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Anyone got a decent pic of me with the short hair? I need an electronic copy of same and all of my photographs are in a box. In my brother's shed. In Australia.

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But finally, I remembered to post the photos from [Bad username or site: @]'s birthday party in my Facebook. Not many, but I was too busy having a good time to take pics. ;)
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For [Bad username or site: @] who was posting pics of her workstation and asked people to do the same, and for my mum, who asked for more pictures in general.

My desk. Yes, it's messy.

New Canada photos, page 1

New Canada photos, page 2

Spike and Angel

Best. Graffiti. Ever.
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Lee's shots from the birthday party/Pretty Night. You'll find the gallery here. :)
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A link this time, since there's a few of them - pictures from the wedding can be found here. Click on the pictures for full size, and apologies for the crappy photography - I was a bit distracted.

And yes, that is a dusty rose (ie: PINK) underskirt to my dress.

There's another photo I need to scan in on Dex's scanner, but given it's 5 in the morning, that can wait.

Yes, I have insomnia. So much fun.
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First batch of the photos from Australia - Mum and Dad's place.

Cut to preserve friends pages )


Apr. 11th, 2006 08:35 pm
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So I got my hair cut again... ) So far I'm liking it. Much less flyaway and messy than it was, although the proof of the cut will be in how easy it is to style tomorrow. But this way I get length (sort of) without the dagginess of before. Next step will be finding a nice colour to put through it since the brown is a bit blah after two winters' worth. And [Bad username or site: @]? Still wanting sans facial hair pics. ;)

More pics!

Nov. 21st, 2005 10:17 pm
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And finally, the last ones from Australia - my last night in Melbourne, in all its beery glory.

Also, you'll notice a new default icon. Boots!


So full right now - Dex made roast veggies and I ate way too much. Still, it'll be good fuel for the fitness test at the gym tomorrow. Mindy and I paid for four months' membersip last week and we have the test tomorrow to establish where we are and what we want of the experience. Yay for activity!
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First batch re-sized and posted to my gallery: Coochiemudlo, April 2005.

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