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I slept through my alarm this morning, not waking up until around 10:30. Considering I was supposed to be at work at 8:45, it really wasn't going to be happening today. I called in sick (I have sick leave to use before I go, any way), and logged on long enough to find Dex was back in Toronto and gave him a call.

I'm glad I did.

Talking to Dex spurred me to Get Stuff Done. I lugged the giant parcel of books and clothing I'd packed this weekend down to the post office ($50 postage surface mail, ouch - bastards better not lose it, it's got my summer and formal wear in there, except for the emergency LBD), went to the gym for an hour, including half an hour on the recumbant. Also made an appointment for a massage on Thursday since my right shoulder and neck are in scary places right now. Headed back home long enough to get changed into something less sweaty and to grab the bike rims I've had hanging around the closet for the last five years (legacy of the bike mechanic boyfriend) and the quick release I'd inadvertantly acquired from when I last got the bike serviced. Dropped both off at St Kilda Cycles - I ended up donating the rims, since I have neither the time or the patience to find someone who will buy them, not when I'll only get $20 at the most.

After that I went to the arcade off Acland Street, grabbed sushi for a late lunch (it was getting around for 4pm), and then went to the Flight Centre and bought my tickets. It's odd, how blase I'm getting about flights and the large amounts of money they entail. Slapped down the credit card with barely an internal murmer.

I'll be making Kielle's wake. I will need, in the following order, assistance with:

1) Pick up from LAX on the morning of the 21st and a lift out to where I'm catching floorspace.

2) Details on where said floorspace is - [Bad username or site: @], if the offer's still open, I'd greatly appreciate it. Shouldn't be more than two nights, and I have sleeping bag and camping mat. The only demand I tend to make is a shower as soon as I get in, given I'm travelling for 14 hours in a plane. Gah. Email me?

3) Lift from floorspace to wake and back again.

4) Lift out to LAX on the morning of the 23rd. Yes, it's a fly-by visit, but I'll have basically everything I'm taking with me for the two years, and I'm not going to be exactly mobile. There shall be another visit before next October, as I have a return ticket that flies out via LA.

Now for actual details:

Departure: Friday, Oct 21st, 10:25am from Melbourne Airport. Yes, [Bad username or site: @] it's not the 7am bastard flight.

Arrival: Friday, Oct 21st 7:30am at LAX. Yes, it's the day that never ends. The person volunteering to collect me can delay pick up for an hour or so - it tends to take a while to clear Customs these days. Also, shall have two backpacks, a carry on bag and a computer bag. I'll be looking at ways to either store the backpacks at LAX or send them on ahead, since I'm capable of packing the carry on with what I need for a couple of days. If I can't, well, may need help.

For the Toronto side of things...

Departure: Sunday, Oct 23rd, 9:20am, from LAX. Massive apologies - it was the only flight they could get me on that didn't cost scary money. If there's hassle getting me there by 8am, I'll cab it.

Arrival: Sunday, Oct 23rd, 5:00pm, Pearson International Airport. Dex, if you're good to meet me, make it around 6pm - I've got New and More Complicated Customs hoops to jump through given the nature of my visa. So it'll take a while for me to clear. If for some unforeseen reason it doesn't, well, I'm a big girl, I can wait. ;) Will need carrying help, tho', given that two backpack situation.

It's an open return ticket, which means I have to use it before a year expires (so, before October 2006), but there shall be plans made accordingly when the time comes. Just need to remember to reschedule the ticket dates, since the travel agent gave me March 2006.

I finished up my hugely productive (and expensive) day with getting a prescription filled - oh, warning to people on the contraceptive pill who take St John's Wort? The Wort counters the Pill. Never thought my current celibacy would come in so handy, not that I rely solely on the Pill, but yeah, explains a couple of things last month - grocery shopping and dumping three bags' worth of stuff off at the St Vincent de Paul's charity shop down the road. Also checked that Sunday the 9th of October will be a good time to dump furniture, and they've said yes. Just need to leave a note in the downstairs neighbour's mailbox about leaving the carpark out the front free so we can load up David's truck. Also moved Phil's mini-fridge inside, since mine's going to charity - it's all cleaned and working nicely, btw, Phil. ;)

Shall be sending emails to various people, given the spate of defriending and journal not-reading, but yeah, wanted to put this all down in one place.
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[Bad username or site: @]has graciously agreed to host a central messageboard for any friends of Kielle--comic fandom, LOTR fandom, metaquotes folks--anyone who knew her.

The board is located here

There are several forums. One to post personal memories of Kielle, and links to any LJ entries you wish to share. One to post memories of Kielle's fanwork, writings, quotes, story recommendations. And one to post music, photos, or links that remind you of Kielle, or were inspired by Kielle.

There is also a forum for individuals who are willing to lend an ear--a phoneline, a chat, or email--to post their information. If you need someone to talk to, or if you are willing to be a resource for someone to reach out to, this is a place to go.

I felt that this central location was important simply because not all of us are connected to each other, and not all of the people who knew Kielle are on Livejournal.

Please spread the word. I'm not on any of Kielle's LOTR or other communities, if any of you are, please let them know the messageboard is there, and they are welcome. I've already posted to [Bad username or site: @] tho'.

And now for my own words...

Kielle was about communities. The theme I'm getting over and over, reading people's posts and comments, is that she had the gift of taking a group of disparate geeks and making them into a community. Having one place where anyone who knew her or whose life was in some way touched by her is, we hope, a fitting tribute. A way of collecting all those posts and thoughts and memories and stories - oh, there are so many stories - together so that people can go there and find out just who she was, and the impact she had on so very many people.

I apologise for the spam I'm about to perpetuate (hopefully), but people have ways of coping with grief, and the thing that all the experts and the textbooks push is communication. Talking to people. So, spread the word, go and register (takes ten seconds, honestly), and share. Consider this your meme du jour.
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(cross posted to [Bad username or site: @] since a lot of the old gang who might not have me friended are reading that one.)

First up, there are comic ficcers who knew Ki who don't have LJs or have them and don't use/read them any more who might not know what's happened and who might want to. Luba Kmetyk came to mind. Can people who are still in touch or who have the L33T skillz and time contact them and let them know? There's a message board set up as a central point for sharing stories and memories and resources - it might be an idea to include the link in any emails sent. And also? Make a comment on the [Bad username or site: @] post who you've emailed, so certain people don't get spammed. I already emailed Queen B last night, since I'm pretty sure she's mostly offline these days.

Secondly, Chris is asking for pics of Kielle people might have. Digital copies preferred. We all know how camera-shy she was - I know I don't have any from the Dexcon she attended and I didn't take my camera with me to the karaoke night during Walkabout - but if people have photos who haven't already offered them, please do.
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First of all, [Bad username or site: @] who, by her own admission didn't know Ki that well, but really captured why her loss has had such an impact.

And then [Bad username or site: @], who summed up her contribution to comics fanfic in a manner that was sensitive and respectful and honest.

I'm going to take Amanda's advice and answer some email, I think. Because it's true. You think you have plenty of time, and then one day you turn around and the moment's lost. And I swore off regrets (forcibly, I seem to recall *wry*) not that long ago.

Also, should people wish to contribute, make a donation in Kielle's name for anti-cancer research.

And to leave you, lyrics spam. This song got stuck in my head earlier this week after I finished work. Working with the dead tends to make me introspective any way, but yeah, appropriate considering the reactions I've been reading. And having.

Tell me how long is a short time? )

Life's short, guys. Don't put stuff off. Answer that email you've been neglecting today.
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There's been a lot of people reaching out and getting back in touch with each other. It's a good thing, even if the reason is a sad one. I think Ki would have appreciated seeing it.

For me, there's laundry. Much laundry o' doom, since I have the towels and sheets used during GASP to clean. And more packing. I moved the CDs to the case I bought yesterday (note: I have a _lot_ of CDs. Around 300, bought and burned) and packed a box of kitchen stuff, now it's time to move onto the clothes and fill up a couple of those parcels for sending Monday.

There's a possibility I can make the wake. Still ironing out details since it's the day after I get to Toronto, technically.

And for the record? Yes, life's important. Telling people you love them is important. Taking care of yourself and those you care about is important. Reaching out to each other, supporting each other right now? It's important.

Some things don't need pontificating.
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Edit: It's confirmed by someone on the friendslock. Ki passed away today.

I can't read the link because it's friends-locked and I'm not friended on the particular LJ it's on, but I think Ki's gone.

It doesn't help, knowing what's probably going to happen. We knew this was a possibility, even a probability, but even so, there's a little part of you that hopes for the best, the doesn't want to acknowledge the truth. In losing [Bad username or site: @], the fanfic community at large has lost a cornerstone, but more than that, many, many people have lost a friend. Her family have lost a daughter and sister and wife. And it's then I think of now.

Fuck, this is so bloody unfair. She was younger than me. She had so much to do that she hadn't done yet. A whole new lfie starting.

A lot of people will remember Kielle for her amazing writing, her incredible energy, the way she'd take an idea and run with it and make it into something everyone could share. A wonder sense of humour and ability to make people feel welcome. Hell, she shepherded about eighty percent of the comics ficcers into the community, if the posts people are making in her journal are anything to go by. She was fundamental in taking a bunch of geeks interested in comics and writing and making them into a community, a community whose bonds still remain. She gave us a place to meet, boards to chat and abuse each other on, an archive, new genres to write in like The Common People...

I'll remember a friend. Someone who I wrote with and shared jokes with and who didn't mind me stealing her avatar for Subreality stories and RRs. Someone who was human, and had her flaws - taking on too much and getting majorly burned out with comics fandom, for one - but who was still someone I was very proud to know. Someone I let slip over the years, as I have so many others, and I regret that now more than I can say. But Phil is always telling me, true friends are the ones you can come back to after several years of not being in touch, and it's like nothing's changed. I like to think that maybe Ki was one of those.

*chuckles* I remember, for her wedding to Chris, I sent over a biggish box filled with Aussie chocolate. Tim Tams, Caramello Koalas and the like. Sherbert bombs since I remembered Kielle mentioning those from the years she lived here as a kid. And I wrote on the outside of it "Diabetes in a box". Man, did I get grief from the post office about that - it was recently post-September 11, and the anthrax scares, and I had to argue that it was a) impossible to transmit diabetes in a box and b) even if I was trying, I wouldn't tell someone about it, would I? Eventually the box got to where it was supposed to go. It was probably the last time I mailed anything over, barring the card and chocolate I mailed on Tuesday. Which will get there too late now - I wish I hadn't waited to hear from the last hold-outs.

This is getting rambly. I guess I wanted to say somewhere public that today I lost a friend, and the world is a darker place for it. That's all.
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We're losing her.

Ki, Chris, all my thoughts with you right now.
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1) Someone left their mobile phone recharger here at my place. Let me know who it was so I can get it back to you.

2) Someone else left a pair of light blue dress socks here. Ditto. I might even wash them first. *grins*

3) My Dad really, really needs a copy of Windows 2000 since his has died. If you can burn him a copy, let me know in the comments. ASAP.

4) [Bad username or site: @], [Bad username or site: @], [Bad username or site: @] and [Bad username or site: @] - I sent out an email to you guys almost two weeks ago, and haven't heard anything back, regarding signing a card. I don't know if the email got through or not, since I lost all my email addies when I switched operating systems and had to use the LJ ones, but if you're interested in signing a card for a certain sick person, ping me and let me know. I can print out messages and add them in, or arrange in person meetings. I want to mail it by Monday, so I'd appreciate a yea or a nay either way.

5) Mum's already asking about when and who and how people are coming to the party at their place the weekend of the 15th/16th October. If people could start thinking about that, I'd appreciate it. :)

6) Again, old Subreality people, there's talk of doing one last RR for Kielle. Go, sign up and mean it. ;)

7) This weekend shall be a quiet one, I think. RPG, packing, and making that CD for Matt and Paul down at the Elephant...
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Okay, a little while ago I was directing people to Trisha's LJ to donate to the 24 hour mini-comic in honour of [Bad username or site: @] who has cancer. Donations can still be made there, and also to [Bad username or site: @] who is getting together a quilt.

There's also another way of contributing. All those who used to run with the Subreality crowd, [Bad username or site: @] is talking about one last Subreality RR. It would not only be a great treat for Kielle, who was a huge part of the SCRRs, but also a lot of fun in a nostalgic way. *grins* So, get thee to the discussion thread and volunteer your time, your writing ability, and possibly your avatar's bloody death, since there's talk of it being one last Halloween Massacre.

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