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So, here I am in Sydney Airport. The predicted temperature is 39 C. Back in Toronto, they're being buried in snow.

This should prove interesting. Especially since I didn't pack my boots. Hmm.

Great holiday, btw. Caught up with the family, spoiled my nieces rotten and had a great send-off BBQ last night. Love you lot so much.
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Heading to the airport shortly for a 2 week visit with the family in Aussie-land. I'll see you all in a bit. :)
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I looked at the calendar today and realised in exactly one week, I board a plane to go back to Australia for two weeks' visit.

That really snuck up on me. I have Things I need to do. Like get a hair cut.
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On my way to Ottawa for my two-day escape. As some of you may remember, last year I won a raffle prize of two nights' accommodation in any Delta hotel in Canada. I had to use it before October 31, 2012, so when I realised the year had crept up on me, I made hurried plans to go to Ottawa, which is far enough away (four hours by train) to rate as Away, but close enough that only taking a couple of days wouldn't be a waste. I plan to relax, wander around, take photos, relax some more and basically scope the place out for a future, longer trip, perhaps in February when the winter festival is on and there's ice skating on the canal.

And since the train has wi-fi and I'm done sleeping and have an hour to go, here I am, updating things. Email might have to wait until this evening, since the wi-fi is a bit slow, but it is nice to be able to putter away on the laptop and not worry about Lawyer A calling me to ask me to do something every five minutes (as happens at work), or interrupting myself to unpack suff (as happens at home).

A good start to a couple of days of 'me' time.


Sep. 7th, 2011 11:26 am
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So, I've booked my flights for my trip back to Australia next year and handed in my leave request. The itinerary is:

January 23, 2012, depart Toronto at 6:00 p.m.

Toronto-Vancouver-Sydney-Melbourne - 27 hours. Arrive January 25 at 1:35 p.m. (gives me time to catch the train back to Wodonga)

February 19, 2012, depart Melbourne at 9:00 a.m. (I'm probably going to need a place to crash the night before so I can get to the airport on time!)

Melbourne-Sydney-Vancouver-Toronto. Arrive February 19 at 4:20 p.m. February 20 should be Family Day and a day off, I hope!

I have just under 4 weeks in Australia, all of which will be paid leave. Good price on the tickets, even if I have to fly Air Canada (bleh) - $2,106.00. I'll organise visits to people closer to the date, obviously!

Next step - renew my passport, since it expires in December. I already have the paperwork, just need to get the photos and make the appointment. And pay for it. *sigh*
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Since LJ is being weird about the backdating thing, here's the master list of my blog posts:

Day 1, July 10/10 - Venice

Day 2, July 11/10 - Venice

Day 3, July 12/10 - Venice to Rome

Day 4, July 13/10 - Rome

Day 5, July 14/10 - Rome to Positano

Day 6, July 15/10 - Pompeii

Day 7, July 16/10 - Positano

Days 8-9, July 17 and 18/10 - Travel Days

To be updated as I type up my travel diary entries. [Bad username or site: @] and [Bad username or site: @], your Christmas gift notebook was perfect for the trip!

Edit: All done! Huzzah!
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Tonight is my last night in Italy. For those wondering, I am writing up the trip and will be posting it, but strangely, when you're actually doing the travelling thing, you don't always have time or energy to describe it in writing. I have, however, been taking lots of pictures, and those are all loaded, here and on my Facebook. I'm hoping to use the plane trip back to Toronto to get most of the trip written (I'm up to Rome, Day 1 so far!). Plane gets in at around 7-ish in the evening - please tell me it's not humid and insanely hot there too! I've spent the last week having three to four showers a day and sweating through everything I own.

Sleep for me now. Breakfast at the hotel, and then check out at midday and the shuttle to the airport. Catch you on the flipside.

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Here's the gallery here. I've labelled some, but right now I have to sleep so I'm awake for our bus tour through Rome tomorrow.

Still enjoying it. Blogging to follow when I have time to write!
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Apologies for the delay - post-holiday blah ate my motivation!

Moving on - from Venice to Rome )

Made it!

Jul. 10th, 2010 11:14 pm
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Just a short note, since we've been wandering all over Venice and I am one tired little Aussie-living-in-Canada. We are all here, safe and sound. Venice is a dream come true and there is a toilet in my shower cubicle. Possibly to make room for the bidet.

(Prettier pictures when I'm not asleep on my feet)
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1) Survive work (harder than it seems after the shots last night. *waves fist at roomie*) Hope co-worker who is backing me up asks questions about the to do list I just emailed her;

2) Finish packing. Not a big deal - I need to pack my bathroom kit (shampoo, toothbrush, deodorant, meds, brush, etc.) and my computer and double-check I haven't missed anything important;

3) Empty and clean litter box. Scrub floor around litter box. Refill with fresh litter and make sure there's enough for the week;

4) Take out garbage;

5) Wash dishes;

Optional 6), depending on time: wash bedding and remake bed. Depends on when I escape work - if I get out early enough, I'll toss my sheets in the washer as soon as I get home. Note to self: this would be easier with more than one set of sheets, you know. Get another set.

7) Leave for airport (around 7:00 p.m. The Rocket takes about 30-45 minutes, flight leaves at 10:05 in the evening and while it says be there at least 3 hours earlier, 2 is fine, especially with electronic check-in, which I adore. Scan barcode and done!

8) Purchase power adaptor for laptop (Canada --> Europe) from duty free store.

9) Get on plane. Fall immediately asleep.
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I might have mentioned a while ago that my brother and his wife (and Little Miss Zoe), were going to Europe in July to see Eva's parents in Hungary, and while there, David and Eva were taking a trip to Italy while Zoe got some quality grandparent time. Well, at some point the suggestion was made that I join them there and after getting my severance pay from the DoJ, that actually became possible. Plane tickets were bought (with help from the lovely [Bad username or site: @], who let me use her credit card to book online since I had Issues with my Aussie one and the website) and leave arranged and then I pretty much put it away in my head as "happening later".

The other day at work, doing calendars and the rest as part of my usual tasks, I realised that "later" is in fact just over a week away. So I've spent the last few hours doing online research and booking things and getting OMG HOLY CRAP I'M GOING TO ITALY!!! excited.

Here's the itinerary, for you to covet and for me to have a memory jogger and for my parents to not worry. ;) :

Friday, July 9

Fly out of Toronto at 10 p.m., fly about eight hours and arrive at Venice's Marco Polo Airpot at midnight. Catch cab out to the Hotel Apogia Sirio Venice (note to self, email them about very late check-in done) and collapse.

Saturday, July 10 - Monday, July 12

Walk 900 metres to where the sibling and his lady wife are staying. Do touristy things. Marvel at amazing place. Eat great food.

Check out Monday and catch a train to Rome (about 3 and a half hours away). Check into the Hotel King in Rome with sibling and sister-in-law (same hotel, seperate rooms).

Monday, July 12- Wednesday, July 14

Hang around in Rome. Do the touristy thing. Be awed at very old stuff.Eat great food and drink red wine. ;)

Check out Wednesday and catch a train to Naples (around an hour and a half) and then a bus to Positano. Leave D&E to check into their hotel and go 800 metres down the road to check into mine (note, this does involve a scary hill. Oops.). Check into Pensione Casa Guadagno which looks not unlike the hotel in Mamma Mia (the movie). Hang out on balcony and admire sea view.

Thursday, July 15 - Saturday, July 17

Visit Pompei and climb Etna. Swim in the Mediterranean. Walk a lot.

Possibly eat my own weight in seafood.

Check out Sunday morning and go to Naples with D&E so they can catch their flight to Hungary and reclaim their offsping (no Zoe for me, alas!). Wave to plane and then spend afternoon wandering Naples before catching the 4:30 train to Rome and taking the bus out to Fiumicino, which is a seaside suburb near the airport. Check into Seccy, which is a bit of an extravagance, but a girl has to treat herself sometimes and after they past few months I've had, I deserve it. Take a long bath, relax, catch up on things.

Sunday, July 18

Check out and entertain self until it's time to go to the airport. Catch 3:00 p.m. flight to Toronto. Arrive at 10:00 p.m. same day.

And yes, most of the places I'm staying in have free wireless, although I'm not sure how much actual online time I'll have. I will, however, be taking notes and doing my usual travel blogging. As well as taking photos. Lots and lots and lots of photos.

Edit: Also, I don't seem to be getting comments emailed to me. I'm not ignoring replies, honest!
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Remember that weirdness about my old job thinking I hadn't resigned a few weeks ago? Well, I cleared it up pretty easily and that was that, I thought. Then today I have a look into my Aussie bank account, the one I use to pay off my credit card, and I'm absolutely stunned to find a credit from the Department of Justice for $1,878.28. Apparently I had some kind of outstanding leave or backpay or severance pay or something?

Any way, money I didn't expect. Which promptly went onto the credit card. That, combined with the money I have filtering through via Paypal and the $100 I transferred from my Canadian account today means that my Aussie credit card should be, for the first time in a very long time, completely paid off, or so close as to make very little difference.

This sort of thing never happens to me. Financial windfalls are always things that happen to Other People. So consider me suitably grateful to the luck gods for providing me with the peace of mind and the ability to go join my brother and sister-in-law in Italy in July for a week without stretching myself thin - I can do it now with no qualms whatsoever!

Especially if I can finally talk the bank into letting me get a Canadian credit card this week - I'll be able to put the Aussie one away as strictly emergency use only.

(And yes, [Bad username or site: @], you were right about the backpay. I have no idea how, but you have smugness rights tonight.)

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