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This'll make you laugh.

Dream last night - the DVD player got stuck playing "Take Me Out To The Ballgame", over and over, and no matter what I did, it wouldn't stop. I took out the DVD, turned it off, unplugged it from the power socket... all to no avail. It. Just. Kept. On. Playing.

I blame [Bad username or site: @] for her haunted scale story and my roomie.

In other news, I have located a pool, just near work actually, at the Y. I have my bathing suit etc and I'll be going after work. Hopefully it'll loosen things up - the referred pain from my hip up my back after sitting at my desk all day is kind of irritating.
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Found via [Bad username or site: @], this is a series of photographs by a Russian phohtographer, Sergei Larenkov. What he's done is he's taken picutres from WW2 and re-shot them, and then blended the old and the new photos together to create this kind of 'living history' theme. Great stuff and sometimes rather creepy.

Also, having established my painful left shoulderblade is the result of neck and shoulder tension (via the helpful massage services of the roomie last night), I will be going to the gym despite the fact it's quite painful again. My weight loss endeavours get stymied enough without babying my stress.
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It's been a Day of Working today - got a bunch of stuff done that's been needing it and cleared a good chunk of the paper off my desk. Of course, I get a whole new batch next week as Becky will want her factum and book of authorities done and I have another two trials to prep, but for now I'm good to just breathe a little bit in the knowledge that I rock the legal assistant thing.

I've also been rocking the personal health thing - gym twice this week and minimal pub nights, plus I've been to work every day for the past two weeks, including the day when the power went out and getting to work was an epic adventure. Of course, this afternoon I'm feeling blah - sinuses are acting up and combining with the usual "hard working all day" shoulder tension to give me a lovely headache across my forehead. So I may skip gym tonight in favour of Advil and shower and homemade enchiladas. I can go tomorrow - and do the rowing machine as penance for missing a day.
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It's the small things that make your day better. Got this email from Jane as she heads off on her three week vacation:

Jo, as I prpeare ro go on my vacation I realize that this is the first time that I am not worried about leaving. That is in large measure you.

Thanks for being so efficient.

Her timing couldn't be better.

I also went to the gym for cardio last night and did 30 minutes on the new rowing machines. Whoot.

In other news, it's a sad thing indeed when your hobby drives you to drink. *wry*
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Apparently I went a little too hard at the gym yesterday and pulled something in the back of my left shoulder. Because today? Has been agony. Filing with a pulled tendon is not a good thing especially when you have to lift boxes from a pile - I was tempted to beg off work at lunchtime, only we were insane busy again.

The roomie gave me drugs when I got home. This makes me... well, not happy, since still ow, but makes the Rossi somewhat less whingy.

I will be going to the gym tomorrow. The recumbant is your friend, since it doesn't need arms.
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Since Friday is Good Friday and I don't work Monday, I've got a four day weekend. Whoot. This is a good thing since I'm rather tired from my three days of battling with the filing system at the legal firm I'm working at. Which, some might be interested, is just a block away from the Dexcon hostel on King and Spadina. So far, so good - I'm getting on all right and finishing most of what I'm given. The last hold-out files even the lawyer who was supervising me couldn't place. *grins*

My hands are beaten all to hell, tho'. Papercuts galore and I've scraped off various bits of skin. Think I need to grab my hand lotion. And possibly nap.

I've decided I need to renew my gym membership, no matter how broke I am right now. I'm getting horribly flabby and I hate it. Clothes aren't fitting the way they should and yeah, I'm starting to actively hate my body, so time to take control of things and get back to the exercise. The credit card will just have to handle it. Although, it's my birthday next month (May 10) so if people wanted to help, I wouldn't say no.

Thus ends the only bit of active asking for something I'm going to do.

A couple more weeks marks my first six months in Canada. I'm still thinking about how I feel about that. I am getting acclimatised, tho' - it reached 12 degrees C today and was sunny so I had lunch outside in my shirtsleeves and was perfectly warm.
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Back in the back office today - Emil called in sick, so as I walked into the front office, Rick got me to just keep on walking to the back. It's not hugely busy, which is good, and hey, I have a desk! *grins* Front office life is going to be rather itinerant in that way - I just grab whichever desk is free because of absence/illness/court/etc.

Gym yesterday. Did my reps, and noticed that I'm using my stomach muscles more. Which is definitely a good thing since that's a problem area. Also did about half an hour cardio, including my old friend the recumbant bike. So the other problem area got a work out too. There was my nemesis the stairmaster too - I have a lot of trouble on that since I have a tendency to climb stairs on my toes, and the machine won't let me do that. :P

Spring has definitely sprung - it's warm out there, albeit with gale force winds and the occasional downpour from a sky like a bruise. For the first time in months I was outside last night with short sleeves, walking home from the gym. I'll definitely be making the most of it while I have it, given I'm moving to the Cold Place in eight weeks.

Eight weeks. Gah. *commences muppet-like flailing*

Yay, me

Aug. 18th, 2005 09:53 pm
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Went to the gym today, did my reps and 35 minutes of cardio, split between the walking machine and the recumbant bike machine. And then I went to Wangamama for a big bowl o' ramen noodles, since I was hungry. And now I'm sleepy, which is good, 'cause insomnia sucks.

Icons, icons everywhere...


Aug. 9th, 2005 11:02 pm
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Okay, back from dinner with [Bad username or site: @], and full of exuberance as usual. Or possibly red wine. Bah, only had three glasses, I'm happy, not drunk. Any way, good gym session, good dinner, good company. Lots of talk about things I don't normally get to talk about - politics, writing, Subreality RRs, comics... The importance of realism in the Firefly 'verse, which is why [Bad username or site: @] isn't going to have any more people with paranormal abilities beyond Azzy's character when she gets her submitted. ;) Drongo in a box, along with Becky's half ping pong balls. The dead being haunted by the living (curse you [Bad username or site: @]! I have characters and a plot now!). Canada, and being enthusiastic about. Missing things here. Life on hold.

I could go on. But yeah, as always, a good night. It's only when I have a night like this that I realise how narrow my life has become lately, and probably entirely due to my own doing. I'm doing the thing I used to do when Dad's transfers came through - closing off part of me and preparing for the move. Doesn't mean I don't love everyone here, tho'. Just means I need kicking in the arse occasionally. ;)

It's interesting being out somewhere where you can procure alcohol and come out not smelling of cigarettes. Just pizza. Love the Banff, we does. :)

Oh, and random on my iTunes these days? Since downloading a heap of stuff from Phil and Willow? Is truly an adventure. *grins* I don't know what's coming up next.
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I'm listening to the Arrogant Worms cd [Bad username or site: @] made for me quite a while ago. If the title of my post wasn't a clue. *grins* It's still fun. "Spare the spud, eat a cow instead!"

Any way, was on the phone with Dex for a while, which is always good. Especially when it's cold and wet and blah out there. I'm meeting [Bad username or site: @] at the Banff for half price pizza, which is always a good night, and I'm just about to head down to the gym and do my session like a good girl.

I'm finding myself craving an iPod. Or at least an iPod mini. Might go price them this week, especially since I've got that movie ticket to use and will be going into the city any way. It's hard, tho', reminding myself I have savings to accrue, especially with shift work finishing this month. I've got one more batch of nights , and possibly another batch of evenings, and then I'm back in the front office. Which means I get weekends back, but I will miss the money. Maybe once I get the tax return back - I definitely won't be paying any more, since I don't qualify for the Medicare levey (being single, without children, and earning under $50,000 for the financial year), and I have tax-refundable donations to the Wilderness Society and Greenpeace, plus my union fees. So yeah, expecting a couple of hundred back, at the least. Perhaps then I shall treat myself, especially considering how long it's been since I got myself a present of that ilk. Definitely years. But there's also plane tickets and the rest.

I did find out that my new credit card will give me twelve months' travel insurance if I buy a return ticket on it. One-way only gets me 31 days. So I'm thinking an open return, which will cover any need to head back to Australia suddenly, especially considering I'll be able to pay it off in a month or so. And should I need to return for whatever reason, well, half the flight's covered. It's always good to think ahead. :)
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Gym makes everything better.

Not so good day at work, not actually anything to do with the actual Coroner's work, more something from after hours coming back to bite me firmly in the arse, but I rode in and back and went to the gym after I got home. Did my weight session, then did twenty minutes on the stairmaster, and thirty minutes on the recumbant bicycle thingie - set for their hardest climb, which was called "The Pyrannies". *snickers* I was doing a Tour de France stage reading a book. But yeah, feel much better for that and a hot shower, and I booked a session with the trainer for Thursday. She'll kick my butt, considering I've been away for two and a bit weeks, but I probably deserve it. :)

Funny how simple physical activity changes your perspective on things...
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I've been having another of those "Angel of Death" nights - I took five reports of death in the first three hours I was here. It's eased off now, but man, it was a little worrisome for a while there. It's been mostly the pager since - four applications in the last two hours - and the phones. But at least Alex teh mortuary technician will get a chance to eat now, since there's no more coming in or hopefully going out.

I've also got a pile of findings to write, since Rick is on the warpath a bit, claiming the nightshift don't do enough. :P So between those and the paperwork for my reports, I should stay busy.

Not so busy I won't welcome people emailing me to say 'hi' tho'. ;)

Went to the gym today before heading to work. Cardio day, with 10km on the exercise bike at an average speed of around 35-36 km/hr (faster than I manage on mine!), and then a session on the stairmaster. Depending on when I wake up tomorrow, I'll try and get another session in tomorrow, try and get the body awake a bit before heading into work.

Oh, and I put the formal request for my Canada leave in. It seems I have 19.5 days of recreation leave (I hadn't realised I had any left from last year!), two and a bit months of long service leave, and then I'm applying for a year without pay, just to cover me in case something goes horribly wrong. It always pays to have a safety net, after all. I can't see myself coming back tho', in all honesty. I'll have to make sure I cancel my union fees and the various social club payments going out of my pay before I go since I won't be partaking of the benefits.

*yawns* Gah, not even midnight yet and I'm sleepy. *grabs a pile of Form 83s to start putting on the computer*


Jul. 12th, 2005 09:40 pm
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Second session with the trainer, and she wasn't about to let me slack off. Punching mitts tonight, which she may regret given the force my punches still have (well, the right at least - the left is as weak as a kitten in comparison), squats with a bar across my shoulders, various machines and some interesting stomach muscle crunches involving one of those big inflated balls. I'll go in tomorrow for my appointed cardio time and work out the kinks that are bound to appear given the work I did tonight.

Oh, for the not-a-con people who may be wanting to know, Phil made it from the airport to Sydney on his bike just fine, and managed to catch his train. I met him for dinner tonight and got proof of his continued existence. *grins* Also the first three episodes of the new Doctor Who on DVD and the whole Black Books series to date. Which makes for a happy geek girl.

Sleep now. 5:00am wakeup again tomorrow. The less said about work today the better, although they did find that missing plane on Mt Hotham, which means we get to use the disaster investigation guys. And probably go for the DNA identification - apparently the plane caught fire after crashing.
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So, this morning I have my first session with the personal trainer, and last night I signed up and ended up doing my first... rotation? Series of exercises? Whatever the terminology is. *grins* But they're not letting me drag my feet and this is a good thing, since despite my rep as the ultra-active fit sporty ficcer, I've actually got a lazy streak a mile long. Especially in winter. Winter makes Rossis hibernate.

I'm taking my work gear in with me, since I start at 1pm today (finish at 10:30). Hopefully things will be a bit more calm today - the last two days have been insane, in that "answer phone, deal with inquiry, hang up phone, answer phone straight away again" kind of way. Plus the homicides - the axe murder in Warburton, a domestic violence-related suspicious death in Robinvale, and a strangulation where the alleged offender fled to Newcastle. Which means we've got police wandering all over the place getting in the way. Oh, but I did get to go into the homicide autopsy viewing room. They were still on the external exam, but hey, just like on TV.

It's sunny out there and I don't know if it's only a placebo effect this soon, but I've been sleeping much better and feeling less beset. Yay for St John's Wort, placebo effect or not. ;)

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