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So, 20 years ago on June 19, 1987, a seventeen year old boy who would eventually call himself Johnny Devil had his first ever paying gig in Chapleau, Ontario. Tonight we marked that anniversary, in true Griffin fashion.

And we made him cry with the card Mindy arranged. ;)
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Amazing what an extra half-hour of snoozing can do for you, especially when you got to bed late...

It's a beautiful day out there today. Warm - around 1 or 2 degrees - sunny and fresh. Of course, the snow is melting into gross slushy puddles of ice and cigarette butts, but that's the downside of snow. And you know you're beginning to adapt to Canada when 1 or 2 degrees C is "warm". It is, tho' - I didn't bother buttoning my coat and left the scarf at home today.

Sun is good. Sun brightens your mood, wakes you up, makes you a little happier with the world. As does having pancakes for dinner at a friend's place, and listening to Johnny and the boys over a couple of pints and resolving personal insanity. I got into work a half-hour later than usual, but given Jane's on vacation and Alvin doesn't get in until 10:30/11:00 usually, it's not a problem - I'll just stay an extra half-hour tonight.

I'm settling into the modding thing, after some teething troubles. We're apparently having one of the busiest months ever mod-wise, which is good for the game and for us to learn, although occasionally I cling to the "to-do" list frantically. ;) Lists are Of The Strong.

My little brother turned 35 over the weekend. I missed it due to being in London, but there were birthday wishes being sent telepathically.

Speaking of birthdays... I've decided for mine I want a combined three-way birthday party: [Bad username or site: @] has hers in April, [Bad username or site: @] has hers May 9 and mine's May 10. There needs to be dressing up and going somewhere nice and wearing tiaras. Because, dammit, if I'm going to continue this inexorable creep towards 40, I want to do it in style. Or as stylish as you can get with a plastic tiara on your head. ;) Consider this my decree: I Have Spoken.

For those who keep asking/wanting to confirm, [Bad username or site: @] shall be held on the weekend of AUGUST 3 - 6, 2007. The official announcement will be made at some point, but that's the date [Bad username or site: @] gave me (among other people) and that's what I'm sticking to. So if you're the people that need to start planning now due to extreme overseasness, there you go.

I have a pile of filing the size of a small pigmy. *sighs dramatically*

Hump Day

Dec. 20th, 2006 10:51 am
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Dear Rossi,

We hate you so much right now. Five and a half hours sleep when you have Jane and Alvin both needing urgent work first thing? So not on.


Your brain, eyes and sundry other parts.

PS: For the love of god, at least give us some caffiene, woman! LJ can wait!


Yep, band night strikes again. Still, it was highly worth the pain I'm in now. Went to Joe Badalli's first, which is a rather yummy Italian restaurant in Front Street, with the roomie's dad and step-mum, had a couple of beers and a plate of wonderful gnocchi with pesto. And dessert, which I rarely do and probably shouldn't have last night, but I ask you, who can resist the lure of raspberry gelato? Not me.

Then there was the band. Full house, with a lot of the usual suspects coming out of the woodwork, plus the appearance of Fatimah and [Bad username or site: @], which was great. And we're catching up on Friday for that drink. :)

Zoo was celebrating Christmas and her birthday of two weeks ago, so I got dragged up to dance with her - weird how that happens to me at the Griffin. Johnny was a lot more relaxed than he has been for a while, and since Kenny and Lucy were there, we got all the old favourites. Louis Burdett for the win, yay!

Missed seeing [Bad username or site: @], tho'. *pouts* Still, there's always Christmas. Oh, and the iPod was conspiring to do me good, this morning - the songs I got as I walked from the subway station were "Space Tractor" by the Leningrad Cowboys; "Poor Ned" by Redgum and "How To Explain" - The Cat Empire. Nice, bouncy, wake-you-up songs, especially the last, which is stuck in my head now and making me want to dance around my cubicle.

Maybe later. First to try and get my brain in gear. *grabs her teapot*


Oct. 11th, 2006 01:52 am
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There's a warm breeze in a young man's hair.
Cool lake in my hands.
And on the water and in the water and of the water I am.
I am.

I really need to get a copy of this song from the roomie. It's one of Johnny's best.

Sleep now.
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Once again it's the morning after the band before and I'm running on a mixture of coffee, bagel and willpower. Jane is in the office today, too, which means at some point I'm going to have to go in and get my instructions for the day. *meeps* However, there's also packing to do, which is nice and easy and brainless - we're moving offices on August 11.

It was a great night, tho'. Johnny and the Demons were smokin', as always, and played a lot of originals when one of the audience started asking for them rather than covers. "For Today" still rocks hard like a rocky thing when it's sung along to by an entire table and I think I'll be doing a music post with my five favourite Johnny Devil and the Screaming Demons songs. Which reminds me - must make a JD&SD CD for various folks. Bry has all of their recorded stuff on his harddrive. *eg* I really need to swipe all of it for myself, especially "Chapleau".

Oh and I also met another Aussie, just moved over here in July for a year. John and the boys played "Duffy's Song" and he was all "Yay! Whitlams!" which got my attention - no-one knows the Whitlams here. Hell, not many in the mainstream know them in Australia. He also knew the Lucksmiths, too, which gave me a happy. Hopefully he'll show up next Tuesday - it's good to have the accent therapy. *grins*

Oh, and yes, Bry, he played "The Curtain". Acoustic version, too, which was a change.

[personal profile] greenet, when you and [personal profile] cynjen are done with your stuff today, stick your head in the Griffin and see if [profile] paradoqz and [personal profile] alestarare there? Thanks. :)[profile]

And for [personal profile] erindubitably... CAKE!!

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I think I'm going to like this job, especially since it's temporary and I don't have to do it. The people are nice, the work isn't terribly onerous and actually sort of soothing in a 'not dealing with grieving people in the Coroner's Court' kind of way. And they're already starting the training for counterhand, so I won't be just doing dishes for that long.

*flops* My feet are tired tho' - been a while since I had a job standing all day. I worked 10-1:30 today with a ten minute break, and I'm on 11-3pm tomorrow. After that we work out the permanent roster.


Last night we managed to talk Maria at the Yellow Griffin into letting Johnny do an acoustic set there - it's basically an attempt to encourage enough nostalgia (and money) that she invites him and the Demons back on a regular basis. It was a really good night, lots of happy people and we made the roof ring with "Old Dun Cow". Here's hoping our plan works. :)

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