadn't had a lesson in ages and I'd slacked off practicing, but the last few days I've picked things up again. "One" is coming along nicely, especially the walk down in the chorus. *hees*

Actually, that's something I keep meaning to do - post about how the way I listen to music is changing. However, I'm tired tonight so that one will have to wait another day...

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It's been a couple of days and I haven't posted, so here I am again.

Today's Friday, the last day of my 'holiday' from work. Wah. *pouts* Still, got a lot done writing-wise, even if not much else. Which reminds me, must do the laundry today so I have work clothes next week. And underwear. Underwear is important.

Tuesday was music therapy day. First a lesson with Johnny re the guitar - first time in about two months, actually, given various things - and then the band. I have a new song to learn (I've graduated to U2, hah!) and need to seriously start practicing again now Tara's back in tune. She got stubborn and refused my tweakings.

Oh, found out about my wages. $16 an hour for the first couple of weeks until they see how I handle the work and then an increase. O.O Double what the bakery was paying and about $3 an hour more than the last place. So I should be paying off the computer sooner than expected.

Speaking of the new computer... I'm in love. *grins* Seriously, it's so fast and efficient and I can use the internet from anywhere in the house since there's wireless service and I can save much more music than before and EEE! Worth every penny. The only downside is she overheats like a bastard and sometimes refuses to turn on because of it. I'm learning to a) let it cool down when it needs to and b) put myself in front of a fan or air conditioner on the hot days.

And speaking of the weather... bleah. Humidity. I hate humidity. Heat I can handle - I am Australian after all - but I grew up in Victoria, land of dry heat and sorching sun. Not this whole sticky feeling. Ugh. Must remember to drink water more this summer if it's going to be like this.

The exercises I have to do with this ear thing? Gah. Talk about vertigo inducing. After the first set I had to sit quietly for a bit and let the world stop rotating.

[Bad username or site: @ livejournal.com] made fruit salad the other day. A lot of fruit salad. Which I've been devouring, since yum, fruit salad and the fruit here is really good. Strawberries that have actual flavour even when they're the giant sized ones, what a concept! So yeah, fruit salad for breakfast again for me.

And now I go shower and eat aforementioned fruit salad. This has been a random post brought to you by your friendly neighbourhood spamming Rossi. Expect a meme at some point, it's that kind of day. ;)

Edit: Still doing that damn thing where it doesn't recognise page breaks. *grrs* Just this account too, so it's not the computer. And after I changed my style and everything too...

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So I've got a bunch of songs I'm learning (slowly) to play on the guitar. But what would really help is having copies of them to listen to regularly and get to know the cadence and the rest. I've got most, but there's a couple I'm missing, and I've only been able to find streamed versions online, which doesn't let me put them on my mp3 player. :P

This is where my friendslist comes in. I need:

"Norwiegen Wood" - The Beatles.

"Wish You Were Here" - Pink Floyd.

"Comfortably Numb" - Pink Floyd.

The rest I have already. But if people could give me YSI links to these three in the comments, I'd really appreciate it. :)
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Remember this entry? The one where I was asking for suggestions for my blues name, as per the instructions provided by one Mr Johnny Devil? Well, he's finally seen the results and he approves. Hugely. Waheyhey I believe was the response. *grins* So count yourselves as crazy wacky creative people. :)
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Okay, so I've spent the larger part of the day going to and from Scarborough for employment agency testing and registration. AppleOne this time, which is a fairly generic agency catering for a lot of things, so here's hoping they'll find me that admin work I'm after. Things went relatively well, and the best news is I can retest, which means spending some quality time with Excel and figuring out some stuff plus practicing my typing on something that isn't a laptop keyboard. Basically when the roomie is playing video games in the lounge.

Came home to some interesting news, but I'm not going to say much more 'cause I'm afraid of jinxing it. Needless to say I'll know more next Wednesday.

Johnny's on his way over for my guitar lesson, and I'm fortifying my poor tired aching brain with tea and Advil. Yay Advil, for it makes the tension aches go away. But yes, shall be wandering off to make music soon.

Oh, and payday today. Money went in my account, and then promptly left, since it's rent day. Poo.

Also - GIP. I don't have one right now, but I think Phil will appreciate the humour. Since it's his joke and all. ;)

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