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Birthdate:May 10
Location:Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Website:Inner Workings - Rossi's Writing Journal
this may be my one great epiphaneous moment
this may be one great epiphany
the one event that turns my life,
things I don’t believe in epiphaneous moment
twists it, turns it shapes it with the great all knowing knife
and I just hope that I’m not too far gone
to remember this tomorrow

the stone that sends the circle travelling on the ripple chain effect,
epiphaneous moment
he one basic revelation
this may be, great epiphany my one great epiphany

David Bridie - Epiphany

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I'm supposed to say who I am here, but at this point in time, it's hard to nail that down. If you don't already know the person sometimes known as Rossi, sometimes as Jo, depending on the circumstances, then I'm sure you'll get a feel for me by reading this thing.

I consider myself a traveller - I'm an Australian living in Canada for a couple of years to work and live and travel without the twenty-odd hour plane trip first. I dabble in fanfiction and livejournal RPGs, do far more sport than a sane geek should, and am having something of a rebirth.

Enough wank - on with the journal!

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