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Back in Melbourne in one piece. Spent the train trip alternately sleeping and looking out the window - I realised somewhere between Wodonga and Wangaratta how much a part of my psyche the landscape there is. It's nothing special, just rolling hills and farmland and eucalypts and an ever-changing 180 degree sky. But it's a foundation, somehow. No matter how long I'm gone, or where I'm actually living, it's there.

Okay, wankery aside, Things have been achieved today.

Packed my second pack, and discovered that I own far too many clothes. Another parcel will be happening on top of the other two I already have to send. But, the bag's packed and I'm pretty sure I can squeeze my sleeping bag and sneakers in there too.

Busy day tomorrow. I need to make a bunch of phone calls (yes, left those until the last minute, since I hate phoning companies. :P ), get my fringe trimmed (for free! gotta love that idea), mail those parcels, and then head to the pub with Phil and Bounce and the band.

Still need to pack the carry on (and the computer bag, obviously!) and write out the list of stuff I'm taking for the Immigration people. 'Cause yes, they want to know everything I'm bringing. Fortunately, since I own and have been using everything I'm bringing, there's no taxes. Whee.

Sleeps: 2

Bags packed: 2 and a half

Cupboards to be cleaned: 6

Beer bought for Canadian roomie: one 6-pack of Boags.

Kilos of luggage to be carried: possibly several times own body weight.
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Days left at work: 2

Items crossed off the to do list: Lots.

Bags remaining to be packed: 3

Logs to be posted: 1 large one. None.

Sleeps before Canada: 9

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My brother David, [Bad username or site: @] and I really ought to go into the small-scale removalist business, I swear. One and a half hours was all it took to a) load the furniture I was discarding onto the ute and trailer; b) the boys to unload said furniture and manage to sell my fridge to an excitable Italian man for about forty bucks (considering I wasn't expecting anything for it, it's not to be sneezed at); c) me to lug many many boxes down the stairs and pile them outside waiting for the ute and trailer to come back and d) load the rest of my stuff up (including Cecil the Cycle), tie the load down and for the sibling to take off for the four-hour drive back to Wodonga.

We so rock.

Of course, now I'm stuffed. And I have an empty house, which echoes rather a lot. *grins* Luckily Phil left his TV here the last time he moved in, so I'm not entirely without entertainment. Although I am without chairs.

One more week at work, five days spent up in Wodonga visiting with the family and then two days back in Melbourne. Not long at all now.
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Cut to avoid upsetting people. )

Any way, confirmed with [Bad username or site: @] that she and Alan will be attending the Wodonga party. I'll have to call home either tonight or tomorrow to let mum know. And I'm going down the pub tonight with Phil and a couple of his friends from work (well, Dan's from his work, Sarah's his wife that I get on with well). Debauchery is planned, I believe.

I'll be glad to finish work today, I think. I'm sitting here trying to focus on work stuff, and instead I have To Do lists running through my head. Doesn't help that every five minutes I've got front counter enquiries or Pat's phone to answer and it breaks my already-poor concentration. XP
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So, my brother's going to be here on Sunday at 9am with his ute and trailer to take away the wordly goods I'm not taking with me to Canada.

Cue me packing like a mad thing tonight.

I think I might have gone a little too mad with the packing, since at one point I'd packed the DVD player and then realised Phil was going to lend me his Dr Who DVDs on Friday. I might have time to watch them all on Saturday. Going to have to, since my computer only will let me change region coding one more time and I'm saving that for region 4 for the Aussie DVDs I'm taking with me. Unless someone knows how to get around that with an iBook using OS 10.3? *hopeful look*

But yeah. Mad packing. Got most of the remaining tailend stuff done, with the sacrifice of one (second hand and crappy) saucepan since I'm going to need something to cook in. And I have to strip my bed and wash the sheets on Saturday. Sleeping bag for me for next week.

And now I have to go eat ice cream. Yes, have to, since the container won't fit into the teeny tiny freezer in Phil's fridge and I need to empty out the fridge and defrost it.

It's a hard life. ;)

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