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Okay, so for the last few days at work I've been compiling a log of files about to go into archives. Said files relate to applications to the Consent and Capacity Board about involuntary admissions, ability to consent to care, ability to handle funds/property, etc. As a concept actually pretty interesting to someone with my background.

The files are in boxes, about 80 to a box. What I'm doing is entering the case number, the applicant's name, the hospital and the result onto an Excel workbook, a new one for each box. So far today I've done... four boxes. Just started on my fifth.

I think my brain has turned into mush.

And I still have one and three quarter hours left to go. Not that I'm clock watching or anything. *wry* At least I got my time sheet in before the deadline so I'll get paid for this next Friday. But ye gods, I hope the next assignment has something more of a variety of tasks. Or, better yet, I'm there long enough to actually be able to do more than the work experience tasks - ie, simple tasks that you give to the person not worth training 'cause they're not there for long.

[Bad username or site: @]? If you're online, mind sending me that log to read? I seriously need something to break up this last box.
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Well, at least I know what the flat mood and the vague need for comfort was about yesterday - low level PMT. Of course, now I'm cramping like a bastard and I'm wanting to curl up on the couch and not move for the day. Bleah. Ah well, lots of fluids, my friend the ibuprophen and wearing the sloppiest, comfiest clothes I know will do.

And hey, did my retesting for the admin assistant's job from a couple of weeks back - think I did much better this time - and sent my resume to another agency in response to an email. Now to do some actual searching and call Kent Legal and let them know I'm not working at the moment.

ETA: Got a call from HR Associates this afternoon and I'm working the rest of the week at the Department of Health and Long Term Care. Basic admin stuff, computer data entry but it pays $13 an hour and gets me out there again. And Heather's working on something longer term, there just isn't a lot out there right now government-wise.
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Off to the Attorney General's Department for the day. Another reception gig. I'll probably be offline all day, since it's in the agency rules that I don't use the Net for personal use, so I'll catch you when I get back. Or possibly later - methinks I need a break from the computer after the last couple of days. *wry*


Mar. 22nd, 2006 02:52 pm
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Just back from doing various bits and pieces (and spending money, since I've been Scroogey McScrooge for the past few weeks and hey, I earned $150 over the last two days!) which didn't so much as need doing but were just fun. Browsing through various shops, stopping to grab a sub for lunch, checking out the Blockbuster for cheap DVD sales... Oh, and depositing the cheque [Bad username or site: @] sent me. Many thanks, mate, I owe you a (non-alcoholic) drink at Dexcon. ;)

Speaking of non-alcohol, our household is undergoing one of those periodic non-drinking weeks. Not because of any great issues or problems, just occasionally it's good to clean out the system and give the poor old liver a break. Especially after St Pat's. *grins* It means staying in and watching movies more, but hey, not entirely a bad thing.

Oh and I got another call from HR Associates, the agency who got me my temp position (now over). She possibly has something for me starting next week at the College of Physicians and lasting eleven weeks, 8am to 5pm. Something stable that'd give me experience in this country and settle the money worries for a bit, that's for sure. I could even look at that Legal Assistant's course. But yeah, definitely a much better agency than the others I've signed up with.
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Yep, I think I'm officially "The Temp" now. Any way, finished my first day without disaster, and I'm supposed to work again tomorrow. I'll also be taking in a copy of my resume and a covering letter, since they're actually hiring admin assistants there at the moment. Might be able to land myself something. But yeah, answered and transferred phones, took care of the mail and managed to not screw up horribly. Any issues with meeting rooms being overbooked was entirely someone else's fault, given I wasn't there last week.

The people are pretty nice, too, which is good. Hate working in places where the people are grouchy. The Aussie guy, Brandon, especially was decent, although yeah, tomorrow I'm definitely making sure I get lunch. No meetings booked, at least.

Heard from Legal Aid - I missed out on the position, although apparently it was very close between me and another candidate. Rather a nice rejection letter, actually, And there's hope that should something else come up I'll be front runner.

Still waiting to hear from Amy at Hays re the position she got me to redo my resume for. Hmm, should check the phone for messages, since there's no email...
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Got a call this morning from the government temp agency I interviewed with last Monday and they had a temp position for me. Starting today. Basically their usual receptionist is away sick, as are the normal back-ups, so here I am at Infrastructure Ontario, answering the phones and the door mainly. I'll be working all day today, and possibly tomorrow, depending on the health of the person I'm filling in for.

Probably shouldn't be online, but really, there isn't a hell of a lot to do. But yeah, this latest agency? Really on the ball.
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So, yesterday was my last day at Bread and Roses, despite the last-ditch attempt by Sung to blackmail me with the non-existent by-law she says means I have to give two weeks' written notice. She can schedule me on if she insists, but I'm not turning up. I am. Done.

Yesterday was something of a weird day, mainly on account of the previous night being St Patrick's Day which is the roomie's version of Christmas. I hit the pub at around 4-ish in the afternoon, and we left around closing, which was... 3am? Any way, there was a lot of drinking, a lot of people joining our table and a lot of fun. It's been a very long time since I did St. Pat's in any meaningful way, mainly because it's either been on a work night with a job I actually care about, or it was during the no-fun years with He Who Doesn't Have Fun. But yeah, three hours of sleep and one very tired Rossi by the end of my 8am-3pm shift.

And then we roleplayed. *grins*

Actually, the game went well, despite appalling dice rolls from all of us. Not so many critical failures (although we all had our share) but it took far longer for us to get back to civilisation on account of us nearly all drowning (and Hope's gnome actually did drown - we had to dredge for her later and put ourselves in hock to ressurect her). But we did and we even captured the pirate who escaped us the first time and got lots of Booty. Although Lee's dwarf is never allowed to hit anything that's not an enemy ever again, especially when the rest of the party tells him not to. He cost us 30,000 gold, the silly man.

And yes, life is exceedingly strange when the above paragraph actually means something. *grins* Welcome to the world of D&D, Dad.

And now people are here for lunch and I need to go. I have resume to tweak since on Friday I got a call from one of the agencies who actually has a position for me to apply for. Admin assistant to the principal of a legal firm in the city. It's a really good opportunity and once I get my resume hammered into specifically addressing shape for her first thing on Monday, we'll see about an interview. See? I quit the bakery and things are already starting to happen. :)
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Got in at 10, left by 11. *grins* Boss stuffed up the schedule this week, putting on bunches of people in the morning and not having any evening shifts going on, so she shifted me from working today to working Friday instead. No biggie. She also took me aside and tried to talk me into not leaving by offering me three weekdays off a week (working both Saturday and Sunday instead) and a pay rise (apparently my three months are nearly up and I'm 'due' one, which, according to my co-workers, is a bunch of hooey. I should be on $9 an hour already since I'm no longer on dishes). What I'd really like is to get a call from Legal Aid today solving the issue entirely, but I can't expect that, so I told her I'd think about it tonight and tomorrow I'll tell her thanks but no thanks. I have a Plan, and I'm sticking to it.

And in the jobsearch news... applied for five yesterday, another four today. That's my goal, at least five a day if the jobs are available. That makes something like 25 a week just counting week days, and given the odds, something has to come good. And I'll be calling my agencies on Monday to let them know I'm officially Not Working and to please to be pulling their fingers out and getting me interviews, dammit.

I've been writing, but nothing I can post yet. Damn rpg plot ideas that eat your brain and demand pre-writing. But it's a lot of fun, and I'm expanding my style a bit doing it. Or rather, tapping into some stuff I haven't done for a while. It's very cinematic and stream of consciousness...

Oh, also heard from my dad the other night. His knee surgery went well and he's recovering nicely. Sounded rather chipper, too. This makes me happy.

... I'm tempted to make a voice post just so people can let me know if my accent is changing. I'm noticing a couple of things, but the locals only hear the Aussie part.
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Nothing like a successful interview to make you feel better about yourself.

Another temp agency, this one dealing with government contract work. I did much better with the testing (I think my Excel is improving just from all the testing!) and the woman was a lot more positive than some of the others I've interviewed with lately. Here's hoping she comes up with stuff for me soonish.

Last week of the bakery this week and I have a total of three shifts. Heh. Still, it means lots of time to spend on the Search.
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... as it has all this week, but I gave notice at work today. Got some bullshit about having to give two weeks' notice (found out it was bullshit when I got home and spoke to the roomie and Mindy - there's no such law for casual workers) but negotiated it to a week, plus Monday off since I have an interview. And not I find out they like me and think I'm a very good worker. *pffs* Too bad they didn't think of that last week when they were cutting me back on shifts. The bad timing part was Hassam (one of the other workers, a guy from Iran I do a lot of mornings with) heard his mother had passed away last night, and so it's likely he's not going to be around much over the next few weeks. Still, hopefully they'll give Alyson the work, since she needs it so badly atm.

No news on Wednesday's interview, but it's only been two days. Hopefully Monday. :)

Bed for me now - I'm working at 7am and I'd really like more than six hours' sleep this time.
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Today's interview was with Legal Aid, for a litigation assistant's position. Now the funny thing is that I never applied for this one - I applied for a more basic admin type job and on seeing my resume they decided to give me a shot at this instead. Which is good sign number one, right?

This was my first interview with an actual employer, which made me a lot more hopeful any way - the agencies are proving useless. So I get there, and it's not unlike the whole process from the Department of Justice - panel of three, with the woman who arranged the interview (the office manager), the solicitor in charge of administrative things and the barrister who I'd actually be working with. They hit me with the computer stuff first, which I managed to get through okay, and then got onto the meaty parts, the bits I'm actually really good at. Whole thing took about 45 minutes, which is pretty good for an interview - you don't want them to go too long or people get bored, but not so brief that you don't cover everything. I never know what to ask at the end when they ask if I have any questions, tho'. :(

Still, the thing's done, ave it my best shot and hopefully I'll hear something soonish. *flops* Now for the rest of the day off.
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Why is it, even with using the styling goop and the hair dryer, ten minutes later my hair looks exactly the same as it usually does, down to the cowlicks?


I swear, I'm going to have to lacquer it for it to stay put. Or cut it off again - I'm doomed to have the same short hairstyle for my entire life, aren't I?

Any way. Off to interview. Shall let you know the details when I get back.
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I was supposed to be working 8-2 today, but instead, as I'm sitting down to take the half hour meal break I'm entitled to for working over six hours, Chang comes up to me and tells me that I'm only on until 12 instead. So sorry, forgot to tell me. This on top of him having a go at me for chatting to people whilst doing the dishes at the same time. They've been riding my back for a week now, and cutting my hours back to the point where I can't actually live on the wage, so that's it. One more week and them I'm out, either talking to Mindy about the customer service job at her bank job (answering phone enquiries about credit cards), or one of the other restaurants/bars around. The Kiwi Kick was hiring not so long ago, and the Aussie accent should help with the lack of bar experience. And there's always next Wednesday's option which I'm still not talking about since I don't want to get all excited and then get shot down again. The ego can't handle it.

Either way, next week's my last week at Bread and Roses. And they can kiss my butt.
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Okay, so I've spent the larger part of the day going to and from Scarborough for employment agency testing and registration. AppleOne this time, which is a fairly generic agency catering for a lot of things, so here's hoping they'll find me that admin work I'm after. Things went relatively well, and the best news is I can retest, which means spending some quality time with Excel and figuring out some stuff plus practicing my typing on something that isn't a laptop keyboard. Basically when the roomie is playing video games in the lounge.

Came home to some interesting news, but I'm not going to say much more 'cause I'm afraid of jinxing it. Needless to say I'll know more next Wednesday.

Johnny's on his way over for my guitar lesson, and I'm fortifying my poor tired aching brain with tea and Advil. Yay Advil, for it makes the tension aches go away. But yes, shall be wandering off to make music soon.

Oh, and payday today. Money went in my account, and then promptly left, since it's rent day. Poo.

Also - GIP. I don't have one right now, but I think Phil will appreciate the humour. Since it's his joke and all. ;)
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Another employment agency. That makes four, although I haven't heard anything from the first two for about three weeks now. I'm going to call DaSilva and Associates on Monday, since they actually gave me some hope of finding a work, unlike Read Employment who just sat there and told me I had to do the legal assistant's course before I had a hope in hell, and oh, by the way, you can do that at the education centre upstairs for a fee...

Today's was... mixed. The permanent listings manager was very positive, the temp manager less so. Aced the legal spelling, vocab and Word tests they gave me, need to work on my typing speed. Of course, perhaps doing the test on my laptop wasn't the best idea, but they're letting me retest on Monday once they email me the link for same. Apparently there was lots of stuff I could have done two weeks ago, which is interesting since I've been searching for a month now and didn't see anything advertised by these people before. :P

I think I'll also need to get Hays (the people I interviewed with on Wednesday) to look out for stuff for me - apparently they have a website I can use to keep an eye on listings. And once I've had the chance to work on my Excel and Powerpoint skills (which will involve borrowing the roomie's computer on a semi-regular basis since I have neither on mine and no space to put them) I'll retest and hopefully that'll help. And Global Personell have my resume as well.

In the bad news... spoke to Helena, Bry's stepmum last night, apparently there's a freeze on court positions, as well as in Legal Aid itself. So my contacts and actual experience aren't going to be any use, at least until April.

Have I mentioned how much I hate, loathe and detest job searching? It's been ten years since the last time I had to do this, and it still blows.


There is some good news - got my bond form today and Mindy's mailing it for me tomorrow. So I'll have $715 in a few weeks to dump on the credit card at least. Checked the balance today - under $2000, which isn't bad, although I'd like to make it go away entirely. But that involves breaking into my savings account, which is earmarked for a new computer. Ah well, I'll work out something.
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Another interview today (I have to leave in about half an hour) with another employment agency, this time for more administrative assistant type work. Should take about two hours, including the software testing. *gleeps* Here's hoping I do well - wish me luck!

Edit: Well, the Word one went great. Excel and Powerpoint? Kind of average. No actual jobs they're going to throw me at now, but they'll 'keep an eye out'. Still, got some advice on my resume too that'll come in handy.
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Went down to the clinic after work and finally got that ear seen to - we had to resort to the syringe, but at last, success! I have hearing on both sides of my head again. And a dizzy spell straight after, since the pressure had been so built up for so long my inner ear was all confused. But yes, much happier Rossi.

Work was pretty good today, blocked ear and all. I was on counter, it wasn't horrendously busy, and I managed to leave on time. I like it when things go smooth.

Minor heart attack at the pharmacy today, tho' - I'd gotten a script from the doctor for the Pill, and the same medication that costs me around $20 in Australia? $50 here. There goes my budget for the week. I've gotten the last of my holiday pay, so from here on in it's what I manage to earn. Looks like I'll have to haul ass on that job searching thing. Which reminds me... *goes to find more to apply for*

Also. I want a kitty. I'm not sure why, just having one of my period "I want a kitten" phases. Must be February.
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So, worked 9-3 today (was supposed to get off at 2, but the boss screwed up the schedule again and needed me to stay) and was exhausted when I got home. Did some job searching for an hour or so and then went and passed out for... about three hours. And I'm still really dopey and tired. I've had one ear blocked all day (great for serving customers, by the way, when you can't hear them!) and a sniffly nose and now I seem to be getting the scratchy throat and the achy joints.

Feh. I think I'm getting sick again. Damn Canadian viruses.

The interviews (one on Friday, one on Monday) went pretty well. Friday moreso than Monday. I haven't heard anything much since, but I'll keep at it. Maybe extend things to general administrative/secretarial and see if I can't find the court listings here.
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Back form my interview - it was actually an employment agency dealing with legal type jobs, but for all that, it looks hopeful. They're recruiting for a specific job, as assistant for a wills/litigation soliciitor in the city, and Alda, the person I interviewed with, is going to speak to him on Monday regarding seeing me. I also have another interview for a different job at 3:30 on Monday, so hopefully I can keep all this stuff together for the days/times when I'm _not_ working at the bakery and make things less painless all 'round. And handily she tested my typing speed, which is 68 wpm, btw. :) Not bad for self-taught, hey?

I'm hopeful. Something should come up soonish.

And man, it's weird being back in office casual after a couple of months' worth of working in jeans and t-shirt. Forgot how well I can scrub up.


Going to go get changed into something less formal, and then practice my guitar for a bit before working on some RPG-type stuff. [Bad username or site: @] is in town, hanging out with [Bad username or site: @] at the moment, but he's due to show up around 7-ish.
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So, fifteen applications in and I finally get a nibble - got a call this morning from a legal firm advertising for a Legal Secretary out in Yorkdale. Interview's at 3pm on Friday - I've arranged to finish work an hour early given the amount of overtime I've already done this week (an extra hour today since Song is being really bad with the scheduling), so hopefully that's enough time to get myself there.

Shall do another round of applications tonight after guitar lessons and the gym. Right now I'm too tired to even think.

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