Nov. 29th, 2007 11:48 am
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If someone says the word "Blackberry" to me again today, I'm going to break out in hives.

No, the IT guy still hasn't showed. Bastard.
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Apologies to my friends here who work in IT, but my god do I want to strangle ours right now.

See, our lawyers all got new Blackberries delivered yesterday. Bibi arranged for the Tech Guy to come around and sync them all up and oversee the transfer, given a) it's lawyers and b) I'm considered the most tech-savvy of th support staff. Scary indeed. It was kind of lucky, since Jane was due in today and could sort it out in the morning. Provided, of course, the Tech Guy showed up.


He didn't. Jane and I spent two hours on the phone with the help desk, trying to sync the bloody thing up, only to be eventually told "I'm sorry, I can't help you any more." Two hours of my life I'll never get back. Jane left the new Blackberry behind, with instructions to courier it to her as soon as it was synced up. No worries, I thought, the Tech Guy will be here soon. I'll have to wait for lunch until they do.

*grfs again*

1:45, I'm dying of hunger, so down here I come. To discover there's very little actual food left, since, hey, it's the end of the bloody lunchhour! I've managed something, but my god am I pissed off now. And what's the bet the bastard won't show up at all today, leaving Jane sans Blackberry until then? The Blackberry that's just her lifeline to this place when she's on the road.

*stabs IT with a fork*


Sep. 19th, 2007 10:46 am
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Any minute now, someone's going to come get me for this interview...

Edit: An hour later, I'm done. *wibbles* Man, that was tough. And as usual, I had no questions about things at the end...

Think I'll go do filing for a while to calm down.
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So over today. 23 minutes to go. *pouts*

Fire drill + insane work day = very tired Rossi.
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So, the Legal Aid interview happened. It went pretty well - I was straightforward and clear, and they responded positively. Downside is they couldn't give me a definite pay rate - just the range, depending on experience, of $29-44K. Not exactly helpful in my decision-making process. I was upfront about the other interview, and told them I wouldn't be able to make a decision until after that, which may go against me - they want someone asap, and hope to have a decision by Friday. Bit of a contrast to the nine weeks of waiting here. *wry*

Now for the nervous churning in my stomach to go away. And to do an extra hour of work to make up for the abyssmal transit karma that had me back here late. :P

Clarification edit: The job specs have the pay rate at $29-44. I asked for something more specific today, and got told they couldn't give that to me until it had been worked out according to my experience. No job offer today, but they did say they'd have a decision by Friday, and would want someone in the position by next week or so. The pay discussion was hypothetical.

At last!

Sep. 10th, 2007 11:52 am
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Funny, it never rains but it pours...

I got a call last week from Legal Aid, inviting me to interview for the position I applied for as civil litigation assistant. That's for this Wednesday, at 1:30 pm.

Today, Natasha comes up to me and invites me to interview for the position I put the application for back in May. September 19, 10:30am.

Finally some progress, after I bit the bullet and decided to start applying elsewhere again. Here's hoping all goes well - I really want to keep this job, but if the Legal Aid one pays more, I'm taking it.

Some good news after a rather insane morning. Poor Jane, back from vacation one day and she has a four-five hour drive ahead of her to get to Sudbury for a case tomorrow.
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As frustrating as it can be sometimes working here *coughinterviewcoughnottodaycough*, sometimes there are perks. Like today. Since it's a public holiday Monday, they're going to let us go home early. Like, 2pm early. *hees* Means I can get various things done I was going to get done before the roomie gets back.

I also discovered, whilst on the phone with [Bad username or site: @ livejournal.com] last night, that I have an invitation to apply for a job as litigation assistant with Legal Aid. Given I only missed out last time because of lack of experience in Canada, I might just give that one a shot.
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Over the past three work days, as some of you will know, I've been calling approximately 40 people in order to arrange for them to come to court in Sault Ste Marie this Wednesday to pick up restitution cheques. Why not mail them, you ask? Well, Alvin wanted to do it in person as much as possible. It wasn't a bad task, giving people good news they weren't expecting, and I've gotten pretty much all of them in some form or other.

Then, this morning, Alvin tells me the case might not go ahead.

What does this mean? Well, it means that a) we have to adjourn the matter, when the SSM trial coordinator was most specific about things going ahead and the JP not being jerked around again; b) that I have to cancel - again - the flights and hotel bookings that I'd made for Alvin; and c) I have to call every one of the people who said they would attend at court this Wednesday and tell them that no, they can't get their money that day, can they attend at court next week instead?

I'm torn between strangling him, and crying in the corner at the thought of all that work wasted and all those people who are going to be pissed off at me. :(
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Most days I like my job. I'd like it a whole better if I was made permanent instead of a temp (and the office manager in charge of interviews is off on holidays until the 7th now *grrs*), but generally, I like it. Except in cases, like today, where I get caught in the middle of a bunch of office political crap.


Apparently, by asking Esther a question about file naming protocols, I inadvertently stirred a hornet's nest of demarcation issues that had been quietly simmering for a few weeks and got caught in the middle. So now, Esther's lecturing me about why she isn't handling opening and sorting Alvin's files, Wendy's bitching about how Esther didn't do what she was supposed to, and Alvin's wanting everything done by this afternoon.

Me? I'm at lunch. I've done everything I can, anything else can just wait until the meeting with Alvin at 2:15. Seriously, this is fucking ridiculous. Who cares who does the work if it gets done? Hell, I'd do it, only I'm not trained on the computer program

Have I mentioned how stupid I find this sort of crap?

I need distraction. Badly.
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Finally pinned Sharon down on the fly and got that "very good news" she mentioned a while ago. It's not the fabulously good news I was sort of hoping for - that I had the position - but still good. They're interviewing next week, and I'll have a spot in the running. Hopefully I'll have a day and time soon.

Although, talk about an anti-climax. ;P
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*cuddles her cup*

So, we went and saw Transformers last night. You, O Friends List, can congratulate yourselves on getting me to go see a film I had little to no interest in seeing when it was first advertised. But the numbers of positive reviews, many from people whose taste I trust almost implicitly, convinced me to give it a try, much in the way I went to see the first Pirates of the Carribean movie. If it sucked, my rationale was, I could always nap in the theatre for a couple of hours.

There was no napping.

It's not a great film. There are plot holes you could drive a tank through, and some of the dialogue is just cheesy. But it is, as [Bad username or site: @ livejournal.com] puts it, a joy to watch. Not for one moment does anyone take themselves overly seriously - how can you, in a movie about giant robots that turn into vehicles and giant scorpions and the like? - and yet it wasn't dumbed down. It could have been awful - as [Bad username or site: @ livejournal.com] puts it, it was a bad movie with excellent casting, amazing CGI and a surprisingly good script in terms of dialogue. And the military scenes lent an air of realism to things that actually made it all the easier to swallow the giant robot concept.

And in other "I suck because I am a bad friend with sleep deprivation" news, Saturday, July 7, was [Bad username or site: @ livejournal.com]'s birthday. As he is stuck in the land without Internet right now, he may not see this, but, many happy returns and there shall be a big joint birthday thing at Dexcon, given there's about three of you attending who have had/will have birthdays recently and have not been able to celebrate them properly.

There may be cake. *plots*

Band Night tonight. I may die tomorrow. Thank god Alvin and Jane are both in court Wednesday.
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Remember a couple of weeks ago I said something about Fridays not being intended for the hell-busy? Well, cue my second week of insane Friday time. Alvin's cleaning out his office and dumping more filing on me than I can deal with, plus a number of urgent letters/motions. While at the same time, Jane's emailing me five or six letters for putting onto letterhead, signing as her 'per' and sending out with a huge chunk of attachment. It got to the point I had to turn off everything except work programs to try and get it done.

I'm at lunch atm, and I get to go back into hell in about twenty minutes. *whimpers* Still have two motions to adjourn to write up and file.

And Sharon still hasn't gotten back to me with that 'very good talk'. Woe.
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So, we've just been told we're out of here at 2pm, owing to it being Canada Day this weekend and we have a holiday on Monday. Twenty minutes to go, whoot!

Also, Sharon wants to talk to me on Tuesday. About something "very good". Which may very well be that job application I put in back in May. *hees* Looks like I could have an interview, at the very least.
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Today has been a rather productive day, especially considering Alvin was at court all day and Jane was working from home/at the investigators' office. It started off quiet, with me steadily going batty from boredom, and then I decided to bite the bullet and do my outstanding filing. All of my outstanding filing, including the pile o' Gnish that was on my desk. That led to sorting the completed Gnish cases from the unfinished ones, and making a nice little pile of boxes in the storeroom. Then I moved onto Jane's office - there's a bunch of files in her cabinet that shouldn't be there, for various reasons, so I boxed them up and added them to the storeroom pile. Then there was the list of matters she needs to close off in Docketing the next time she's in, getting her files for that subsequent week ready (all one of them, although I may need to ask her when she's next in the office during July) and taking out the garbage from her office trashcan and from mine, which I missed last week due to insanity. Lists have been updated to reflect the previous week's court for both Alvin and Jane, and I'm tempted to start working through the litigation summary and getting court results for cases still outstanding on there, although that might be tomorrow.

Now all that's left is to get the bloody call forwarding on her phone working again. *grfs*

So yeah, this afternoon has been rather productive. Pity I can't organise Alvin's office - it's so messy, I'm itching to do so in order for us to be able to find anything, but Alvin's particular about things. Maybe as part of summer vacation, when things calm down a bit for him.

Speaking of summer vacation, I got my Dexcon time off. August 2-8, which includes a public holiday, so I'm only losing four days' pay instead of five. But it does mean I won't be doing my zombie impersonation at the office like I did last year. ;)
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I've got a work document, a .pdf file that I need to print, however I'm getting an 'invalid bad encrypt dictionary' error and it's refusing to open. I updated Adobe from v.6 to v.7 (and I think I need to restart to make the update actually work since I can't open Adobe now :P) but it's still not working. I'm going to send it to my home account and see if the Mac version is any better, but in the meantime, do any you technical geniuses have something for me?

Also? There ought to be laws against Fridays this busy. Seriously.

I'm leaving soon to go buy waterpistols for Sunday's Pride march with Greg. This will make the day end better.
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So yesterday, that eternal thorn in the side of the department I work for, he of the dodgy credit agencies across the province, Gnish, pleaded guilty to 71 charges (ours and various others including assault police), and was sentenced to 5 years jail. No more faxes at 4:55 pm on a Friday, no more having to get judge's orders to shuttle him around the province, no more enormous piles of filing. And best of all, no more preying on the poor and vulnerable.

Whoot. :)

Now we just need to finish off his wife's plea bargain and I'll be able to close the file for good. :)


Jun. 21st, 2007 02:09 pm
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So, Alvin's interviewing witnesses for an upcoming trial, and keeps popping out periodically to get me to photocopy evidence. Which means I have to stay here until he's done. He's currently an hour behind his schedule.

So, no food for the Rossi. :( At least not until one of my co-workers comes back long enough for me to grab something quickly and come back. At the rate he's going, he'll be done by 3. At which point, I might as well just wait until I have to leave for my counselling session and pick something up on the way.

*pouts* And I was planning sushi today, too. Left my laptop at home and everything.

Thank god I grabbed that yoghurt this morning.

Edit: Thank god. Esther came back and I had time to run downstairs. Cafeteria is closed, as is the coffee outlet, so it was the old standby, the hotdog vendor at the front of the building. Yay Yves veggie dogs!
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So, still voiceless, and I've been running a temperature and coughing my guts out most of the night. And considering I'm getting to the coughing up crap stage, this is a little more than overstraining my vocal cords. *sighs* Day off today, again, because apparently I'm not capable of working a full week these days. Eventually they're going to get sick of me and fire my ass, I'm sure of it.

Still no word on the interview for the job I applied for two weeks ago now. Oh, I forgot to mention it? Yeah, two positions came up where I work, essentially the job I'm doing as a temp atm. I put in my resume and a covering letter and Jane's acting as referee for me and if I get an interview I should get the year-long proper contract. However, still waiting to hear on the interview thing. Knowing my luck, it'll be for early next week and my voice will still be screwed.

A day of tea and malingering in bed today, I think. [Bad username or site: @ livejournal.com] is staying with us, which is cool, since she doesn't need me to talk to her much and we ca re-watchAngel season 5 all day if we want. But it still doesn't make up for another day of lost pay. :(

I used to have an immune system. This is getting bloody ridiculous.
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Take the beginnings of a head cold. Add in Band Night, then a baseball game in the open evening air, with plenty of talking/singing/shouting at both. Result? Complete and utter loss of voice half-way through said baseball game extending into the next day. I had to get someone else to do my voice mail message, for heaven's sake. :P

Generally, I'm feeling okay, since things seem to be centering on my vocal cords and not much else, although the occasional bout of coughing is making the stomach thing unhappy. Lots of water, maybe some tea if I can cadge tea bags from someone, and concentrating on Jane's chart she wants done, I think.

And of course, today is the day my phone rings. Already had to field one call. :P

Baseball game last night was... well, it was an exercise in watching your team get the pants beaten off them. Although if you ignore the first and ninth innings, we weren't bad. Just need some damn offense.


Apr. 30th, 2007 03:20 pm
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I have had possibly the worst morning imaginable, work-wise. A date got lost in the shuffle and we were looking at potentially losing a case worth $30,000. Luckily, we got an adjournment. I owe the Crown Attorney at that court many beers.

And in a similar vein... is it possible for me to have one day where I either don't have to apologise or have someone correct me? Just one. I used to be a capable and intelligent adult. Somewhere along the way I became a retarded child.

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