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Since LJ is being weird about the backdating thing, here's the master list of my blog posts:

Day 1, July 10/10 - Venice

Day 2, July 11/10 - Venice

Day 3, July 12/10 - Venice to Rome

Day 4, July 13/10 - Rome

Day 5, July 14/10 - Rome to Positano

Day 6, July 15/10 - Pompeii

Day 7, July 16/10 - Positano

Days 8-9, July 17 and 18/10 - Travel Days

To be updated as I type up my travel diary entries. [Bad username or site: @] and [Bad username or site: @], your Christmas gift notebook was perfect for the trip!

Edit: All done! Huzzah!
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Tonight is my last night in Italy. For those wondering, I am writing up the trip and will be posting it, but strangely, when you're actually doing the travelling thing, you don't always have time or energy to describe it in writing. I have, however, been taking lots of pictures, and those are all loaded, here and on my Facebook. I'm hoping to use the plane trip back to Toronto to get most of the trip written (I'm up to Rome, Day 1 so far!). Plane gets in at around 7-ish in the evening - please tell me it's not humid and insanely hot there too! I've spent the last week having three to four showers a day and sweating through everything I own.

Sleep for me now. Breakfast at the hotel, and then check out at midday and the shuttle to the airport. Catch you on the flipside.

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Here's the gallery here. I've labelled some, but right now I have to sleep so I'm awake for our bus tour through Rome tomorrow.

Still enjoying it. Blogging to follow when I have time to write!
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Apologies for the delay - post-holiday blah ate my motivation!

Moving on - from Venice to Rome )

Made it!

Jul. 10th, 2010 11:14 pm
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Just a short note, since we've been wandering all over Venice and I am one tired little Aussie-living-in-Canada. We are all here, safe and sound. Venice is a dream come true and there is a toilet in my shower cubicle. Possibly to make room for the bidet.

(Prettier pictures when I'm not asleep on my feet)

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