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Also, just did my online banking. Can I say how much I love holiday leave loading? There was close to $2000 more in my account than there was a few days ago. So either holiday pay, or that performance pay I was owed, or both. Any way, $1500 is now dumped on my credit card, although there's a fair bit on there left to go. Oh, and [Bad username or site: @], I'll be transferring that money back to your account tomorrow. Let me know when it goes through, which should take another day given than one day delay thing. It might have to go through in two instalments, given the $5000 limit for transactions online on my credit union.
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So, today is my last day at work. Or rather, my last half-day, since somehow along the way I managed to accrue half a day of rec leave, and owing to it messing up the rest of my leave arrangements, I'm taking it today and leaving at one. Means I get to go home before catching the train to Wodonga, and finish packing and the rest. Also means less places to lug stuff around. :)

I got a prezzie yesterday. And a card. It was very sweet of my co-workers. A nice bottle of red wine, and an $80 gift voucher for Myers. Mum? Shopping? *grins* I need a new wallet any way.
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Heh. I've noticed something among the coroners who go over my findings and make corrections. There's one in particular who obviously thinks along the same lines I do, because whenever he's the one doing my findings, there's at the most one or two small corrections and little red ticks everywhere else. *grins* It's a bit like being back at school, really, and having stuff come back marked 19/20. ;)

But yeah, the finding I did on Friday? With the suicide? Two corrections out of two and a half pages worth. And Coroner West is fast too, gets through huge piles of the things. Which is good, since yeah, families are waiting for closure on these things. I tend to grab the edits that don't belong to anyone, having been done by the work experience tertiary students, and since I type relatively quickly I tend to keep up with him pretty easily.

We really doe work well together. *grins* He even likes my comma use, unlike some others. *rolls eyes at Coroner Byrne*

Sleep for me soon - it's been a long day.
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As if carrying manymany boxes down my stairs yesterday wasn't enough, today I'm closest to the front counter, Pat isn't here and it's a busy day court-wise. So I'm up answering the front counter buzzer every five minutes.

It's rather annoying.

Still, managing to get some work done, at least. Closed off six asbestos cases and I've already written one finding, a routine heroin OD. Yes, there are 'routine' drug deaths. It's kind of sad.

Various bits of me are sore, either from exertion/carrying, or bashing into things - I've been playing "Where Did This Bruise Come From?" with myself.

Still, 'tis done. And all my XP RP stuff is almost all done, and the Persephone stuff is coming along. Which leaves... ooh, about a dozen things on the to do list. ;)


Oct. 7th, 2005 04:44 pm
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Okay, only did the one finding today, but that was the suicide I mentioned this morning and it turned into quite the complicated case. A bit of a daytime soap opera, really, complete with affairs, sleazy bosses, melodramatic suicide attempts and interfering family members. Maybe I should fictionalise it and have myself a V.C. Andrews-style novel.

But it's done and in the hands of the Coroner assigned to the case and I can sit back in the knowledge it's Friday and I have ten minutes to go. In fact, I might very well go now, since I have to go to the supermarket and pick up a couple of things on the way home, then call mum, then await the arrival of Phil and our excursion to the Elephant for beer and possibly dancing. Since I find getting drank and dancing remarkably stress-reducing and dammit, I've earned me stress relief this week.

Catch you on the flipside. And if you can't be good, make sure there's no pictures, as I heard someone say this week.

Oh, and GIP! New icon from [Bad username or site: @].
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Cut to avoid upsetting people. )

Any way, confirmed with [Bad username or site: @] that she and Alan will be attending the Wodonga party. I'll have to call home either tonight or tomorrow to let mum know. And I'm going down the pub tonight with Phil and a couple of his friends from work (well, Dan's from his work, Sarah's his wife that I get on with well). Debauchery is planned, I believe.

I'll be glad to finish work today, I think. I'm sitting here trying to focus on work stuff, and instead I have To Do lists running through my head. Doesn't help that every five minutes I've got front counter enquiries or Pat's phone to answer and it breaks my already-poor concentration. XP


Oct. 5th, 2005 11:05 am
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Well, sort of. Helping out in the back office today since they're a person short and things have gone kind of kablooey. Seriously. Eight reports in the last three hours, I think.

But yeah, in the back, answering phones every two minutes and doing paperwork. So possibly as not as online as I have been, although I'll be keeping an eye on email logs I'm doing since yeah, not a lot of time. Still, progress is being made, which is all of the shiny.

And there goes the phone again. Such is the life of the itinerant coroner's clerk...

Edit: That's not to say there was a huge accident or anything in which eight people were killed. "Kablooey" in terms of office going crazy, not explosions and the rest. Sorry!
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There's a song by the Lucksmiths called "T-shirt Weather", and the chorus goes:

"And hey, it's a beautiful day,
And I'm suddenly feeling much better,
So wake up, wake up -
It's t-shirt weather."

It's a very cute little song, and I bought a so-so album just so I'd have it. I'll have to remember to put it on the next reincarnation of the Aussie Music Pusher CD.

But yes, today is t-shirt weather, or rather, cycling knicks and short-sleeved jersey weather. Yep, back on the bike again after an absence of scary proportions (have I ever mentioned my lazy streak to you guys?), and I picked a perfect day for it. I only hope it keeps up this way for the ride home this afternoon.

Industrial accident findings today, after I finish the guy who overdosed on caffiene. Yes, oh caffiene fiends, it is possible to kill yourself with the stuff. Mind you, you have to mainline caffiene pills to do it - coffee just doesn't cut it and you'd rupture your bladder first.

And a small mystery - I wear contact lenses, and every time I come in and sit at my computer at work, my lenses instantly start drying out and blurring, when previously they've been fine. I'm not sitting under an air conditioning vent (usually the culprit) and it's a nice big flat screen since we got the new ones. It's all rather strange... *reaches for the eye drops again*

Bored now.

Sep. 30th, 2005 02:26 pm
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I know Fridays are, traditionally, the day of slacking off for public servants, but this is ridiculous. Only one finding to do, and whilst I'm dragging it out, I'll be done soon. And there's the front counter, but that's more a pain in the butt than anything, since every time the buzzer goes off, I have to haul my sore and sorry arse up out of the chair. Normally not an issue for Super Fit Girl, but I'm feeling a tad battered after my adventures in asphalt-kissing yesterday. And the right knee is not happy At All. I have a date with Mr. Icepack tonight to try and get the swelling down.

Doesn't help my contacts are also on the dry and blurry side. Think it's time to change them over.

Any way. Bored. Have read my flist a dozen times over and haven't found anything new. Game is quiet after an initial spate of posting. OtherGame is quieter. Thinking of having [Bad username or site: @] make a drunk post or something to stir things up. I'd try and write something, but still kind of blocked - I'm wanting me some passive entertainment, dammit! ;)

Noodles for lunch. I'm so very full right now, but mmm, so good. Fresh stir-fried veggies, yum.
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Actually, that's not really a joke - every Tuesday, at around midday, the work network goes down for regularly-scheduled maintenance for about an hour. Which means that yeah, can't actually work now.

Not that I'm achieving a hell of a lot right now. *wry* Finished one asbestos finding, half-way through another. Three more of those to go, plus a mixed drug toxicity, which may either be a druggie or a suicide.

It's taking a lot of effort to maintain that professional distance today.

*pokes her email idly* So much to do, so little motivation. I have logs I need to start for [Bad username or site: @], especially given Dex isn't going to be online during Aussie hours that much, and I really can't find a start. Not to mention the stuff for [Bad username or site: @] for the 12th. Wish someone would do the organising part for me, like I do for others... So don't have it in me to run another medical scene.


Sep. 19th, 2005 08:08 pm
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Gah, talk about your helldays...

Mondays are busy in the back office. It's practically guaranteed. No autopsies etc are done over the weekend unless they're homicides and the like, so Monday's are basically the catch up day. And everyone wants things scheduled yesterday. The phones ring incessantly, you're running around like a mad thing, and you barely get a moment to breathe.

So, you get the picture.

Now add to that IT finally installing the new computers. Yes, I know I've been complaining about the pieces of crap in the back office for a while, and don't get me wrong, new computers is a good thing. However, the process of installing them involves large amounts of downtime, and that is not what we needed today. Especially when I didn't have access to the Coroner's program for three hours this afternoon. At one point we were down to one computer we could actually use for enquiries, data entry of the important sort, admissions and releases. And the phones just kept on ringing regardless.

It's really sad when you volunteer to do identifications because those don't need a computer... I did four today.

No wonder I feel dead right now. I have a log to write for a plot going up on the 23rd, and I've got nothing.

Night shift tomorrow and Wednesday, so yeah, don't expect me around at all Thursday.
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Back office today, and it's a Monday. Don't really need to say more than that. *wry* Although I will add that I hate [Bad username or site: @], James Squire Amber Ale and the band at the Elephant and Wheelbarrow on Sundays in equal amounts right now. Surpassed only by my hate for the IT people who seem to think Monday morning is a great time to fuck with our computers and make it impossible to print anything.

Oh, lots of fun today. Bah.

However, I did pass on the Whitlams love last night with the compilation CDs I made for Matt and Paul. With any luck they'll grab a couple more for their shows, although yes, Phil did point out they are a cover band and need to think of their audience and play things they know. Still, I think they'll like it. Hope they do, any way.
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It's pouring rain out there (with some hail, apparently) and I'm trying to wait out the worst of it because while I have the leather motorcycle jacket of awesomeness, I also have the much loved boots of hole-ness, and there will be some wetting happening. Problem is, it's five in the afternoon on a Friday and I'm honour-bound as a public servant to be going now. *pouts* Will just have to make a dash for it.

Also found out I'm covering some shifts in the back office next week - days Monday and Tuesday, and at least one night (need to clarify that one). So whee with the bonus cash in my account, and going back to the madhouse. But after three weeks of quiet, I think I'm good for it. :)

Okay, rain's eased. Here I go!
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The IT guys are playing funny buggers with the system today, with their usual notice, ie NONE. So I've been booted out of the work system, and I'm expecing the Net and Lotus to follow shortly. Which makes it hard to, you know, work. Bah. I just hope I saved the last part of the finding I was writing before it happened. House fire, arson by the drama queen woman who lived there who didn't realise pretending to set the house on fire sometimes results in fire and smoke inhalation and dying. *shakes head* No wonder I have no patience these days with hissy fits. Including mine.

Still, free lunch today - there was a function on to celebrate the new scanner that's been donated, one of those nifty gizmoes that takes pictures from all angles. And much with the food. So stuffed right now...

Haircut tonight. This is a very good thing, since I'm much of the straggly at the moment. I'm going into one of the fancy places on Fitzroy Street in an effort to get hair counselling, since I'm totally confused about what actually looks all right. So, hopefully I shall come out with somthing fabulous. That doesn't need three hours of a morning to style.
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So, back at work for me. I've got a lingering residual headache and my neck's stiff, but it's within normal limits - I always have a certain level of tension in my shoulders and neck.

I did manage to get something useful done yesterday, in between watching Press Gang Season Two. I do so love that show - when I was a teen I identified with Sarah, the shy yet brilliant journalist. And she got to kiss Spike. *hees* But yeah, packed up most of my books I'm not taking, left some out for mum to borrow (she's on a biography kick, so she'll get to borrow mine), and did the laundry. Go me.

(Changed computers in the middle of this, and discovered that I don't have regular internet access on this one. Thank goodness for the sneaky trick I learned through my work mail server...)

And today it's back to findings. Let's see... a drug overdose, another drug overdose and a car accident. Lots of fun.
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So, back in the front office again and writing findings for what are essentially administrative reports of death. Elderly people who have had falls that have contributed to their deaths (comes under the 'accidental' auspices of the criteria). I've been going through medical records for history, and I swear, my brain is oozing out of my ears.

It also makes me incredibly pendantic regarding details, I've noticed, writing findings. Everything has to be right. I need to remember factually correct is not the same as important.

Any way, back to the findings. One more to go and then I get to move onto the more 'interesting' cases. Plus shredding. An afternoon of wanton destruction of completed files sounds like good therapy to me.

Edit: I want to do the iTunes meme that's going around, but I have to wait until I get home since that's where my music is. *pouts*
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Back in the back office today - Emil called in sick, so as I walked into the front office, Rick got me to just keep on walking to the back. It's not hugely busy, which is good, and hey, I have a desk! *grins* Front office life is going to be rather itinerant in that way - I just grab whichever desk is free because of absence/illness/court/etc.

Gym yesterday. Did my reps, and noticed that I'm using my stomach muscles more. Which is definitely a good thing since that's a problem area. Also did about half an hour cardio, including my old friend the recumbant bike. So the other problem area got a work out too. There was my nemesis the stairmaster too - I have a lot of trouble on that since I have a tendency to climb stairs on my toes, and the machine won't let me do that. :P

Spring has definitely sprung - it's warm out there, albeit with gale force winds and the occasional downpour from a sky like a bruise. For the first time in months I was outside last night with short sleeves, walking home from the gym. I'll definitely be making the most of it while I have it, given I'm moving to the Cold Place in eight weeks.

Eight weeks. Gah. *commences muppet-like flailing*
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Um, I might be a bit scarce on the 'Net today - remember me mentioning that film crew? Well, they're actually not finished filming like I thought they were. In fact, they're here right now. So, not much in the way of Rossi online. And damn, would be having a bad hair day today, too...
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Well, not quite, but it's been a busy night reports-wise. The deathpixie handle is getting a little too appropriate.

I've spent part of the evening (when not actually taking death reports, arranging undertakers, making up body cards and entering the death in the book), trawling Google for icons-ness. I have many, many icons-in-potentia. Virtual icons, if you like. *grins* Just need to devote some time to downloading the images from the email o' links and cropping them to fit. May even try my hand at some tweaking stuff for a couple of Amanda ones - I'm feeling adventurous.

*hmms* Must remember to track down something work-appropriate...
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Bit of a busy run there for a while, but I think we're finally caught up. Just one more report to put on the system, and luckily it's a nice short one. And as soon as Sarah leaves for the night, I'm changing into my tracksuit pants and ecofleece jacket, switching the contacts for glasses and basically getting comfortable. Since if I'm going to be here for thirteen hours, I want to be comfy. Neener.

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