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In point form, since I'll be inevitably interrupted and lose my train of thought.

1) Halloween was awesome. We went to a party on Saturday night in costume (I was Steve Irwin, complete with a stuffed crocodile) and had a lot of fun. John was playing and there were wings. Yay Wingporium! Sunday was our 'drive in at home' day, where we watched the original Dracula with Bela Legosi and then Bram Stoker's Dracula with the surround sound, and ate drive in food like hot dogs and popcorn and nachos, and then went down to 17 Steps to meet up with the roomie's dad and step-mum.

2) On Sunday we got our first snow. It wasn't much more than a few flakes coming down for a minute or two and they soon melted away, but it was snow! Accordingly, the weather has gotten a lot colder in a hurry.

3) Work has been busy. You might have seen my rant the other day about the high density filing, a project I wasn't even supposed to be in charge of, but now I am due to co-worker incompetence. *sigh* There's that, plus the news yesterday that one of my lawyers, A., is very ill at the moment, so I'm trying to make arrangements to cover his cases for the near future and deal with the investigators who have started flailing around like Chicken Little. *wry*

4) Back to therapy last night. I seem to have gotten out of practice, although I've been incorporating a lot of the lessons learned over the past year so the absence wasn't actually too bad.

5) Also back to writing. I'm using the [Bad username or site: @] to catch up on 52 Pick Up. By the end of November I'll have 41 of the 52 stories I'm aiming at, so it's a very good way of making up lost time! Last night's effort was rather fun, written largely on my iPhone on the Notes function. Not as difficult as I thought it might be, except capitalising after quotations.

6) Not so much back to swimming. Over the past few months I've had the flu, bronchitis, the flu again and then a sinus infection. It's kept me out of the pool, since swimming with a stuffed up head is not a smart move. I'm aiming at this weekend, or if that fails, next Monday. I've been having sinus issues again and feeling like crap, so hopefully I don't have another infection. :P

7) The cats continue to be equal parts crazy and cute. Spike is huge - he's putting on his winter weight. They both sleep on my bed and keep my feet warm. Neither is particularly fond of my crocodile/alligator.

8) Christmas! My plans are fairly basic at the moment. Christmas Eve party at Sandy's, Christmas morning recovering and perhaps going to see a movie or something, then Boxing Day at the roomie's parents' open house. We're having the Toronto Christmas Do about a week before, since there's a lot of travelling happening.

Gift ideas for me, if you're wondering: gift vouchers for clothes and shoes; my Amazon wishlist; my other Amazon wishlist (with extras); LJ icon space and paid time; completion of Wiki page updates.


Feb. 22nd, 2010 04:54 pm
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So, all those mentions about how there's no snow in Toronto this year? Finally got through to Murphy. We currently have a total whiteout out there.

Good thing I use the TTC. :)

It begins

Oct. 21st, 2008 06:18 pm
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It's sleeting out there. *meeps and curls up under her blankie*
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And I'm already Done with today. I've been running frantic since 8:50, which is when I got in, and I'm just about ready to strangle someone. The snowstorm is causing chaos: I'm here on my own because Vera's snowed in, I'm having to make rearragements for court appearances today due to snow, I'm having to book trains and cars due to snow and for some reason, my computer (and apparently half the computers in Toronto) is running slow. Possibly due to snow.

At least the next snow storm is due on the weekend?

Things seem to be calming down a little, but now I've written that, I've doomed myself to further insanity, haven't I?
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So, a couple of inches overnight, and it's still coming down fairly determinedly. Apparently the massive snow dump we got warnings was going to happen yesterday took a detour somewhere and got delayed. I'm at work, curse my inner-city living, while several of my co-workers are not, having found themselves trapped by large amounts of snow. I'm just hoping I can get home okay. *wry*

Still walked from Bloor to Wellesley, especially since it's not actually that cold, just snowy. I've found the easiest way to get through bigger piles of fresh snow is to bounce through it, half-jumping, half-skipping.

Why yes, I'm still Australian enough to skip through snow. ;)

Edit: 2:30 p.m. and we're being sent home early, mostly to make sure we can get home. Whee!
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It's been snowing all night, and doesn't look to be stopping any time soon. Hmm.

Again, care of the webcam, 'cause I'm lazy. ;)

And, technically a day late because of the time difference, but... Happy Birthday, Dad!
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It's snowing! Proper big flakes of snow, sticking to things and piling up, not the sleety stuff of last week. There's probably a centimetre and a half out there, and once I'm done eating something and have cleaned up, I'm going out in it with my camera. The cats are nonplussed - it's adorable.

(Yes, sick day today. Fred is acting up and I spent most of the morning passed out so I didn't have to feel the nausea. Feeling better now, but will be drinking a lot of fluids to flush the blah out. Stupid Fred.)

But that's not important. The important part is... snow! *glees*

Addendum: it's weird, but the soup from instant ramen/two minute noodles, bearing no nutritional value whatsoever, always makes my stomach feel better when it's upset. Possibly it's because it's essentially vegetarian broth. But yeah, my 'devil's pubes', as the ex used to call them rather scornfully, tend to be one of the few things I can eat when I'm like this that doesn't make me worse. :P
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So, this morning when I got up, it was snowing. Not a lot, just tiny little flecks, but there was definitely white stuff falling from the sky. Rather incongruous, with the autumn foliage still around.

I blame [Bad username or site: @] because talking to him on the phone last night, he mentioned there might be snow by the time he drops by next week. "This early?" I asked, skeptical.

Me and my big mouth. ;)
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So, I woke up this morning to at least two or three inches of snow on the patio outside my window (which now has a blind on it, hazzah for Lee! No more flashing the neighbours!), with more still coming down. Walked from the subway through about six inches, and looking out there now, it's still coming down. (Note to the family - I will get pictures, just when my camera batteries aren't flat. Bah.) And whilst I'm aware this may get me shivved by [Bad username or site: @], it's actually kind of nifty. Certainly it's less cold than it was yesterday, where it was all icy winds and aching extremities, even with the full rugging up thing I was doing.

*grins* I just like snow. I'm sorry, I'm weird that way. And my new boots are perfect for stomping through it.

Skipped band night last night. After my hellday at work and the whole intermittent eating thing I've been doing lately, I just didn't have the energy. Plus I'm a bit peopled out from the weekend of gaming etc, and this weekend I'm going to London with Mindy and Johnny. So I turned off the computer around 10:00 pm, practiced guitar for half an hour, and then went to sleep. I have to admit, I do feel much better for it.

And finally, thank you to everyone who sent me Valentine's notes, either through the valentiner thing, or directly via email. *snugs the [Bad username or site: @]* I am indeed feeling the love. Even if I broke my organising bone and didn't arrange anything for tonight. *wry* However, it's not such a bad thing - it's been a long couple of weeks and quiet is good.

Happy Valentine's Day to anyone I missed. If you're thinking I can't possibly mean you, you're probably wrong. ;)


Jan. 8th, 2007 06:45 pm
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For the first time in a month, we actually got snow this evening. Not a lot, and it's closer to soft hail than the light, fluffy flakes we usually get, but it's indeed white stuff falling from the sky.

That's much more like it. Winter so far has been Melbourne standards. :P

And since my snow icon has decided to vanish, I'll use the storm one instead. :)
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So, went to Mindy's and joined in her Christmas tree trimming party. It was a lot of fun - there's something really... warm about a group of people gathered around a tree sticking things on it. Lots of laughing and joking and all the rest of the things that comes with being with a group of people you're comfortable with.

And on the way home, it snowed, big fluffy flakes like being in a snow globe. I know it's cold and wet and you have to shovel it out of your driveway if you have one and it's kind of yucky to walk in, but I still like it. Novelty, I suppose. And there's something about walking through swirling soft, white flakes that makes me laugh out loud.

Yes, I'm secretly a big five year old.


Oct. 12th, 2006 03:05 pm
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Or at least SLEET!

I just got back from lunch (yes, late lunch, I blame the files), and on the way back got sleeted on. It's freezing out there too - I've got my ultra-long wool coat, but I'm very much wishing I'd worn something longer than the miniskirt today...


Feb. 25th, 2006 06:46 am
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No wonder I had to close my window last night - there's quite the dumping of snow out there.

And now to work.

More snow!

Dec. 15th, 2005 10:57 pm
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It started snowing at around 2pm and it's still doing it. Looks like a freaking snow globe out there.

So tired - five hours sleep and then sending [Bad username or site: @] off to her plane with a large dog inna crate. There was powernappage this afternoon, after the shopping for work shoes and t-shirts.

Also, [Bad username or site: @] pretty much owned me this afternoon at various card games. *pouts* But at least we entertained the staff at the Griffin.

I also have photos, but I need time and a working brain to upload and post them. Shall soon.

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