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Last night I went over to [Bad username or site: @]'s soon-to-be-former place to help her pack, bringing with me the goodness that is four of the boxes we get paper in at work. Yes, my usual box karma was in force, meaning there was a stash of them piling up in the storeroom that people were forgettig to put out in the trash. Yay! I ended up packing and cleaning her kitchen, plus running down to get more boxes from behind the Macdonalds, which are pretty good about just flattening them and stacking them nicely so you can just go through and take your pick. ;)

It's weird. Most people I know hate packing and moving house. Me? I actually enjoy it. Perhaps not so much the hauling stuff down and up stairs part (or the part where I probably will be driving a mini-van through Toronto, gah! Don't worry Rach, I'll get the gah out of my system now and I'll be fine ;) ), but the packing things up, tossing out crap, cleaning things you know you won't actually touch again... it's soothing, in a weird way. Perhaps because it's the epitome of my organised brain, perhaps because this is how I grew up, packing and moving and unpacking, perhaps because I'm some weird freak of nature, but an evening spent putting Rachel's kitchen into boxes was actually the best therapy I've had all week, and I came home, hot and sticky and desperate for a shower, but relaxed in a way I haven't been for a couple of weeks now. So I probably should thank Rachel for giving me the chance to wind down like that. ;)

Of course, given I'm helping two sets of people move over two weekends, my love of moving may be put to the test.

I spotted a long, low bookshelf outside one of the houses on Runnymede. It'd fit nicely, I think, along the wall between the kitchen and the living room. And if it didn't fit there, it would have been great for my room. Too bad it was too big for me to manhandle home - it's probably gone by now.

Yes, I still think like a student when it comes to furnishing places. *wry*

Trying to work out my budget for the next couple of weeks. I have rent and bills due at the end of the month, plus my metropass. That's $750. I also have to have $100 for Cirque Del Soliel (sp?), which I'm going to with the roomie and his parents on the 1st. I get paid $530 a week, just got paid yesterday and have one more pay before things are due. Yep, it's going to be tight, especially since I'm out of shampoo, conditioner and on my last set of contact lenses - those might have to go on the credit card, as much as I am loath to use it - and food, since you know, eating's a good thing to do, or so I'm told. ;)

Band Night might be an evening of water and one beer, I'm thinking. :P But yeah, good thing I'd planned on a quiet week already, huh?

I emailed Sharon about the interview yesterday, but haven't heard from her yet. I'm tempted to spend this week updating my job searches and actually applying for things - I can't keep going from pay to pay like this, especially when any time I need days off, I'm paying for it for weeks later.
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Well, not quoting the next line, since it's "And I'm already late", and Late is not going to be featuring in my life in the next few days. I forbid it.

However, I've done everything I needed to get done. Did battle with the powers of bad hold music and various companies in order to change addresses and add [Bad username or site: @] to the utilities so he's able to cancel them in January. Mailed all my stuff, including an extra parcel that had to go airmail since there was stuff I couldn't fit in the Backpack of Doom, to the tune of $160 in total. *eeps* Dumped a few books at the second hand bookshop and got $7 for them, then the rest plus a bag of various bits and pieces down at the Vinnies. And I've cleaned the place from top to bottom. Oh, and got my fringe trimmed as well.

All this plus lunch at the Banff and a log. Productive day all 'round.

And now I'm ready to go down to the Elephant and hang with people. And an early night is fine, btw. ;)

A couple of public service type announcements:

1) As of now, the following email addresses are NOT valid: the @coronerscourt, @justice and @optusnet ones. Please use the or the ones. RPG still has the same addies. Especially don't email my work addies, since I have no way of getting at them, and they're going to explode any way since there's no way to suspend them, only put on an away message.

2) In about half an hour I'm logging off and I probably won't be online for any amount of time until Monday the 24th of October, Toronto time. ;) That's Tuesday Aussie time. Be good, everyone. That being said, I'll try and let people know I'm in one piece at various points.

3) [Bad username or site: @], there's a 20 foot long phone extension cord here should you want it. :) Arrange things with Phil to pick it up, given he's going to have the keys.

Okay, that's about it. I'm leaving tomorrow morning, 10:30 am. I turn up in LA on Friday morning, at 7:30 am. Yes, time goes backwards. I'll see a bunch of you guys at Kielle's wake, and then I'm off to Toronto. Oh, and HUGE thanks to [Bad username or site: @]for giving me a place to stay. :)

Crap, just remembered what it is I forgot. Hmm, side trip to the supermarket, I think...
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Back in Melbourne in one piece. Spent the train trip alternately sleeping and looking out the window - I realised somewhere between Wodonga and Wangaratta how much a part of my psyche the landscape there is. It's nothing special, just rolling hills and farmland and eucalypts and an ever-changing 180 degree sky. But it's a foundation, somehow. No matter how long I'm gone, or where I'm actually living, it's there.

Okay, wankery aside, Things have been achieved today.

Packed my second pack, and discovered that I own far too many clothes. Another parcel will be happening on top of the other two I already have to send. But, the bag's packed and I'm pretty sure I can squeeze my sleeping bag and sneakers in there too.

Busy day tomorrow. I need to make a bunch of phone calls (yes, left those until the last minute, since I hate phoning companies. :P ), get my fringe trimmed (for free! gotta love that idea), mail those parcels, and then head to the pub with Phil and Bounce and the band.

Still need to pack the carry on (and the computer bag, obviously!) and write out the list of stuff I'm taking for the Immigration people. 'Cause yes, they want to know everything I'm bringing. Fortunately, since I own and have been using everything I'm bringing, there's no taxes. Whee.

Sleeps: 2

Bags packed: 2 and a half

Cupboards to be cleaned: 6

Beer bought for Canadian roomie: one 6-pack of Boags.

Kilos of luggage to be carried: possibly several times own body weight.
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Yep, I'm alive and still vaguely online. I say vaguely despite having spent three hours on the computer this morning because that was dealing solely with email and RP stuff and trying to not drop people in the shit plot-wise as well as wrapping my own. Sorry if I've been very short with people communication-wise, but yeah, not a lot of time and brain's kind of... full this week. I'm feeling impatient and twitchy and needing to do stuff whilst at the same time I haven't done anything much.

Wodonga has been actually pretty calming. Less time online and no time at work being yelled at by pushy journalists, lots of time spent with my family and eating (my god, the eating!) and drinking and playing pool (Mum and Dad just got a pool table, hah!) and just basically soaking it all in. The party Saturday went really well, with a good mesh between my family and my friends. Especially since it was mostly the favourite family members there, who are decent, not-crazy-most-of-the-time people. Things died down pretty early (around midnight), but yeah, a good night was had by all, I believe.

I head back to Melbourne tomorrow on the 12:33pm train. Gets in around 4:30-ish. Yep, four hours on a train. I'll be either sleeping or writing, depending on how much seating space I have (mid-week train, so I might score a row of seats to myself!) and how dead I feel after all this relaxing. ;) Then it's packing and cleaning and phone calls to various people to change addresses and the like and then Thursday night at the Elephant with Phil and hopefully Bounce.

And then Friday I go.

*is overwhelmed*

Sleeps: 3

Alcohol units: 1

Bags left to pack: 3

People to miss: Many and lots.
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So, today is my last day at work. Or rather, my last half-day, since somehow along the way I managed to accrue half a day of rec leave, and owing to it messing up the rest of my leave arrangements, I'm taking it today and leaving at one. Means I get to go home before catching the train to Wodonga, and finish packing and the rest. Also means less places to lug stuff around. :)

I got a prezzie yesterday. And a card. It was very sweet of my co-workers. A nice bottle of red wine, and an $80 gift voucher for Myers. Mum? Shopping? *grins* I need a new wallet any way.

To Do

Oct. 11th, 2005 10:13 am
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Since as I was saying to [Bad username or site: @] last night, I probably should write some of this down...

Change phone and utilities into [Bad username or site: @]'s name so he's able to cancel them when he moves out.

Cancel Internet, insurance, Greenpeace/Wilderness Society and union fee payments.

Pack my cycling gear in a parcel for mailing.

Remember to not include the special allan key that removes Cecil's front wheel. That goes home to be with Cecil.

Mail parcels. Four at last count. Two to go.

Book train ticket for home. Will have to wait until payday on Wednesday.

Laundry at mum and dad's place.

Get [Bad username or site: @] to arrange that loan asap. Get certified copy of bank statement for Immigration.

Fill out inventory form for Immigration.

Photocopy all documents - two copies, one for my luggage, one for my parents. Originals to go with the computer.

Finish packing.

Take last bag o' crap to the St. Vinnie's.

Finish final log for "High Cost of Living". Perform minor emergency repair work on completed logs.

Post the Persephone plot logs I have compiled.

Visit family and make sure they remember what I look like.

Find out if there's storage facilities at LAX for the two backpacks. There's 48 hour lockers. Which should work.

Find out if I have lifts from/to LAX.

Buy six pack of beer for [Bad username or site: @] since he won't let me in the house without it. ;)

Take remaining books to second hand bookshop and dump them there.

Get email address for estate agents so I can formally notify them of my intention to move out at the end of the lease.

Have emergency brain surgery when mine explodes.
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Packed my first bag today. As in, bag that's coming with me to Canada. Mainly so I can get an idea of how much space I'm going to have, how much stuff I'm going to have to mail, that sort of thing. The answer? More than I thought - winter clothes take up space. Mind you, my hiking pack (as opposed to the travelling Backpack of Doom) is a good one for stuffing to the gills. Got all my jumpers/warm stuff in there, plus one of the CD cases and several books, plus the climbing harness and shoes (like I'd trust those to the mail!), the little metal lunchbox [Bad username or site: @] gave me that I keep my jewellery in, and my makeup kit (very small *g*). Oh, and two pairs of shoes.

It's heavy, but that one's actually more comfortable to carry than the other, being designed for proper multi-day hiking. It's got this lovely padded bit on the lower back...

I'm going to have to send a lot of my lighter weight work gear over by mail once I'm done with the actual work thing (nine more working days to go, whee!), since yeah, there's no way it's going to fit in Leonard, as Tardis-like as the Backpack of Doom might be. But I can probably get away with a few shirts and a pair of pants and the skirts I've already packed, at least for the first couple of weeks of work. Especially since I'm hoping for a couple of weeks off first to settle in. *wry* Nine years of working in a fairly stressful job (or stressful between bouts of boredom, since yeah, not a lot doing today again) demands at least some time off. Besides that whole changing countries thing. ;)

The other can wait until after the furniture goes - this Sunday coming up, must remember to get a time off my brother - but yeah, made the move. And most of my stuff for storage is packed, except what I'm, y'know, using.
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So, according to [Bad username or site: @], we have tickets to see Serenity for tomorrow evening, 7:20pm. At the casino, but hey, we make these sacrifices for the things we obsess over. As long as the bastards don't stick us in the front row again like they did for Matrix Reloaded.

I've also been over to the Browncoats site and grabbed a bunch of icons. So I have 47 out of a possible 100 uploaded now.

Yes, it's very sad.

Edit: Had to log off in the middle of this due to massive thunderstorms. Since frying computers is a bad thing.

Tally for tonight:

Boxes for postage packed: 2.
Cupboards emptied as much as possible: 4 if you count the bathroom cabinet.
Stuff left to go: not as much.
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Finished another box, packed all the crockery and glasses - I can use Phil's since they're here - and about to go finish cleaning the kitchen cupboards. I'm out of newspaper, which is a bit annoying seeing how I still have breakables to pack and that interrupts my flow. I think I'll see if there's any old newspapers at work tomorrow. Or buy The Age again - that's always the best for packing since it's a nice big broadsheet. Also has better quality news. ;)

I also washed the rest of my sheets (that I'm not using) and packed those in the camphor wood chest which will keep them moth-free. Got hassled at the laundry as per usual by someone begging - it's down the road from the homeless person's shelter. I wouldn't have minded so much but she blocked the door and wouldn't let me out after I'd already said 'no' the once.

Also? I ate. Pasta. Go me.

Now for those cupboards, unless I'm forgetting something else online I should be doing...
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I slept through my alarm this morning, not waking up until around 10:30. Considering I was supposed to be at work at 8:45, it really wasn't going to be happening today. I called in sick (I have sick leave to use before I go, any way), and logged on long enough to find Dex was back in Toronto and gave him a call.

I'm glad I did.

Talking to Dex spurred me to Get Stuff Done. I lugged the giant parcel of books and clothing I'd packed this weekend down to the post office ($50 postage surface mail, ouch - bastards better not lose it, it's got my summer and formal wear in there, except for the emergency LBD), went to the gym for an hour, including half an hour on the recumbant. Also made an appointment for a massage on Thursday since my right shoulder and neck are in scary places right now. Headed back home long enough to get changed into something less sweaty and to grab the bike rims I've had hanging around the closet for the last five years (legacy of the bike mechanic boyfriend) and the quick release I'd inadvertantly acquired from when I last got the bike serviced. Dropped both off at St Kilda Cycles - I ended up donating the rims, since I have neither the time or the patience to find someone who will buy them, not when I'll only get $20 at the most.

After that I went to the arcade off Acland Street, grabbed sushi for a late lunch (it was getting around for 4pm), and then went to the Flight Centre and bought my tickets. It's odd, how blase I'm getting about flights and the large amounts of money they entail. Slapped down the credit card with barely an internal murmer.

I'll be making Kielle's wake. I will need, in the following order, assistance with:

1) Pick up from LAX on the morning of the 21st and a lift out to where I'm catching floorspace.

2) Details on where said floorspace is - [Bad username or site: @], if the offer's still open, I'd greatly appreciate it. Shouldn't be more than two nights, and I have sleeping bag and camping mat. The only demand I tend to make is a shower as soon as I get in, given I'm travelling for 14 hours in a plane. Gah. Email me?

3) Lift from floorspace to wake and back again.

4) Lift out to LAX on the morning of the 23rd. Yes, it's a fly-by visit, but I'll have basically everything I'm taking with me for the two years, and I'm not going to be exactly mobile. There shall be another visit before next October, as I have a return ticket that flies out via LA.

Now for actual details:

Departure: Friday, Oct 21st, 10:25am from Melbourne Airport. Yes, [Bad username or site: @] it's not the 7am bastard flight.

Arrival: Friday, Oct 21st 7:30am at LAX. Yes, it's the day that never ends. The person volunteering to collect me can delay pick up for an hour or so - it tends to take a while to clear Customs these days. Also, shall have two backpacks, a carry on bag and a computer bag. I'll be looking at ways to either store the backpacks at LAX or send them on ahead, since I'm capable of packing the carry on with what I need for a couple of days. If I can't, well, may need help.

For the Toronto side of things...

Departure: Sunday, Oct 23rd, 9:20am, from LAX. Massive apologies - it was the only flight they could get me on that didn't cost scary money. If there's hassle getting me there by 8am, I'll cab it.

Arrival: Sunday, Oct 23rd, 5:00pm, Pearson International Airport. Dex, if you're good to meet me, make it around 6pm - I've got New and More Complicated Customs hoops to jump through given the nature of my visa. So it'll take a while for me to clear. If for some unforeseen reason it doesn't, well, I'm a big girl, I can wait. ;) Will need carrying help, tho', given that two backpack situation.

It's an open return ticket, which means I have to use it before a year expires (so, before October 2006), but there shall be plans made accordingly when the time comes. Just need to remember to reschedule the ticket dates, since the travel agent gave me March 2006.

I finished up my hugely productive (and expensive) day with getting a prescription filled - oh, warning to people on the contraceptive pill who take St John's Wort? The Wort counters the Pill. Never thought my current celibacy would come in so handy, not that I rely solely on the Pill, but yeah, explains a couple of things last month - grocery shopping and dumping three bags' worth of stuff off at the St Vincent de Paul's charity shop down the road. Also checked that Sunday the 9th of October will be a good time to dump furniture, and they've said yes. Just need to leave a note in the downstairs neighbour's mailbox about leaving the carpark out the front free so we can load up David's truck. Also moved Phil's mini-fridge inside, since mine's going to charity - it's all cleaned and working nicely, btw, Phil. ;)

Shall be sending emails to various people, given the spate of defriending and journal not-reading, but yeah, wanted to put this all down in one place.
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There's been a lot of people reaching out and getting back in touch with each other. It's a good thing, even if the reason is a sad one. I think Ki would have appreciated seeing it.

For me, there's laundry. Much laundry o' doom, since I have the towels and sheets used during GASP to clean. And more packing. I moved the CDs to the case I bought yesterday (note: I have a _lot_ of CDs. Around 300, bought and burned) and packed a box of kitchen stuff, now it's time to move onto the clothes and fill up a couple of those parcels for sending Monday.

There's a possibility I can make the wake. Still ironing out details since it's the day after I get to Toronto, technically.

And for the record? Yes, life's important. Telling people you love them is important. Taking care of yourself and those you care about is important. Reaching out to each other, supporting each other right now? It's important.

Some things don't need pontificating.

Moving Day

Sep. 18th, 2005 01:48 pm
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I spoke to my brother this morning, and we've arranged that Sunday, October 9th is the decreed day upon which my stuff goes away. *grins* It's a couple of weeks before I actually leave, but I figure I can cope for a week of using Phil's stuff for a week and then staying with the folks for a few days after the party. Still need to talk to Phil about whether he wants to move the rest ofhis stuff in that weekend or wait, but that can happen at the pub this afternoon - Sunday afternoon is band afternoon. ;)

Another thing that needed to be done has been accomplished. Now I just need to pack, cancel various things coming out of my account, and change over the bills to Phil's name at the end of the month since he'll need that to cancel things when he moves out in January. Oh, and cancel my internet account. *adds to the mental list*

Everything's falling into place.
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It's official, now I've spoken to both parentals and friends. My official "Farewell to Oz" party will be held on Saturday the 15th of October at mum and dad's place in Wodonga. Accomodation to be provided to out-of-towners. Hope to see my friends there. :)

International airfares will not be provided, unless that extremely large bag of cash materialises. Sorry about that.


Aug. 9th, 2005 11:02 pm
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Okay, back from dinner with [Bad username or site: @], and full of exuberance as usual. Or possibly red wine. Bah, only had three glasses, I'm happy, not drunk. Any way, good gym session, good dinner, good company. Lots of talk about things I don't normally get to talk about - politics, writing, Subreality RRs, comics... The importance of realism in the Firefly 'verse, which is why [Bad username or site: @] isn't going to have any more people with paranormal abilities beyond Azzy's character when she gets her submitted. ;) Drongo in a box, along with Becky's half ping pong balls. The dead being haunted by the living (curse you [Bad username or site: @]! I have characters and a plot now!). Canada, and being enthusiastic about. Missing things here. Life on hold.

I could go on. But yeah, as always, a good night. It's only when I have a night like this that I realise how narrow my life has become lately, and probably entirely due to my own doing. I'm doing the thing I used to do when Dad's transfers came through - closing off part of me and preparing for the move. Doesn't mean I don't love everyone here, tho'. Just means I need kicking in the arse occasionally. ;)

It's interesting being out somewhere where you can procure alcohol and come out not smelling of cigarettes. Just pizza. Love the Banff, we does. :)

Oh, and random on my iTunes these days? Since downloading a heap of stuff from Phil and Willow? Is truly an adventure. *grins* I don't know what's coming up next.
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It's weird how much tidying things up, throwing out crap, putting the stuff I want to keep in particular boxes... all the stuff that goes towards packing up your life and moving it, it's funny how I actually find it soothing, but I do. Of course, it doesn't take a genius psychoanalyst and a comfy-yet-expensive couch to tell you that I'm projecting - by tidying up my life physically, I'm doing the same mentally, or some other psuedo-intellectual gumf. *grins*

But yeah, made huge progress on probably the most problematic area - my desk. It's where I dump all the stuff I can't be bothered finding another place for: paperwork, cards, notebooks with bits of fic in them, address books (yes, plural - I've found three so far, all outdated), photos, stress toys, stationery, computer disks... I've been pretty ruthless and tossed out a heap of stuff, found my work references and a printed version of the CV (must remember to send the most recent version I have at work to this computer...), did the scary diary readback ( and oh my god where the last entries bad - I haven't written in it since 2003, which was not a good year), and discovered I can play a bunch of VCDs [Bad username or site: @] did for me ages ago, which means all sorts of goodies. And oodles of new music, too - I turned off the TV so I could play that instead.

So, yeah, feeling all achieve-y and progressive and the rest. :) There's still some more to do along the lines of finding specific papers and putting away others in the Important Documents Box (it's even labelled that way. Yes, I label boxes - makes it easier to find stuff later), but I got distracted by the music and remembering I need to burn copies of the Lamb CD I bought in Sydney for Phil and possibly Bounce. I wasn't going to get back online, only there was a thank you email to write.

Also, it's a good idea to break up the purging, otherwise I get into this whole "away with everything!" vibe and end up throwing out stuff I really shouldn't. Again with the getting psychologically involved in the packing process. *wry* As it is I won't empty the recycling box for a couple of days, and make sure I haven't been silly with the paperwork disposal. There's some work stuff I can get rid of, but not yet - it'll have to wait until I actually leave work.

Speaking of work, looks like I'll be starting the six weeks 'leave' from the back office on August 29. It's not actual leave, unless I want to take it and I have the time accrued (which I do, but that's for Canada), but basically in order to ensure our sanity and reset out sleeping patterns, we get six weeks back on regular nine-to-five, five days a week. Which will be odd, I can tell you. So I'd better make the most of the four days off while I still have them. And since it's six weeks, if I've calculated correctly there's only a week between that ending and my leaving, which doesn't make a lot of sense work-wise - better to have my replacement start then. So, looks like only a few more weeks of those lovely penalty rates, and one more batch of nights, if I've worked it out properly.

It also means GASP *the Great Australian Slumber Party) can happen on a normal weekend, although I might have to call in sick on the Monday since I don't have any rec leave left. Basically, a shout out to any of the Aussie ficcers who read this. If you can be in Melbourne the weekend of September 9-12 (that's including the Friday and Monday), there's going to be the Last GASP at my humble abode in St Kilda. Let me know if you're coming, since I think there will have to be arranging for someone to bring mattresses ([Bad username or site: @], can you bring your inflatable one?) etc. Overflow can always doss at [Bad username or site: @]'s place, since it's only ten minutes' normal person's walking speed away. Five if you're Phil or me fast. ;)

This will be my last hurrah (barring a party at Chez Howard in Wodonga in October), so I'd like to see as many people as possible. Drop a comment to let me know if you're interested.

There will also be a box of books and CDs and stuff, available for plundering. You don't have to take everything, since I'll sell what's left on eBay, but leave some space in your bags. Certain people have already be assigned specific things. ;)
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I'm starting night shift tonight, which means two days of not a hell of a lot of anything useful besides work and sleep, so today I started the Grand Packing. Or rather, the unpacking of a couple of boxes I hadn't unpacked since I moved in, and the throwing out of useless crap (1), the shuffling of certain types of keepsakes into the Trunk of Travelling (2), and the repacking, such as it can be done without other items to fill out the awkward spaces in the boxes. The desk is next - I need to go through it and dump anything that I don't need, find various important papers, like my birth certificate (don't panic, Dad, I do know where it is, just need to sit down and go through the file - I'm a Howard, remember? We rarely lose stuff. ;) ) to add the Canada Folder, collect together the bits and pieces that will go towards the first box to be mailed (okay, there's some things that aren't critical that I still want, so I'm posting them surface mail), and give it a good wipe down before the dust bunnies evolve and stage a revolution.

I also did my ironing, finally, so I have work shirts to wear, and burned a couple of CDs for [Bad username or site: @] (3) in return for the loan of AppleWorks. Which installed fine, btw. Oh Bounce-girl, I also have a book of fairy tales I unearthed in my travels today. After seeing your post, I thought you might be interested. It's called Fairy Tale From Many Lands and has some nifty non-standard ones in there, iirc. And the illustration style might interest you, too.

There was also some mental reorganising, and one of those epiphanies you have in the middle of mundane things. Like the ironing. I've realised I need to keep working on that whole mental habits thing. There may be a post later, one of those "thinking out loud" ones I do. There was a reminder that sometimes people aren't what you think they are. I hate it when thinking the best of people bites you in the arse.

Off to work soonish. Think I'll head down a little early, stop by the chemist on the way and get a script filled, remind myself of what fresh air is after a week of flu and couch malingering. The flu's much better, btw. Constitution like a horse, me - I had to remind Mum it's been... months, if not a year since the last time I got sick in a way that didn't involve beer and [Bad username or site: @]. ;)


(1) You know the sort of thing - you look at it and go "Why the hell did I ever keep this?" to yourself. Or remind yourself that as much as you love them, floral patterned vests will never be fashionable ever again. The Eighties are dead, kiddo.

(2) I have an old metal Army trunk that belonged to Dad in his early days of service. It's full of stuff from various trips - Japan, mostly, back when I was an exchange student for a year, but also my summer camp time in Iowa, a couple of bits and pieces from Vietnam (too broke then to indulge in true souvenier collecting) and the Walkabout diaries, which may one day turn into a written account. Or not. It also has some of my stories from back in high school, various bits of family crystal that I inherited, and other things I want to keep safe inside a large, dry metal box.

Edit: (3) Whose birthday it is apparently today. Gah. Sorry, mate. Although hey, looks like my subconscious remembered even if I didn't, considering I picked today to remember to do stuff re you. ;)
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I find myself in something of a dilemma. I've gotten some good financial news, but the thing is, a lot of the people I chat to regularly are in the shit that way themselves, and I always feel like I'm rubbing their noses in it or something, especially when their reactions are to say how badly they're doing. However, certain people would tell me it's not my responsibility how other people react to my news, so I'll just out and say it. The backpay for our payrise finally came through, and I have officially paid off my credit card as of this afternoon. With quite a bit to spare, which means my remaining debt will also be going soon. Probably next pay day. First time I've been debt-free since I started flying over to Canada every year. *wry*

I also got an extension on the credit card - well, an upgrade to Gold Card, actually. $7000 limit and free travel insurance when I buy overseas flights on it. Which will come in handy given it takes a few months to get all the social security/medicare stuff organised in Canada.

So yeah. Financially solvent. Makes all the scrimping worth it.


In other news... they're filming a documentary here at the Coroner's Court next week, which means I'll possibly be on TV at some point. *grins* Better hope I have decent hair days for those.

Four days off starting tomorrow, which is good. I'm exhausted. We've been frantically busy, even today, and there's been messy cases galore. And I'm losing my edge a tad - I nearly started crying myself whilst dealing with the family of a car crash victim today - 24 year old motorcyclist travelling at approximately 200km/h who killed not only himself but the driver of the car he hit. His dad and his girlfriend came in to ID him and they were just shattered. *sighs*

Just not a good week work-wise generally. *answers the pager yet again* Definitely looking forward to time off. I hope I can just drag my butt out of bed tomorrow to go climbing with Phil in Altona. Which is very far away. :P Miss my old gym, I do. Stupid fire.

So, Dex...

Jun. 28th, 2005 08:11 pm
deathpixie: (road)
How does me turning up in Toronto on the 21st or 22nd of October sound?

My boss asked for dates to help sort stuff out. *meeps* It's definitely real now.

I need a Canada icon. Sparrow? I believe you were offering icon goodness? ;)
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In one of those complete coincidences that happen to me, yesterday, the day I finally told my boss I was fleeing the country, guess what shows up in the mail when I get home from work? Yep, that's right, the actual visa.

It's real now, people. Now to get my life in order for the move.

Night shifts for me tonight and tomorrow. The usual request for help staying awake applies - I don't have access to AIM, but I should have email of some description.

I'm also going to take my Firefly dvds in as part of the effort to hook my partner on them. She's already doing quotes - I explained "You're not quite right" to her after saying that to her after one particularly Sarah-esque conversation, and now she uses it on me. With me replying "It's a popular theory". Ah, Joss, so quotable... So yeah, I'll get her to watch the pilot and see if she's into it or not.

Speaking of Firefly... *pokes various Persephone communities and lists* We need more actual applications, dammit.
deathpixie: (road)
Finally caught up with the boss and told him my plans for Canada. And despite the very stressed man I've seen beign grouchy, he was actually very good about. *wry grin* Talk about anti-climaxes. But yes, it's official now, I have to talk to HR about leave and long service and the rest - it's possible I've accrued the time but can't take it until the ten-year mark, which is October next year, dammit. At least I can actually tell people now. ;)

Which reminds me... *fires up her work account to tell those work contacts she has*

Still freezing to death - apparently the heating isn't working too well. Thermals for night shift tomorrow.

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