Sep. 19th, 2005 08:08 pm
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Gah, talk about your helldays...

Mondays are busy in the back office. It's practically guaranteed. No autopsies etc are done over the weekend unless they're homicides and the like, so Monday's are basically the catch up day. And everyone wants things scheduled yesterday. The phones ring incessantly, you're running around like a mad thing, and you barely get a moment to breathe.

So, you get the picture.

Now add to that IT finally installing the new computers. Yes, I know I've been complaining about the pieces of crap in the back office for a while, and don't get me wrong, new computers is a good thing. However, the process of installing them involves large amounts of downtime, and that is not what we needed today. Especially when I didn't have access to the Coroner's program for three hours this afternoon. At one point we were down to one computer we could actually use for enquiries, data entry of the important sort, admissions and releases. And the phones just kept on ringing regardless.

It's really sad when you volunteer to do identifications because those don't need a computer... I did four today.

No wonder I feel dead right now. I have a log to write for a plot going up on the 23rd, and I've got nothing.

Night shift tomorrow and Wednesday, so yeah, don't expect me around at all Thursday.
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Realised I'd forgotten to post my shifts this week. Oops. *grins*

Sun 21/8 - Mon 22/8: 8am to 5pm.

Tues 23/8 - Wed 24/8: 1pm to 10:30pm

Last week of shiftwork, and then it looks like I'm writing findings for the next six weeks, from what Rick and Geoff were discussing today. Apparently there's no room for me in the front office. *snorts* Not enough work stations.
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So, not long back from the gym, only this time it was for a massage, not a workout. A full hour, from the soles of my feet to those lovely knots in my neck, and I feel wonderful. All floppy. Well worth the $60 it cost.

Back to work tomorrow. Which means it's time for a shift post. And, since I'm finishing shift work on the 25th August to go on six week furlough, this will be the last set of nights I do. Commence the cheering. ;)

Sat (13/8) - Sun (14/8) - early shifts, 6am - 4pm.

Mon (15/8) - Tues (16/8) - nights, 5pm - 6am.

Early start tomorrow, which means a lot earlier night than the previous.
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So, apparently yesterday was Wednesday and I didn't realise. Apologies to the [Bad username or site: @ livejournal.com] plotting group for not actually being there. I was on the computer, but watching The Peacekeeper Wars instead. *hides* Also makes sense of the SMS I got from Seraph apparently last night, but didn't read until this morning since the phone was in the bedroom on the charger.

I suck.

It's been, apart from the packing and the paperwork finding, a pretty unproductive four days off. I had some logging I wanted to do, but most of the people I needed weren't around or were around but busy. And of course you hang around online any way, just in case, and before you know it, there's another day disappeared and not much of anything done. I think I need to get back to the outsideness again instead - all this time inside could explain the vaguely blah feeling I've got. Well, that and the fact I've been sick for a week now.

Damn flu. :P Still feeling like crap periodically. Feels like Geoff gave me the bloody plague, and I've got a mild dose.

Back to work tomorrow, so I guess it's time for another shift post. For those wanting to know when is the best time to catch me, I always tag my shift posts with, surprisingly enough "shifts".

Friday (Aug 5) - Saturday (Aug 6): 8am - 5pm.

Sunday (Aug 7) - Monday (Aug 8): 1pm - 10:30pm
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Shifts! So you know where I am! Whee!

Thursday 28/7 - Friday 29/7: Early shift. 6am - 4pm. (with a camera crew, no less...)

Saturday 30/7 - Sunday 31/7: Night shift. 5pm - 6am. (gotta love those weekend penalties, at least while the government still lets us has them...)

For my own reminder - Thursday, lunch with [Bad username or site: @ livejournal.com] for book and computer program exchange. And for lunch, of course. ;)

Cold continues, albeit at a reduced level. So it should after three days of doing pretty much nothing. *humphs* Oh, [Bad username or site: @ livejournal.com], the ginger and pepper in the soup thing? Good idea, even with tomato. Ginger rocks. :)

Here's hoping things have calmed down some while I've been off work...
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So, thanks to the loan of the disks by [Bad username or site: @ livejournal.com], I finally got around to the operating system upgrade I've been needing for about the last year now. Well, actually, [Bad username or site: @ livejournal.com] did, overcoming his dislike of Macs. :) We likes the Phil, we do. Any way, I have Internet Explorer running for only as long as it takes Phil to get me a copy of Firefox (it's running slow, but hey, my LJ pages aren't all smooshed together any more!), I've upgraded to the latest version of AIM (will have to test buddy chat at tomorrow's Persephone plotting session), and I've managed to transfer my music over to the new version of iTunes. On the failure rate, the Apple Works CD [Bad username or site: @ livejournal.com] made up for me doesn't work, so no Word (I have Text Editor as a stand-by) and I've yet to try and find where my gaphics programs are for the purposes of icon making. Oh, and I have the Eurovision Song Contest version of mutliple languages loaded in here, which Phil is itching to remove as soon as he finds out how. Because honestly, who needs Brazilian Portuguese on their computer, unless they are of course from Brazil?

And yay, worked out how to import my mail stuff. Hopefully including address books since those are a bitch to rebuild.

So yeah, me with the upgrade. Here's hoping it solves a lot of issues.


And it's that time again! Shifts!

Wednesday-Thursday: 8am - 5pm

Friday-Saturday: 1pm - 10:30pm

Sunday-Wednesday: off.


Jul. 11th, 2005 09:25 pm
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Home from Sydney, tired but feeling pretty good. Airports are still the bane of the vegetarian, and we had probably the world's most physically active not-a-con ever - a 40-odd km bike ride on Friday, and two hours of indoor climbing on Saturday. Plus not that much in the way of alcohol consumption by the female contingent, although Phil and Alan made up the lack. *grins*

Any way, bed soon for me - I have a 6am shift tomorrow, and I've got an appointment with the personal trainer at the gym at 5.30pm. Sleepy time for Rossis.

Edit: Since I haven't posted them this week... shifts!

Tuesday-Wednesday: 6am - 4pm.

Thursday - Friday: 5pm - 6am.

Usual requests for keeping-Rossi-awake emails on the nightshifts, although I do have overnight live Tour de France coverage as well. Yay. :)

Thoughts with my London mates. So glad you're all okay. Phil's friends there are also fine.
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Shifts for this coming week. All times in Australian time, of course. *grins* Just add 16 hours to EST US.

Monday-Tuesday: 8am-5pm

Wednesday-Thursday: 1pm-10:30pm, although getting out early from work Thursday to catch the 9:15pm flight to Sydney.

Friday-Monday: Off. Will be in Sydney and offline.
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Off to see Batman Begins today with [Bad username or site: @ livejournal.com] and [Bad username or site: @ livejournal.com]. And since it's a nice day out there I might wander down early and just... wander. Find somewhere in the sun and have a coffee and write some more and generally do the Melbourne thing. ;)

Work again tomorrow. Shifts for this week are as follows:

Sunday-Monday: 6am-4pm. I'm hopefully getting out a bit earlier tomorrow so I can catch WPA at the charity footy game.

Tuesday-Wednesday: 5pm-6am.

Thursday-Sunday: Off.

Since I'm working I'll probably keep the AIM off until Thursday, since I can't use it from work any way and nightshift tends to kill me.

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