Oct. 7th, 2005 04:44 pm
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Okay, only did the one finding today, but that was the suicide I mentioned this morning and it turned into quite the complicated case. A bit of a daytime soap opera, really, complete with affairs, sleazy bosses, melodramatic suicide attempts and interfering family members. Maybe I should fictionalise it and have myself a V.C. Andrews-style novel.

But it's done and in the hands of the Coroner assigned to the case and I can sit back in the knowledge it's Friday and I have ten minutes to go. In fact, I might very well go now, since I have to go to the supermarket and pick up a couple of things on the way home, then call mum, then await the arrival of Phil and our excursion to the Elephant for beer and possibly dancing. Since I find getting drank and dancing remarkably stress-reducing and dammit, I've earned me stress relief this week.

Catch you on the flipside. And if you can't be good, make sure there's no pictures, as I heard someone say this week.

Oh, and GIP! New icon from [Bad username or site: @ livejournal.com].

A good day.

Oct. 3rd, 2005 12:01 am
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Sunshine. Good company, Good food. Good conversation. A walk along the Yarra. A couple of drinks at a bar on the river and more talking. The Elephant and Wheelbarrow. Matt's confusing new hairstyle. Dan and Sarah and plans for debauchery on Friday with Spaniards. More good conversation. Truth for truth. The world's prettiest not-couple.

Yep. Good day. Now for sleep, and my second last week of work.


Sep. 26th, 2005 12:19 am
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Insomnia? Sucks. I have to be at work tomorrow, bright and perky and with a functioning brain to deal with whatever they throw at me, since I don't know day to day what I'm doing until I get there.

*insert hollow laugh*

Valerian, btw? Sucks as well. St John's Wort was so much better than the 'stress relief formula' I'm taking right now.

Still, there was coming out from under the house, and going to see the band and talking to [Bad username or site: @ livejournal.com]. Mostly about Kielle, since yeah, needed to do that. And also needed the going out. Possibly not the three pints, given the indigestion I have going right now, but eh. I've been dry since last Sunday, sue me.

*yawns* Oh thank god, I think I'm getting sleepy...
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Counting down the time before Mel gets here - about an hour and a half to go. *happydances*

Hair appointment today at Toni and Guy on Fitzroy Street. With a hair consultant, no less. Okay, yeah, sounds wanky, but sometimes you have to go for the wanky - ever since I decided to grow my hair out, I've had a series of 'eh' haircuts that haven't really been that good, So, in an effort to get some decent advice, I paid the bigger bucks and got the consultant. The result? One very happy Rossi. Apparently my natural wave is back in style, and it's apparently allowed for me to not use a hairdryer of a morning - tousled is a good thing.

There may be photos at some point, given I have a digital camera and a bunch of people here for the weekend.

Went to the gym tonight too, and feel much better for it. I've been cranky and out of sorts all week, with that damn headache of mine still making the odd appearance even today.

And walking home I got caught in one of Melbourne's spring rainstorms. The air was warm, the rain cold against my shoulders, the drops huge and heavy. I was wet through in moments, but I didn't mind - there might have even been a bit of extra jumping in puddles. There's something so clean about being washed by rain.

Oh, and [Bad username or site: @ livejournal.com]? I know the White Lotus well. *grins* Used to go there with the karate club for dinners a lot.

Music to walk home in the rain by... )
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Forgot to mention that last night I sprung one of the ringtail possums living in my roof on his way out for the evening. I went to hang something up on the line on the back balcony, and there he was, shimmying down the drainpipe, looking at me for all the world like a teenager being caught ducking out the window when they've been grounded. That whole "Oh, crap," expression. I let him go with an admonishment to not go picking fights with the neighbourhood cats and to not get silly on fermented fruit from the local grocer's. And to be home by dawn, young man.

*grins* My possums are so very cute. I hope the next tenants are nice to them; I'd be very cross if anything happened, especially since they don't do any harm at all.
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So, today has been productive like you wouldn't believe.

Following a brief bit of online time catching up with various things, I headed down to the post office to send off Dad's Father's Day present and mail off a box of bits and pieces to Canada, plus bought a couple more parcel packs to send stuff over, mostly clothes, although the box wasn't as pricey as I thought it would be. Surface mail rocks. Australia Post also rocks - well, if it gets there, they will. After adventures in mailing, I headed to the gym for an hour. Did my reps, fifteen minutes on the heavy bag working on my punching - good grief have I lost power and speed in my left arm, it's as weak as something not very strong at all. Half an hour on the recumbant, doing the Cascades program - three hills, at an average of 40 km/h. Then I headed back up Fitzroy Street to grab some food, pausing to make a hair appointment on the way. Thursday - don't let me forget. *grins*

Then there was second breakfast at Robarta. The guys there are really very friendly - need to be to compete with the thousand other cafes along there, I suppose. And I had the most delicious mushrooms with my scrambled eggs. I wonder if I can ask them for extra mushies next time, in lieu of bacon which I can't eat... I grabbed the Saturday Age as well, which is something I haven't done in a while, so there was a relaxed meal and a couple of coffees over the paper. Following that I grabbed some groceries (juice! Cranberry juice!) and headed home.

The weather was starting to cloud over and look ominous, with some splatters of rain on the last bit of the walk home, so I plotted to get some well-needed cleaning done. And it's at this stage that I step forward and introduce myself in the traditional manner:

"Hi, my name's Rossi and I'm a cleaning junkie."

Seriously, once I started, I couldn't stop. Did the dishes, cleaned the stove and the griller and wiped the bench. Cleaned the bathroom, including sink and toilet and the mirror. Mopped the floors in both of those. Dusted the bedroom and lounge and vacumed everywhere there's carpet. And cleaned every window on the place, although there's a few I could only reach one side since I don't have a ten foot long ladder. I've got to say, I've got another reason I don't like cars; they leave this horrible black grime over everything. But yeah, place is spotless now, and I was kind of wiped by the end of it. Still planning some packing tonight though, since I really don't have that much time left. Stuff I can do sitting down, I think - my feet are tired.

I guess my spring cleaning's been done, although I've got plans for the couch out the front - need to wash the cover since the weather's warming up. And do laundry, including the sheets. And clean the bike chain, since I got caught in the rain the other day and it'll be full of sand again. Bah. And hey, there's always packing - I've got kitchen stuff that I don't use that I can put away, and then clean out the cupboards. And hey, got plenty of newspaper for wrapping stuff up in, since The Age on Saturdays isn't small.

Funny how when you start this whole cleaning and organising thing, there's always something else to do.
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Back in the back office today - Emil called in sick, so as I walked into the front office, Rick got me to just keep on walking to the back. It's not hugely busy, which is good, and hey, I have a desk! *grins* Front office life is going to be rather itinerant in that way - I just grab whichever desk is free because of absence/illness/court/etc.

Gym yesterday. Did my reps, and noticed that I'm using my stomach muscles more. Which is definitely a good thing since that's a problem area. Also did about half an hour cardio, including my old friend the recumbant bike. So the other problem area got a work out too. There was my nemesis the stairmaster too - I have a lot of trouble on that since I have a tendency to climb stairs on my toes, and the machine won't let me do that. :P

Spring has definitely sprung - it's warm out there, albeit with gale force winds and the occasional downpour from a sky like a bruise. For the first time in months I was outside last night with short sleeves, walking home from the gym. I'll definitely be making the most of it while I have it, given I'm moving to the Cold Place in eight weeks.

Eight weeks. Gah. *commences muppet-like flailing*

Beer bad.

Aug. 15th, 2005 12:55 pm
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I woke up in someone else's bed this morning.

*grins* However, before you all get excited for whatever reasons, it was only Phil's bed. Basically there was the Elephant and Wheelbarrow, a band, and way too much beer for both of us considering we'd both been pretty dry as far as the booze goes lately. It got to the point of walking Phil home, and then not being able to walk myself back, so I passed out at Phil's place and got to watch him staggering off to work this morning in a state that could be generously called 'seedy'. Mind you, I'm not a hell of a lot better and I have night shift in four hours.

It was a good night, tho'. Something I needed, given the last couple of days. Beer and conversation and hugs, since we got to the "I really love you, mate" stage as well. But yeah, human contact was definitely a good thing.

Oh, and a deal was struck, and I promised I'd post it here so I couldn't weasel out. ;) Basically, if Phil makes it to a Dexcon, I've promised to go to karaoke with him. And actually sing, since I've avoided it so far. *grins*

And Bounce? Thanks for the cds. *hugs* Shall take them to work tonight so I have something to listen to when the radio gets to the scary places after midnight.


Aug. 9th, 2005 11:02 pm
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Okay, back from dinner with [Bad username or site: @ livejournal.com], and full of exuberance as usual. Or possibly red wine. Bah, only had three glasses, I'm happy, not drunk. Any way, good gym session, good dinner, good company. Lots of talk about things I don't normally get to talk about - politics, writing, Subreality RRs, comics... The importance of realism in the Firefly 'verse, which is why [Bad username or site: @ livejournal.com] isn't going to have any more people with paranormal abilities beyond Azzy's character when she gets her submitted. ;) Drongo in a box, along with Becky's half ping pong balls. The dead being haunted by the living (curse you [Bad username or site: @ livejournal.com]! I have characters and a plot now!). Canada, and being enthusiastic about. Missing things here. Life on hold.

I could go on. But yeah, as always, a good night. It's only when I have a night like this that I realise how narrow my life has become lately, and probably entirely due to my own doing. I'm doing the thing I used to do when Dad's transfers came through - closing off part of me and preparing for the move. Doesn't mean I don't love everyone here, tho'. Just means I need kicking in the arse occasionally. ;)

It's interesting being out somewhere where you can procure alcohol and come out not smelling of cigarettes. Just pizza. Love the Banff, we does. :)

Oh, and random on my iTunes these days? Since downloading a heap of stuff from Phil and Willow? Is truly an adventure. *grins* I don't know what's coming up next.
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I'm listening to the Arrogant Worms cd [Bad username or site: @ livejournal.com] made for me quite a while ago. If the title of my post wasn't a clue. *grins* It's still fun. "Spare the spud, eat a cow instead!"

Any way, was on the phone with Dex for a while, which is always good. Especially when it's cold and wet and blah out there. I'm meeting [Bad username or site: @ livejournal.com] at the Banff for half price pizza, which is always a good night, and I'm just about to head down to the gym and do my session like a good girl.

I'm finding myself craving an iPod. Or at least an iPod mini. Might go price them this week, especially since I've got that movie ticket to use and will be going into the city any way. It's hard, tho', reminding myself I have savings to accrue, especially with shift work finishing this month. I've got one more batch of nights , and possibly another batch of evenings, and then I'm back in the front office. Which means I get weekends back, but I will miss the money. Maybe once I get the tax return back - I definitely won't be paying any more, since I don't qualify for the Medicare levey (being single, without children, and earning under $50,000 for the financial year), and I have tax-refundable donations to the Wilderness Society and Greenpeace, plus my union fees. So yeah, expecting a couple of hundred back, at the least. Perhaps then I shall treat myself, especially considering how long it's been since I got myself a present of that ilk. Definitely years. But there's also plane tickets and the rest.

I did find out that my new credit card will give me twelve months' travel insurance if I buy a return ticket on it. One-way only gets me 31 days. So I'm thinking an open return, which will cover any need to head back to Australia suddenly, especially considering I'll be able to pay it off in a month or so. And should I need to return for whatever reason, well, half the flight's covered. It's always good to think ahead. :)
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So, in an effort to improve the day which did not start well (woke at 6am with the tension headache from hell - the entire right side of my skull shrank overnight. I staggered out of bed, took a Neurofen and went back to sleep for a few hours to give it time to work. This after being sent home at around 6pm yesterday 'cause I felt horrible.), I'm wearing my flippy little pleated mini-skirt and one of the blouses I bought a little while ago, that are all fitted and follow my curves and have a bit of a low-cut front just to make things interesting. And my boots - for those who haven't met my boots yet, I have a pair of lace up black boots, with about one and a half inch heels. I love these boots. Live in them, in winter. To the point where they're getting horribly worn out and have holes appearing in them. *pouts* But anyway, I'm looking very cute, and have had approving noises made, and that makes me feel much better. Which is good 'cause the headache is still lingering and my nose is still stuffed up.

I also picked up my new set of contact lenses, which is a good thing. I wear disposables, and the ones I have in now are getting a bit tired. I'm also planning to go out tomorrow and do various errands that need running - mail one parcel of stuff to Canada, collect a couple of boxes for some more, maybe get a hair cut, since I haven't had one since the birthday present one. Go to the gym and work off the rest of the cranky, since various small things are annoying me more than they should. Make the most of my four days off. *grins*

Photo meme!

Aug. 3rd, 2005 03:22 pm
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Gakked from [Bad username or site: @ livejournal.com] and [Bad username or site: @ livejournal.com]. This is where I go home to at the end of work...

Where I sleep.

Where I eat. And the sunny spot the deck chair lives in usually. I cleaned up yesterday.

The living room. That's Cecil the Cycle on the right - it's too salty this close to the beach to keep the bike outside without it rusting to death.

The view from the front. I'm on the second floor, which means I get most of the sun.

I'm going to miss this place...


In other news, the flu has decided to strike back. I could have sworn I was getting better, but yeah, back to stuffed up nose and sore throat. Taking my herbal concoction again.
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I did pretty well today - woke up at 2pm instead of the usual 3.30 after the second night shift. The ride home was freezing cold, but actualy sort of pleasant - everything was very quiet, I had excellent traffic light karma on the bits I had to use the road (I went by the seafront bike path), and the activity was good for the switching off of the brain once I did get home. Since yeah, going straight to bed after work tends to involve a bit of lying there trying to get things to shut up long enough for me to sleep.

Gorgeous day out there today, so I went down to the Banff for breakfast. Yes, at 2 in the afternoon, but there you go with the shift work. No actual brekkie on, but they did do a egg and mushroom and tomato pizza for me (there's an egg and bacon pizza, but since I'm vegetarian, not so much with the pig meat). So there was sitting outside, eating, and then having a coffee and reading the latest Sean McMullen book Glass Dragons, which I'm really enjoying - Sean's letting his sense of humour come into play, and there's all sorts of sly little jokes. And because of the karate and fencing experience, you get action scenes that actually work - there's a dedication in the front to some of the Melbourne Uni karate and fencing guys for the help choregraphing. *snickers* I'm trying not to buy any new books or cds between now and Canada, but I had to make an exception for this one - I went into the shop looking for the second in the George R. R. Martin A Song of Fire and Ice series, but couldn't find it and found this instead. I'm rationalising that it's probably not in Canada yet and I'm supporting local authors. *g*

Now for more in the line of organising stuff. Stuff that can be done in the lounge room, since it's gotten on the chilly side since the sun went down and the heater's in here.
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Vegetarian tom yum soup from Chiangmai Thai in Elwood, home delivered for no extra cost. And knowing you have green vegetable curry for later, possibly when your eyes stop watering. *grins* But yes, got my butt down to the supermarket and bought juice and tissues and some cold and flu meds and soup, and then came home and ordered Thai for dinner. Because extra chilli kills flu bugs, oh yes it does. Or at least eases sinus pain, since it makes your nose run and relieves the pressure that was making you feel like your brain was oozing out through your ear.

I feel much better. :) Still wrapped up in the doona on the couch, but I've had tom yum soup so all is well in the world.

Mum also managed to catch me with the phone plugged in (after ordering said Thai), so there was parental chattage and all is well in the family world. Well, mostly, apart from a couple of health issues. *hugs her dad*

Still have my tax return to do, but there are limits to the power of tom yum soup.
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1) Work has been absolutely insane for the past two weeks when I've been there - phones ringing constantly, ten new reports a day, objections to autopsy out the wazoo. The upshot is that I've had very little to no time for any sort of email/journal interaction. I've been reading in snatches, but that's about hit. So apologies for lack of comment on various things I've been sent.

2) That said, my evening with Moby last night rocked. I needed the downtime desperately, and he was more than accomodating.


Jun. 24th, 2005 07:32 pm
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I spent most of the afternoon down at the Banff, first for lunch and then reading the book [Bad username or site: @ livejournal.com] got me as a late birthday/just because giftie. Wrapt in Crystal by Sharon Shinn, btw. Pretty good - a detective novel in a sci fi-type setting. With some interesting concepts. And then I did some writing - a Buffy fanfic I started probably a couple of years ago, a sort of AU dealing with Tara post-Glory. In all, I spent about four hours there. The owners didn't mind - I'd eaten a meal, paide for two coffees and a juice, and tucked away in a corner I was largely forgotten about. It was nice; my corner was sunny and I could look out onto the street, my pizza was yummy and the coffee nice and strong. *grins* I think I'm going to become a regular down there.

Tomorrow, hopefully, I'm meeting [Bad username or site: @ livejournal.com] and maybe [Bad username or site: @ livejournal.com] down at the Village Cinema in the city to see Batman Begins at 1:30pm. Depends if people read their email tonight. *hmms* Think I'll SMS them both as well, just to be sure.

I was considering going down to the St Kilda Inn for a little while for happy hour, only that could be a bad idea, I think. I'm sort of blah - dissatisfied, a bit grouchy, and that's never a good combination with alcohol. Tends to end in tears and depressed LJ posts. Staying home isn't a lot better, but I can always go back to that story of mine.

Or hey, I could wander down to the video place, finally join up and rent a bunch of 80s movies. I'm feeling rather John Hughes-ish today. Or possibly high school-ish. *wry grin* Same thing, for me. ;)

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