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This one's easy.

A cat. I could sleep whenever I wanted, have someone feed me and clean up after me and all I would have to do is cuddle and purr and generally be adorable and adored.

Where do I sign up?
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New Simon's Cat! And it's so cute!

Hop It

There's also a Simon's Cat comic strip in the Daily Mirror, here:
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Sticky Tape.

(and having an iPhone so I can watch it now instead of waiting for hometime as YouTube is still blocked on the work system.)
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In point form, since I'll be inevitably interrupted and lose my train of thought.

1) Halloween was awesome. We went to a party on Saturday night in costume (I was Steve Irwin, complete with a stuffed crocodile) and had a lot of fun. John was playing and there were wings. Yay Wingporium! Sunday was our 'drive in at home' day, where we watched the original Dracula with Bela Legosi and then Bram Stoker's Dracula with the surround sound, and ate drive in food like hot dogs and popcorn and nachos, and then went down to 17 Steps to meet up with the roomie's dad and step-mum.

2) On Sunday we got our first snow. It wasn't much more than a few flakes coming down for a minute or two and they soon melted away, but it was snow! Accordingly, the weather has gotten a lot colder in a hurry.

3) Work has been busy. You might have seen my rant the other day about the high density filing, a project I wasn't even supposed to be in charge of, but now I am due to co-worker incompetence. *sigh* There's that, plus the news yesterday that one of my lawyers, A., is very ill at the moment, so I'm trying to make arrangements to cover his cases for the near future and deal with the investigators who have started flailing around like Chicken Little. *wry*

4) Back to therapy last night. I seem to have gotten out of practice, although I've been incorporating a lot of the lessons learned over the past year so the absence wasn't actually too bad.

5) Also back to writing. I'm using the [Bad username or site: @] to catch up on 52 Pick Up. By the end of November I'll have 41 of the 52 stories I'm aiming at, so it's a very good way of making up lost time! Last night's effort was rather fun, written largely on my iPhone on the Notes function. Not as difficult as I thought it might be, except capitalising after quotations.

6) Not so much back to swimming. Over the past few months I've had the flu, bronchitis, the flu again and then a sinus infection. It's kept me out of the pool, since swimming with a stuffed up head is not a smart move. I'm aiming at this weekend, or if that fails, next Monday. I've been having sinus issues again and feeling like crap, so hopefully I don't have another infection. :P

7) The cats continue to be equal parts crazy and cute. Spike is huge - he's putting on his winter weight. They both sleep on my bed and keep my feet warm. Neither is particularly fond of my crocodile/alligator.

8) Christmas! My plans are fairly basic at the moment. Christmas Eve party at Sandy's, Christmas morning recovering and perhaps going to see a movie or something, then Boxing Day at the roomie's parents' open house. We're having the Toronto Christmas Do about a week before, since there's a lot of travelling happening.

Gift ideas for me, if you're wondering: gift vouchers for clothes and shoes; my Amazon wishlist; my other Amazon wishlist (with extras); LJ icon space and paid time; completion of Wiki page updates.
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The benefits of a sick day - I get to watch the new Simon's Cat!

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It's ten to two and I'm only just getting lunch. Bry left the oven on last night so the apartment was full of smoke this morning and my eyes are itchy still, I got in at 8:30 a.m. this morning so Jane's stuff could be dealt with, I have to redo Jane's expenses as Sonia forgot to pass on the new submission spreadsheet, a matter we were hoping to adjourn since Alvin is on vacation has a cranky JP that wants to have the sentencing today and I have no lawyer to send to oversee things, and I desperately need to contact Newmarket Appeals Court to confirm some dates, but their phones haven't been working the last two days and no-one will give me any other form of contact, like, you now, this new fangled device called email.

So yeah, not everything has been running smoothly. *wry* Tonight I go home, launder my bedding to remove excess cat hair and smoke smell, as well as wash a batch of clothes so I have something to wear to work the rest of the week and next week, FURminate said cats ([Bad username or site: @] was brilliant and found a cheap one online which has been brilliant so far) and get cat food and kitty litter and conditioner for me.

Oh, speaking of hair and removal, Johnny has had a hair cat. He looks almost respectable now.;) (photo to follow when I get home and can access Facebook)
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Also, the cats have proven their hunting might once again last night, with a full-size mouse this time. Ah, spring. And even better, they left it on my floor, not in my bed. Yay!


Dec. 23rd, 2009 04:14 pm
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I had to bring Alvin some documents over to Old City Hall court and I wound up staying for the hearing of the motion. Talk about deja vu - Canadian Provincial Offences Courts are really not that different to Magistrates' Courts in Victoria. The main differences being the wearing of robes (I'm kind of glad I didn't have to do that!) and the lack of our handy computer system that would allow magistrates to make their orders on the screen and then allow the clerk to print them - none of this pesky photocopying of endorsements. But yeah, I have to admit to feeling the vibe again - I used to enjoy being a court clerk, provided you kept me out of civil and traffic court. And paid me better.

I'm hanging out for the end of the day now. Despite my best efforts at getting a reasonable night's sleep last night, I didn't, so I'm tired and a bit meh. Sleep deprivation always makes my mood drop, and I had a tough counselling session too. However, I only have an hour to go and then I can head home and maybe nap for a bit before embarking on kitty bathing/claw trimming.
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Shame on me, it's been months, if not years, since the last time I posted a cat pic. ;)

Here's one from the other day.

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I seem to have picked up something weird. Sort of a flu, except that it's largely a hacking cough and extreme tiredness rather than anything else, plus fever dreams, whee - I was in bed asleep for most of yesterday and last night and when I wasn't sleeping, I was kind of brain dead and unable to talk louder than table conversation. It doesn't hurt to swallow or breathe, exactly, but it's like there's a weight on my chest making it hard. Even when Angel isn't sitting on me. I'm also sort of wheezy, which means I've been using the inhaler a lot.

I'll see how tomorrow goes. If I'm still like this, I'll go to the doctor, mostly because with the H1N1 around, I'm a little paranoid - Jacob's son has had it at the very least, so I have been exposed. Besides, this is getting ridiculous and I'm tired of being the plague vector everyone avoids.

Oh, also? Parentals, the box arrived safe and sound. :) I haven't opened it yet since it's a Christmas thing, and Angel has claimed it as his New Perching Place.
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Guess what I found on my bed when I got home yesterday? If you guessed a headless, bleeding mouse carcass, you'd be right!

And, of course, I'd just washed all my bedding on Sunday. Bah.
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1) You start seeing your breath fogging;

2) The duvet becomes something you want on you in bed, not something you kick over to the side;

3) The cats start catching mice coming in. Just retrieved the second in four days. Say what you will about cats, it's handy when they catch small furry rodents and kill them.

A lovely long weekend, full of delicious food, wonderful friends and lots of talking. Now I'm curled up on the couch in my pyjamas with a blanket over my lap, watching The West Wing season one and catching up on things. And drugging my cats on catnip, as a reward for my Mighty Hunters. :)
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New kitten for [Bad username or site: @] to photograph. ;)
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Another cat pic. This one of Angel making laptop life extremely difficult. The pic was taken with my laptop camera, so imagine where he was for it to work. Apologise for the quality - he was squirming around a lot

Kitty love

Mar. 29th, 2009 04:45 pm
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I have a cat in my lap. It makes typing hard, but everything else easier.
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So one of the people I work with, her brother has a problem. His daughter (my co-worker's niece) loves animals and has managed to accrue seven cats. Now the council is after them to get rid of some in order to comply with local laws regarding the number of pets, and the Humane Society can't take them because they're overloaded. Five very healthy, pretty cats are looking at being put down.

I've already posted to [Bad username or site: @], but if you know of anyone wanting a cat, or places to advertise for people wanting a cat, can you spread the word? I can't take any 'cause I already have the two.



Due to the City of Mississauga's rule regarding the number of pets you're allowed to own, there are five cats in desperate need of homes, as soon as possible. The Humane Society can't take them - with the economic downturn, they're swamped with abandoned pets and have said they'd have to put the cats down if they were left there - and the council has said if they get their hands on them, they'll put the cats down themselves. Considering they currently belong to a young girl who adores animals, we'd really like to avoid that.

All five are healthy, friendly and house-trained. They're indoor-outdoor cats, but young enough to be trained to live indoors. Unfortunately they haven't had their shots or been neutered yet, but they are extremely healthy and play well with others. There are four males - Bono (7 months), Lenny (11 months), Oreo (11 months), Panther (20 months) - and one female - Betty (7 months). Delivery is possible.

Contact info: email: mariquita_ca(at)yahoo(dot)ca phone: 905-737-1533 after 6PM.

Won't someone think of the kitties? )

For more pics, go here.

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