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Acting on a hunch, I started taking my B12 supplements again, even though I'm not vegetarian any more. Imagine my surprise when I realised today that I'm not dead tired, starving despite eating and not in as crappy a mood as I've been in. In fact, I was quite hyper and cheerful earlier, something I remember from the first time I went on the supplement.

So, despite the fact I am eating meat again and it's been a good six years (possibly more) since I stopped with the vegetarianism, my body still has issues with B12, especially during stress.

Stupid body. But at least it helps with the depression and I don't need to change my meds again. That would have sucked. I'll have to try and squeeze more Vegemite into my daily diet again as well as the supplement (I have plenty, care of my darling daddy, but I need to make toast more regularly to put it on!).
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Some days I get so fed up with demands - other people's, my own, whatever - that all I want to do is run off for a month or so and just disappear on some island somewhere.

Then I remind myself that I couldn't handle my own company that long and go crazy with loneliness.


I am okay, really. Just tired and, despite reassurances from the doctor that increasing my medication would take care of it, in the middle of the usual epic PMS mood swings. So, it's time to take my own advice and go get some Evening Primrose Oil to see if I can't operate like a normal human being instead of tipping between gloomy and depressed and cranky and psychotic for three days a month. At least I finally remembered to ask the doctor about potential interactions with the anti-depressants last time I saw her.

It's so frustrating, being such a hostage to your hormones. I mean, I can handle the cramps and the backache and the ick, but I hate feeling like a total crazy person with no ability to react rationally. No wonder men think women are emotional and high-strung - we bloody fulfill the stereotype once a month, even when we don't want to.

Bah. Again.


Apr. 16th, 2013 06:21 pm
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Oh for the love of gods, please stop running, nose, it's been going on for three weeks and I'm running out of bodily fluid for you to dribble...

Yeah, still got a runny nose from the cold/flu/whatever of a couple of weeks ago. The rest of me is fine, except I'm tired of wiping my nose. And my nose is tired of being wiped, too - it's red raw and I think I'm brewing the third or fourth coldsore since it began. :(

Otherwise, I'm good. School's good, work's busy and spring is slowly creeping in.


Mar. 28th, 2013 11:17 am
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So, after a winter of only one bout of the 'flu, I woke up this morning with a scratchy throat, stuff nose and the feeling someone had poured ground glass into my joints. And you know you're getting sick when symptoms pop up in your dreams. So yeah, looks like I'm coming down with a dose of the spring snuffles. Still, timing isn't so bad - I only need to get through today and I have three days to get over the worst of it, no work on Monday and classes Monday evening.

And yes, I'll tell you all about school once I'm through the first week. It's a wee bit tiring. Awesome, but tiring.

Some days.

Apr. 5th, 2012 07:43 pm
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I know I haven't been posting much lately and I will be updating with the Life of Jo soon, but for now, you get a tale of woe and weirdness.

It has, my friends, been a Day.

Things started this morning, with an email from one of my lawyers who was en route to Ottawa for court at 1:30. Turns out that he is actually in hospital in Cobourg, having become unwell on the way, and they're keeping him in for tests. Cue frantic scramble to inform defence counsel and arrange for someone local to speak to things and adjourn them, as well as making sure the lawyer is okay and that my manager and _his_ manager know what's up.

Second was a last minute adjournment motion for Lawyer A. Not really unusual, since he has a habit of leaving things until last minute, but this one wasn't actually his fault - defence counsel got double-booked for a trial next week. Still, mostly a scramble for an hour and then shooing A. out the door and anticipating lunch.

This is where things get woeful. And weird.

I have a problem with drinking sufficient water during the day and as a result, my lips are often cracked and/or peeling. Being me, I have a tendency to remove that dead skin by picking at it. Normally, this is a rather gross, but harmless habit. Except for today, when my peeling opened up a crack in my bottom lip that proceeded to gush blood. For half an hour.

It was a bit like the nosebleeds I used to get as a kid. Blood steadily flowing, refusing to actually clot, despite the ice and pressure I applied. I had blood down the front of my shirt, where the paper towel failed, and a pile of bloody napkins, tissues and paper towels amassing on my desk at a scary rate. And still with the bleeding.

I wound up being taken down to the nearest walk-in medical clinic. Of course, by the time I actually saw a doctor, the bleeding had stopped by and large (it started briefly again when I stood up to go into the doctor's office), but still we went with blood tests at the pathology lab upstairs. I sent Sonia back to the office at that point, since I'm a wuss with blood tests, and she bought me a bottle of juice to counter the general wooziness I was getting from lack of lunch (hard to eat with a paper towel pressed to your face) and the fact I'd swallowed way too much blood (again, shades of childhood, ew).

The juice proved to be a bad idea, as I managed to open the crack again on the edge of the bottle and spent most of the time while they were taking blood out of my arm with a chunk of gauze pressed to my mouth. Fortunately, it stopped quicker than before and I took advantage of the taxi chit Sonia gave me to get home, since there was no way I was going to use the subway on my own. I have to go back next week for the test results, whee.

Silver lining, at least - I got home in time for the middle of the Jays' first game of the year on the radio. Of course, they're still playing (15 innings of extra innings due to a 4-4 tie). I'm kind of miffed I didn't get to join the roomie and the pretty girl down at the Waterfront, tho'. Would've been nice.
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After holding off this damn flu going around for a few weeks, I finally succumbed. And man, I feel like utter crap. Plus needing to take another sick day that I can't afford.
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After three days of ow, I bought some Tiger Blam last night and applied liberally to my neck. It worked well enough that the muscles relaxed enough to unpinch the nerve - I felt it pop last night - and while it's still sore, I can actually turn my head again. Huzzah!

I've got to say, constant pain is really tiring. And a pain in the butt. Apologies for whining - we worked out at therapy I get extra needy when I'm sick or in pain, for various reasons.
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You know what's not a good thing to get when you're dead tired and recovering from a week-long bout of bronchitis?


Got hit big time last night. Took forever to go to sleep (went to bed at ten, was still awake when the roomie and the pretty girl from upstairs came in), then everything kept me awake. The wind. The roomie going to the bathroom. Mysterious clanking fans. The cats. Planes passing overhead. Traffic outside. Everything. I swear at one point the pulse in my ears was too loud. It didn't help my stomach was upset from the antibiotics I've been taken for the sinus infection/bronchitis.

I wound up going out to the couch to change location and put on some music to act as white noise (it usually works if I'm having a hyper-hearing episode) and managed to drop off, at least for a few hours before my back decided enough was enough. I staggered back to bed, discovered the door hadn't latched properly and was open, closed and locked it. Then got up again a minute later as the plaintive mews of Spike at my doorway led me to realise that Angel had gone exploring and had gotten locked out. It's a good thing one can't last long without the other - I always know when Angel's gotten himself stuck somewhere, like the bathroom.

Finally back in bed, I lay awake for another ten minutes or so, cursing the world in general, then apparently dropped off. I wound up snoozing my alarm several times and was a bit late for work, but I really needed the sleep. And fortunately, things are relatively quiet here today. I've finally gotten through the bulk of the backlog (a week's worth of work was waiting for me when I came back) and one lawyer's in Whitby today. Alvin's due in, but not for a little while, so I can have my coffee and my breakfast yogurt and breathe a bit. Maybe even do some XP stuff, since I've been very quiet on that scene and I'm feeling a bit isolated.


Mar. 16th, 2011 04:14 pm
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I'm so tired I hurt. My back is completely shot and my shoulders aren't much better. And instead of home and couch and sleep, I have 45 minutes left of work and then an hour of therapy. Meh.

Work's just been brutal this week. Expenses, trial prep, more expenses, Jane in tomorrow... oy vey.


Mar. 9th, 2011 11:55 am
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Made it to work this morning. The problem with upping medication is you're revisited by the Spirit of Side Effects Past. In my case, nausea and extreme drowsiness. So yeah, I've called in sick the past two days, since I actually managed to sleep through several alarms. I got in today, by virtue of my roommate physically waking me up and a lot of self-motivation in the form of "do you want to lose your job? get up, you lazy baggage", and while I could quite happily go to sleep under my desk, I'm here.

Besides, I couldn't handle another day of being bored at home. ;) Fortunately, the workapocalypse seems to be minimal.

It's snowing. I so have the wrong shoes on today. These ones have no grip whatsoever. Bah.


Jan. 6th, 2011 11:31 am
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Ever have one of those days where you wish you could give yourself a brain enema? I'm so sick to death of Captain Paranoia's Depression Carosel right now.
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Somehow, despite the fact I haven't really been near people much over the past few days and my flu shot, I've managed to catch something. Itchy throat, slight fever, general malaise. So, it looks like my two days off work are going to be spent killing this thing, since I really have to be at work on Wednesday due to various urgent things that cropped up on Christmas Eve.

Bah, humbug, I say.


Nov. 24th, 2010 04:26 pm
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I had my flu shot today.

My arm hurts. Wah.
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At some point this week I'd like to get a decent night's sleep, if that's okay?

It certainly was not to be last night. We wound up having to lock the cats in my room, since their good behaviour lasted until the roomie got home (with the news he had to write an RFP that evening, as it had been given to him around 5 and was due the next day) and Spike nearly crushed himself to death under the couch. *sigh* So yeah, I got to share my rather small room last night with a litter box, food and water dishes, and two very bored cats.

I went to bed around 10:30 p.m., exhausted from furniture shifting, bucket guarding and moving books from a potential danger zone if it rained again. I got woken up at some point by the cats escaping - I have no idea how they managed to get the door open, but it was open and the cats were out - which gave me a chance to empty, yet again, the cooler which was sitting under the worst leak and was about a third full. Cooler emptied, other containers checked and cats captured, I returned to bed, waking periodically to yell at whichever moggie was scratching at the door in an attempt to dig their way out. I woke again briefly when the roomie got home, but pretty much went straight back to sleep.

I dreamed of disasters - hurricanes and tornados, which I saw bearing down on the house I was staying at with friends ([Bad username or site: @], [Bad username or site: @], [Bad username or site: @] among others); I had to wake everyone up, get them moving down to the basement, and grab the cats (apparently I was travelling with them), and then there were bus rides out of the disaster zone and scrounging for public transport tokens and trips back and clearing up... I woke this morning with a stabbing pain down my right shoulder blade, which means I've been tense all night.

Emptied the cooler again this morning, repositioned one of the bowls under a leak which had restarted, mopped up the water on the floor and went to work. The pretty girl upstairs is being awesome and waiting for our building manager and the repair guy to turn up (they've already delayed, not a good sign), but we're going to be needing a new ceiling, since the plaster is all bubbling and mushy where the leaks are, even where there aren't holes.

Alvin's supposed to come in today, which is not going to be good given how dead I am, but at least the morning has been quiet so far. There is also coffee and my Friday BLT. And if my shoulder gets any worse, some Super!Advil in my drawer, thanks to one of the lawyers, that'll shut it the hell up.
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Now I've addressed the immediate problem, I can tell you all about it. I'm sitting here, surrounded by buckets and bowls and an esky, all happily collecting the water that is dripping from our living room ceiling in about six places.


I've called our building manager, she's got someone (possibly) coming tonight who will sweep the excess water that's built up on the roof above our living room which will address the immediate problem, I've moved furniture out of harm's way, I've dried off what did get wet and I've mopped the floor. Because of course, this would happen on the night that the roomie is out with his work folks. :P

However, before I start cursing Murphy, I will acknowledge I have been fortunate. My laptop was sitting on the coffee table, closed, and was directly under one of the drips. Yet somehow it's emerged unscathed (probably because it was closed). Which is a relief, I can tell you, since there's no way in hell I can afford a replacement atm and I have no idea if we have any kind of insurance.

The cats are completely weirded out. They're being good and not going near the drip collectors, and when I got home and found the floor awash, they were hiding in my room with very clear "we didn't do it!" looks on their faces.

Aaannd I've just been told to poke holes in the ceiling where the plaster is bulging to try and drain the water that's collected. Bonus. I can add "ceiling milker" to my resume.

All in all, not the evening I was planning for tonight. I was going to possibly wander downstairs to 17 Steps with the laptop, do some writing, eat something nice for dinner since it's payday, maybe have a Cracked Canoe. Instead, I'm babysitting a bunch of buckets and mopping up the water draining out of half of the couch.

Pray it doesn't rain any more in Toronto tonight, okay?

Edit: And the guy can't come until tomorrow. Bah. At least my poking holes helped drain most of it?
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Dear New Lawyer,

I appreciate that you had a lot of work to do, but was it really necessary to come into work with bronchitis and cough all over the place? I'm your assistant, but my duties don't include soaking up your bugs. :P

No love for now,

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Oh, you're one of those viruses. The ones whose symptoms come and go and make me look like a total hypochondriac, but which manages to make me feel cruddy any way.

Random bouts of fever/hot flashes, chronic tiredness, bouts of wooziness and emotional instability exhibiting as a tendency to feel like I'm about to burst into tears any time I get stressed. Fantastic. I haven't had one of these since summer camp in Iowa and they wound up testing me for mono/glandular fever (which it wasn't, btw).

On the positive side, I'm having sushi tonight with Mindy and Johnny. So let's see you stand up to wasabi and lots of tea.
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So yesterday I managed to slice open the side of my thumb and part of the thumbnail while I was washing the veggie peeler (I slipped, it was sharp, who'd have thought?). As a result, using the spacebar has gotten tricky, since too much typing opens up the nail gash and it bleeds through the bandaid. So, delay on stuff at least until tomorrow, when hopefully my healing factor kicks in, or I get better at using my left thumb to space.

It rather hurts, too. And bled a lot. Not deep enough for stiches, I think.

Now cleaning. This place really needs it.
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Since 1:15 p.m. I have done the following:

* Transcribed, signed and mailed/faxed three letters for three separate matters, including one that had to be done before the mail service went out this afternoon, which I had to take down twice since I managed to delete the first version like a prize moron;

* Scanned and emailed signed letters to all those CC'ed;

* Called the Appeals Court at Old City Hall twice, establishing the existence of an appeal hearing we didn't get served with due to appellant incompetence;

* Emailed another Court to ensure we have a particular justice available for a case that's been ongoing since 2006;

* Photocopied a brief to provide disclosure to a lawyer in one of Jane's matters;

* Snarfed down a frozen microwave lasagne and an instant miso soup mix.

Things seem to be easing off now - I think A is on his way to Belleville, hence the lack of phone calls/emails. But yeah, not a good afternoon by any means. And me with PMS, which is always worse combined with my meds - I never used to be this damn mood-swingy before, damnit!

I'm also supposed to swim tonight, but the jellyfish sting I picked up in Italy seems to be infected - I knocked the scab off this morning in the shower and it's been oozing clear fluid all day and won't stop. So I'm a bit worried about prolonged soaking, especially when it's taking forever to heal up. It feels like a really lame excuse, though.

Edit: 5:28 p.m. and I still have work. One more letter to write and then I'm done. Too tired and too hungry to swim - tomorrow, definitely.


Jul. 7th, 2010 10:22 am
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Day four of insane levels of humidity and temperatures in the 30s (Celsius, for those used to Farenheit) and I'm exhausted, cranky, sticky and blah. I'm running out of clothes I can comfortably wear to work because I'm sweating through everything every time I go outside and I spend most of the night tossing and turning and trying to find the cool spot on the bed - or I sleep in the living room where the air conditioner is and wind up with a bad neck. I just have to remind myself that Friday night I'll be on a plane and out of here for ten days - hopefully the weather will have improved by the time I get back.

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