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  • The phone game
    This is a brilliant idea – during meals with friends, everyone puts their phone on the table face down, and the first one to check theirs pays the bill. I'm absolutely as guilty of this as anyone else, but I am increasingly of the view that basically, phones are for when you are alone, and that checking them in company, outside of when you have received a text or call is Not On. Hypocritical, maybe, but I'd like to be better, and will attempt to do better this year.

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Wow, I'd be so broke doing this... Which is possibly a sign I should, neh?
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Looks like my access issues to LJ are finally over - here I am, back online and twice as lifelike. :)
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Is there a way to post a .pdf document to LJ? 'Cause I have the Best. Court. Order. Ever. to share and I can't. :( Especially since it won't let me turn it into a .jpg file.
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This would have just after I got my new toy...

From [Bad username or site: @], a very helpful description of the new Firesheep wireless security issue and the limited methods of protecting yourself against it. Pass it on:

Firesheep and you )

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Just as a general head's up to folks, it appears that Nigerian hackers are targeting Facebook and Gmail. [Bad username or site: @] got hacked tonight and a bunch of her friends received emails begging for money as "she and her family were robbed at gunpoint in London and needed to get home".

Obviously, none of us was really fooled and Bru was alerted and got her access back pretty quickly.

However, since it's happening and since I'm a tad paranoid about hacking and people getting into email/journals these days, just a head's up - I'm not going anywhere overseas, and should I be mugged, I won't be using Facebook to ask for help. Call phones have this wonderful feature called reverse charges and I have my parents' number memorised. D'uh.

So yeah, less internet-savvy of my readers, if you get anything like that from 'me', tell them to bugger off. And those who are savvy, you might want to tighten your personal security and double-check for any odd useage of your accounts.
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If you want to get rid of the checkboxes offering to repost to Facebook and Twitter, go here for the Firefox and Chrome script. I believe it works for comments as well, although I haven't been able to test it yet since I'm at work and we use IE.

Also, if you don't like the system, leave a comment complaining so that LJ is aware it's an issue. It's worked in the past, so make sure you speak up.

You can also avoid the issue by denying FB and Twitter access, here. If you have Twitter or Facebook open when you hit 'save', a dialogue box will pop up asking for permission to connect to LJ. Deny, deny, deny.

For what it's worth, my public LJ is pretty much informally connected to my Facebook these days, what with family having access and the posting of travel blogs and such, so I'm not hugely stressed about people linking the two. (If you've seen my FB, you'll have realised I use it for playing Zoo World, posting photos and my Twitter feed.) Any locked entries, however, are another kettle of fish. They are locked for various reasons, I have various levels of filter security, and in order to avoid confusion, anything you see posted under a lock, don't repost your comments to Twitter or Facebook.


Aug. 13th, 2010 09:43 am
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Is there an issue with Gmail today? I'm trying to get into it, but I get the "non-secured items" message, I press "Yes" and then it hangs. Is it my work server or a more general issue?

Edit: Got in, finally. Looks like gmail's new look is clashing with my work's outdated browser. Which I can't update. Hmm, this could become problematic...
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LJ is back to harvesting links. Fortunately, this post also includes the code to partially stymie them and help protect your journal from backdoor hackers. Spread the word.


Nov. 7th, 2009 11:46 pm
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I changed my LJ layout and in the process I lost the coding I had in to remove the Twitter feed content. And, of course, I don't remember whose journal I found it in. If anyone on my friendslist can point me in the right direction, I'd appreciate it - I've got most of my friendslist's Twitter accounts followed, and seeing the same stuff twice is vaguely annoying.
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Alvin's done it again. For some reason, in Word, whenever he tries to point and click on a part of a document, he winds up selecting entire paragraphs instead of moving the cursor. I can't work out what he's done - obviously he's hit something on the keyboard by accident to turn this on and I can't find out what it was - and I'm not going to retype every email he does. Help?

Edit: I swear to god I'm going to smash that computer of his - Sonia went in to look at it and it's fine now. Arghgkanweoiashdnflwh.
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Looks like my gmail just fell over and died, which is kind of ironic since I've been offline today for large chunks of time due to a computer upgrade at work and now I'm finally home and can log... I can't. Ah, Murphy, patron saint of me.
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I need a graphic for work edited - it's the background we use for Powerpoint presentations, only it's got the wrong Ministry in the title. Can someone quickly erase the writing in the top right corner entirely for me? I have crappy crappy software on this thing and I want to make a generic background template for future use.

Image is here since my insert image on LJ isn't working on this piece of crap computer.
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Is it possible to pull an MP3 file from a Powerpoint presentation? Dad's got something he really likes the music for, but it's not credited and it's only on this PP presentation he has.
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Not for Alvin this time, tho'.

Margaret has a document in Word 2000 (since that's what we use here). She needs to have it page numbered, and she needs to be able to start the numbering at the second page, since the first page is a coversheet. Only, we can't make the damn thing start at page 1 - it's defaulting to page 2 and nothing I've tried (including some complicated internet instructions involving making the page breaks continuous) can fix it. So, you clever internet people, anyone got a solution for me? It's driving us all completely insane and the document needs to go out this afternoon electronically.

It's especially not good for me to be this frustrated and stressed since yesterday was a Bad Day for me depression-wise. Help?

Edit: Got it. I have no idea how, but I got it. Thanks, [Bad username or site: @]
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Question on behalf of Alvin, who has just had his PC reimaged and is discovering a whole new family of glitches. *wry* At the moment, his keyboard mapping is weird - instead of / , he's getting that e with the accent over it, instead of \ he's getting > and instead of > he's getting only periods. Anyone about with a quick fix? Troubleshooting on the keyboard under Control Panel is coming up as everything being fine, and I'm at a bit of a loss where else to poke around.

Edit: And fixed - somehow it got switched onto the Canadian English keyboard, which assumes you'd prefer French e's to backslashes. It's been flipped back to US English. Bah.
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Is gmail down for some people? I can't get even the log in page to open, but it could be my work servers again...

Not that I should be looking at it - staff meeting this morning and Sonia decided to point out my lateness as me being selfish about my hours and not indulging in the "give and take" required in the workplace. Never mind the subway decided to be extra slow today and I have a medical certificate saying my meds will make me sick in the morning.
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Seems like the wireless router is dying or something - it keeps disconnecting every couple of minutes. It reconnects if I unplug the power cable and wait a few seconds before plugging it back in, but when I have to do it three times just to get a journal post done, things are getting ridiculous. Especially when there are some pages I can't load at all because they're too detailed to go up before I lose the connection again, yes I'm looking at you, Facebook. Tomorrow is Canada Day, so I can't get a new one then and I won't be at work, so I may not be around much tomorrow. Apologies for that.
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Is there a way in Microsoft Excel to switch numbers around en masse, without having to do it by hand? Specifically, dates - I have dates inputted as MO/DA/YEAR, but I've just been told it needs to be DA/MO/YEAR and I've got something like 500 dates to change. *whimpers*
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So, it seems I can't log onto Gmail. As in, I go to the Gmail page and get a message telling me "We're sorry... but your query looks similar to automated requests from a computer virus or spyware application. To protect our users, we can't process your request right now," and a 403 error. Has my work server suddenly been targetted as verboten, or is there shenanigans this morning?
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I've got a work document, a .pdf file that I need to print, however I'm getting an 'invalid bad encrypt dictionary' error and it's refusing to open. I updated Adobe from v.6 to v.7 (and I think I need to restart to make the update actually work since I can't open Adobe now :P) but it's still not working. I'm going to send it to my home account and see if the Mac version is any better, but in the meantime, do any you technical geniuses have something for me?

Also? There ought to be laws against Fridays this busy. Seriously.

I'm leaving soon to go buy waterpistols for Sunday's Pride march with Greg. This will make the day end better.

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